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A Not so Typical Spring Break

Ahhhh…Spring Break. I’m sure from the start of spring semester you have had a conversation (or ten) about your Spring Break plans; everyone wants to know whose doing what, who’s going where, etc. When it comes down to it we all just want to have a good time. But sometimes your ideal Spring Break does not mesh well with your other responsibilities or budget. And that’s totally fine! There are a ton of other fun and spontaneous things to do over Spring Break.

Explore your college town:

Whether you are attending college in your home town or you are out of state, I’m sure there are some places you have never been. I remember one Spring Break some of my friends and I decided to go camping at one of the state parks near my college. It was a totally last minute decision but it was probably one of my favorite memories in college! We just got the bare essentials for camping and went. We figured out how to build a tent, which was quite humorous, we grilled hot dogs, made s’mores and I learned how to make a fire. I didn’t even know there was a state park in that city but it was a ton of fun.

Get in some volunteer/internship hours:

If you have been too busy during the semester to fit in some volunteer hours or find an internship, Spring Break is the perfect time to do it. A lot of organizations around your campus are used to college students being involved and could probably use some extra help during the week everyone is gone. Showing you’re interested in working on your Spring Break will set you apart from the others. You could even get offered a full or part-time internship at the end of the week. You never know! This a great way to boost your resume and to make some real world connections.

Go on a spontaneous road trip:

Maybe you don’t want to travel somewhere far…consider this: take a mini road trip! You still are able to “get away” from your daily norm but you’re also able to save some money (bonus!). Go visit a town or another state nearby. I went to college in Oklahoma and some friends and I wanted to visit the University of Arkansas. So once again we packed up a duffel bag and road tripped up to Arkansas. We took a tour of the campus, ate at some local restaurants and then headed back. We had a great time and between the four of us I think we spent $200.00. That’s a pretty cheap Spring Break!

Go home:

There is always the option of going home and visiting family. I know, crazy thought. But I’m willing to guess your parents miss you! Plus, going home is pretty awesome when you think about it. You get free food, clean laundry and a comfy bed to sleep on. Ummm…yes please! But on a more serious note, visiting your parents over Spring Break is a great way to spend some quality time together and even get some advice for future plans (if you want it).

You only have a few college Spring Breaks so make the most of them!

What are your plans for Spring Break? Tell us in the comments below.

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