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4 Great Study Apps For College Students

It’s not all highlighters, flashcards and Post-It notes when it comes to study tools. Your phone holds the key to an even more productive study session with tons of apps that will help with your focus, organization, memorization and time management. Just make sure to download some of these before classes start this fall, that way you’ll be comfortable navigating each app when you really need it instead of wasting precious study time.


More than 50 million students have signed up to study for free with Quizlet, a study app whose features include memory tests, flashcards you can create and share with friends and other students, races against the clock games and general study assistance to help you get exam ready. You can also learn foreign languages with the app.

Study With Chegg

Study with Chegg is for conquering your homework. The app features a massive library with millions of step-by-step textbook solutions and fully solved homework questions covering a diverse range of subjects including math, business, engineering, chemistry and more. The app also includes features such as 24/7 expert help, that allows you to take photos of your homework and question and receive an answer within 30 minutes.

My Study Life

Aiming to be more than just a paper planner, My Study Life taps into all areas of academic life, allowing students to see homework that is due or overdue, classes that conflict with exams and supports day and week rotation time tables. It will also help you track homework & assignments, and offers revision help and exam storage, all while syncing your data seamlessly between all of your devices.


Brainly is for the solo studier who prefers to study on their own, but may find they actually need a little help sometimes, even if that help has to come at 4 am while cramming for an exam the night before. If you end up running into a challenging problem, question or topic at any hour, Brainly will help you find assistance or a tutor 24 hours a day. Or should we say, a study hero.

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