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5 Ways to Get Involved on Campus

Congratulations college freshmen, you have made it through your first few weeks of college! Hopefully you are a little more familiar with your campus, have settled into your residence hall and made a few friends. So now what? I’m sure you have heard from college graduates how much fun college was and how they wish they could go back. Well, what made it so fun? Listed below are several ways to make your college years some of the most memorable yet!

Join a Club or Organization

Most college campuses offer a variety of student-run organizations. Do you enjoy cooking, reading or outdoor activities? There is an organization for you. Maybe you are passionate about political issues or policies. There is an organization for that too. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and spend more time doing what you enjoy. For a full list of all the organizations take a look at your campuses online database.

Go Greek

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority is a great way to meet your future best friends and get involved on campus. I can speak from experience, because I was in a sorority and believe that my college experience would not have been the same if I didn’t join one. It provides you the opportunity to meet a lot of people quickly and get involved in social and philanthropic activities on and off campus.

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Attend Residence Hall events

A lot of times your RA will schedule social events, like ice cream socials, pizza and a movie night etc. for your floor. It might sound kind of lame but usually you get free food and a chance to meet people. Why not give it a try?

Join Intramural Sports

Whether you were an athlete in high school or maybe you just enjoy a fun game of Ultimate Frisbee every once in a while, intramural sports is a great way to still play the sports you love while staying fit and active. Go to your campus gym/ athletic center to find out all the different sports you can join.

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Attend a Student Government Meeting

Find out where your SGA meets and go to a meeting or two. You will learn about all the major topics/issues affecting your campus. Also, you will hear about upcoming events and how you can get involved whenever SGA members make their announcements.

College offers so many ways to get involved and have fun. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

How are you involved on campus?

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