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Benefits of Joining a School Club

Whether you’re a college freshman or an upperclassman, you have a lot to gain by joining clubs. Do you think you’re too busy? Not interested? Wait. Before writing off the idea, have you considered all the advantages that come from membership? From an athletic club to a cultural group or a club relating to your chosen major, club participation can dramatically add to the college experience. To prove it, here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits they offer:

  1. Making connections. If friendship starts with shared interests, it only makes sense that clubs built around specific hobbies, subject areas or skills are a great place to make new friends. There’s a certain camaraderie that comes from working together, and being part of a group with other students may allow you to build real bonds.
  2. Making a difference. There are all kinds of college groups and clubs that get together to make a difference. Whether you join a group that raises money for a worthy cause or volunteers regularly to lend a helping hand, you can feel good about doing something that matters.
  3. Keeping you focused. In the case of academic clubs and clubs catering to your major especially, participation can help reinforce the very same knowledge and skills you’re learning in the classroom. As you connect with other marketing majors or math lovers, you remind yourself of what you love about learning.
  4. Relieving stress. Find a group that’s fun, and you’ve found a great way to relieve stress in your college years. When you go to meetings and events, you have a chance to blow off steam and relax.
  5. Adding to your resume. In high school, you likely wanted to join extracurricular activities to add to your college application, right? In college, it’s the same idea but on a higher level. Now, you’re building your future resume, the one that will help you get a job when college ends. Having relevant, valuable groups on your resume only adds to your marketability on the job hunt.

The five ideas above are only the beginning of ways that club participation can improve your college life. From exposure to new interests to helping you grow your people skills, college clubs can expand your horizons and help prepare you for post-college life. Whatever your interests or major, find out what clubs are available at your school. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy belonging to one.


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