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Winter Finals. The Last Step Before the Holidays!

It’s finals time. And while some of you are veterans at studying, the holiday season doesn’t make studying easier. Shopping sales, drinking hot chocolate, building snowmen and time with family and friends sounds much more appealing. All this holiday excitement is at hand, but with one thing standing in your way: final exams.

A significant portion of your grade comes down this one test of your comprehension of the material of the course. All the classes, homework, quizzes, and late night boil down to this test, this grade. While the gravity of this situation may stress many college students out (as it should), here are 5 tips to help you make it through to the winter:

  1. Study with a friend: Often times studying for a big exam can be burdensome, but if you have a friend there to keep you company, often times it can help you focus more and help to alleviate some of the stress. Note: socializing while holding your textbook does not actually count as studying.
  2. Study with music: Studies say some background noise usually does help most people drown out noises like traffic, construction, or people talking, and help them concentrate on what they are doing. Not only can listening to music help you study, but it can also be very relaxing! Note: the best music to study to is music without lyrics, loud drum beats, etc. So say no to Rock and Heavy Metal.
  3. Take study breaks: While studying for 12 hours straight might seem beneficial, often times even taking a 10 minute walk to clear your head will make you more productive. To some this may seem obvious, but others often forget to take even a little break in between the long hours of cramming. Note: any type of cramming is not a study technique we recommend.
  4. Talk to your professor: No matter where you go to school, if you need help, talk to your professor. While some of you think one-on-one meetings are horrible, we highly recommend this technique. Professors are there to help you succeed. And after all, who can be more helpful than the person teaching the class and giving the exam? Note: Don’t ask your professors for the answer key.
  5. Don’t cheat: We know this may sound trivial and you have heard it before, but it needs to be said. If you put in the time studying and working hard, you will do well on your exams. But, even if you find yourself struggling on the exam, it is not worth the consequences you will face if you are caught cheating. Not to mention cheating isn’t teaching you the material and won’t prepare you for future classes. Note: you are smart, you are successful, and you will do well in college.

Best of luck with your final exams! We know you are going to do great. And remember, when you walk out of the final exam, go to to sell those unwanted textbooks!

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Alison Blankenship
Senior Marketing Manager
I graduated Cum Laude from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) with degrees in Marketing and Communications. I’ve been working in the textbook industry for over 10 years, and my work has been featured by College Confidential, Mercy College of Health Sciences, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania Tribune, Montana Technological University, Oregon Live, and other organizations.

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