Football helmets, foam fingers, and a football in front of a goal post

Are You Throwing a Really Big Game Party?

It’s that time of year again. The day you get to prove that you got what it takes to throw on the face paint and get down to business. The opportunity to show your friends and their friends what it takes to throw the ultimate Really Big Game party.

It’s not everyday you get to throw a party honorable of SportsCenter Top 10 valueor maybe you do. Regardless, with another year of football finished, it is time to gear up on your Really Big Game party essentials.

  1. HD Flat-Screen TV – This is a must. The TV will be the central hub of your party, everyone will congregate around the flat box on your wall, or stand, and it’s a priority to make sure that the sights and sounds of the big game are captured for all who attend. Bonus Points: Surround sound
  2. Food – A party is only as good as its chef, or something like that. Make sure your party is complete with the correct food choices. Whether this is plethora of finger foods or a three-course meal, make sure your plates cover the big game essentials: meat. Bonus Points: Serving Sassy Tailgate Sandwiches
  3. Fans – By fans I mean football fans, not fans that are necessarily fans of the teams playing (though this is great when emotions run high). It is great to sit back and watch a game with someone that actually knows what is going on. Make sure you fill your party with people who enjoy watching the big game! This will make the game more enjoyable for all. Bonus Points: Face Paint availability
  4. Festive Decor – Every party needs to separate itself from the rest, and that is when you start paying attention to the details. Make sure you supply some festive decor for the Really Big Game party. This includes printed Really Big Game plates, cups, and napkins. For this year, it may be fitting to invest in a snow making machine to create an exact replica of game-time atmosphere. Bonus Points: Football Turf tablecloth

When all is said and done, and your team has lost or won, take a moment to reflect on the amazing commercials! My friends and I usually rank our favorites. The past couple years I’ve LOVED Budweiser and Doritos. I’ve caught a preview of Budweiser for this year and I am guessing it’s going to be the winner for me again!

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