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How to Transition from Living on Your Own to Living with Your Parents for the Summer

Now that you have at least a full year of college under your belt, you probably are feeling a lot more independent and self-reliant. You have learned how to manage your work, studies and friends. But now you are moving back into your parents’ house for the summer and that is a whole new challenge in and of itself.

Many of you may be excited to return home and spend the summer with your family, while others might be dreading the clash that occurs when you have different expectations than you parents about how the summer will go. Below are some tips on how to make living with your parents during the summer enjoyable.

Talk about Curfew:

I’m pretty sure every college student, who has returned home for the summer, has been asked, “So when will you be home,” and then the conversation of a curfew while your back at their house comes up. It was a conversation I had with my parents every summer. In college, you have the freedom to do what you, when you want, whenever and however late you want. Well, back at your parents’ house it’s not that way. Your parents aren’t used to you being out until 2:00 or 3:00 am and one night you may find them waiting up for you on the living room couch (Not like that ever happened to me).

I found it worked best for me to talk with my parents about a “new” curfew time. I let them know what my plans were for the night and that I would be back no later than 2:00 am, and that worked with them. Now, this may not be the answer for everyone but I encourage you to talk with your parents and see what compromises can be made to make you and your parents happy.

Help out with chores:

When you were at college you did your own laundry, took out your own trash and cleaned up your room (Well hopefully). You should continue those same habits at home. Your parents will recognize this and appreciate your efforts, which will also show you have grown up and are more responsible. They might even loosen the reigns a bit on the rules.

Get a job:

So sleeping in super late and laying around watching TV all day may sound like a great plan, but after about a few week of this you will get BORED. Most of your friends are probably working so why not join them? You will earn some extra cash, get some “real world” experience and maybe even make some new friends.

Hang out with your old friends:

I always looked forward to coming home for the summer because I was able to hang out with a lot of my childhood friends I hadn’t seen all year. It was fun to catch up, hear about what’s new in their world and then share what was going on in my own life. Plus, this gets you a break from the house if you need it.

In the end, your parents love you and are happy to have you home. It just takes them some time to adjust to this new stage of life you’re in. Be patient and try to make the most of the time you have with them. You have the rest of your life to live independently, enjoy this time you get with them!

Do you have any tips on how to make the transition from living on your own to living with your parents for the summer? Share in the comments below.

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