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Your Roommate May Be Getting on Your Last Nerve If…

Sometimes living with people is not the easiest of things to do, especially in college, where most people have different schedules and personalities. You soon start to learn, maybe a little too soon, a lot about yourself and your roommates. For example, you may be OCD with your cleaning habits, while your roommate could care less if a pile of dishes sit in the sink for weeks. On the other hand you may have great roommates, but even the little things someone does can start to drive you crazy after a while. Here are a few signs your roommate may be getting on your last nerve.

1. You avoid going back to your own dorm room because you know your roommates “significant other” is there, aka the “third” roommate, probably making out on the couch. Sometimes you may even spend the night with another friend just to avoid the awkwardness of interrupting their alone time.

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2. Instead of talking to your roommate about how annoying it is that you have to clean up the dishes, take out the trash or clean the bathroom ALL THE TIME, you just leave passive aggressive notes.

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3. You finally call out your roommate about how they steal your food when you’re gone. I’m pretty sure I haven’t eaten a box of Cheez-It’s in a 2 days. Yeah…let’s do the math roommate.

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4. The thermostat war. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. Your roommate gets cold in the middle of the night turns up the heat and then leaves for his/her 8:00 a.m. class and you wake up drenched in sweat an hour later. Awesome!

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Living with roommates is a valuable life lesson. But let’s be real – it isn’t always a fun life lesson. Hang in there and use our comment section below to tell us your favorite roommate story!

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