Photo of the same location in both winter and summer

Can We Discuss This Weather?

It is currently 18°F here in Columbus. Two days ago it was 70° and I was running outside in shorts and a tee shirt. And I know that there is nothing more cliché and “small talkish” than discussing the weather, but I can’t help myself. This has been an insane winter in Columbus and I cannot wait for the steady warmth of spring to finally set in. My introverted-ness has reached its max capacity and I am ready to be out and doing things with other people instead of being held captive indoors lest I risk the loss of all feeling in my limbs.

I was recently asked, “What am I most excited for in the coming spring?” My answer is a simple one. I could not be more excited to spend my lunch break sitting on the small patio of a local Mediterranean place called Mazzah; enjoying a small Turkish coffee and a baklava while basking in the warm sun with a subtle breeze. That day couldn’t come soon enough for me.

How have you been handling this winter? Is there something you are eagerly awaiting with the coming spring?

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Dan Kidd
Business Intelligence Developer
I have been working in the textbook business for over a decade now, and currently work as a business intelligence developer. I am certified in Tableau (Fundamentals/Advanced from InterWorks). I live in Columbus, OH with my wife, Sarah and our rabbit named Puppy. I was educated in English Lit at East Tennessee State University and recently received my MDiv from Ashland Theological Seminary. I love a great story; which leads me to be an avid reader and devoted film junkie.