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5 Ways to Stand out at Your Internship so They Never Forget You

You always hear about how important it is to make a great first impression on the first day of your internship or job. That’s true, but what may be even more important is the impression you leave at the end of that internship or job. Especially for internships, you want to leave on a positive note because it could lead to another internship or a job offer. Even if it isn’t a job offer with that company, you could get a great reference for a different job. So what do you do to make sure you leave the best impression at your internship? We’ve got a few tips.

  1. Have confidence with a positive attitude: I know its nerve-racking starting a new internship. You don’t know anyone and everything feels unnatural. The most important thing to remember is to be confident in who you are and don’t try to act like someone you’re not, people can see right through it. No matter what task you are given, whether it’s working with a team on a project, or getting your manager a cup of coffee, have a positive attitude. Employers are looking for committed applicants, people who bring energy and people who are passionate about their work. Show them that you truly enjoy your job, including the not so fun tasks every once in a while.
  2. Take Initiative: Taking initiative is one of the most important things you can do during your internship. Your job is to make your boss’s job easier and produce results. Always try to anticipate what your boss needs and deliver it before he/she asks.
  3. Watch and learn: If you are interested in a particular position in the company, keep an eye on the people who hold the jobs you want. Learn all you can from them during your internship experience. Keep track of their responsibilities, and if possible try to acquire those valuable resume skills during your internship experience. You’ll be on your way to getting that job yourself one day.
  4. Ask questions: Ask as many questions as you can. It’s better to ask a dumb question than to make a dumb mistake on a project. Your boss knows you are an intern, they expect you to ask questions. Don’t disappoint!
  5. Network and Connect: Don’t just talk to the people directly on your team, branch out! Little things like a morning greeting or hand shake go a long way. Also, if you feel comfortable enough, ask for a co-workers or managers number, email address or a way to digitally connect with them. This way you have their information and can always follow up with them throughout the year so they don’t forget who you are. is a great way to stay connected in the business world.

What tips do you have for a successful internship? Tell us in the comments below.

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