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    12th International Conference on Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy and Related Techniques

    ISBN-10: 0735401683
    ISBN-13: 9780735401686
    Author(s): P. M. Koenraad, Martijn Kemerink
    Description: At this conference the latest developments in the design, construction, and application of scanning probe microscopy like Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), Scanning Near-Field  More...
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    Publisher: American Institute of Physics
    Binding: Mixed Media
    Pages: 179
    Size: 6.50" wide x 9.50" long x 0.75" tall
    Weight: 1.188
    Language: English

    At this conference the latest developments in the design, construction, and application of scanning probe microscopy like Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM), Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM) in the fields of nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, and biology were discussed. Special emphasis was placed on the manipulation and analysis of single atoms, molecules, nanostructures, and biological entities like DNA, viruses, or cells and the analysis of materials and surfaces on the atomic or molecular level.

    Conference Organisation
    Fourier Transform Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy Studies of the Electronic Structure of Superconducting Bi[subscript 2]Sr[subscript 2]CaCu[subscript 2]O[subscript 8+delta]
    Visualizing the Influence of Interactions on the Nanoscale: Simple Electron Systems
    Energy Resolved Imaging of Fullerene Molecular Orbits
    Energy-Filtered Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Using a Semiconductor Tip
    Theory of STM-Induced Light Emission from Na Overlayers on Cu
    Manipulation and Detection of Electron Spins by Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
    Spin Polarized Surface States of Cobalt Nanoislands on Cu(111)
    Atomic Force Microscopy on Its Way to Adolescence
    Three-Dimensional Force Field Spectroscopy
    Ultra High-speed Scanning Probe Microscopy Capable of Over 100 Frames per Second
    Functionalized One Dimensional Wires and Their Interconnections
    Properties of Boron Nitride Nanotubes
    Understanding the Hopping Mechanism of Molecule Cascades at Very Low Temperatures
    Force, Current and Field Effects in Single Atom Manipulation
    From Single Atoms to Nanoparticles--Spectroscopy on the Atomic Level
    Single Molecules, Single Nanoparticles and Their Optical Interaction
    Chemistry of Single Molecules at Surfaces
    Supramolecular Engineering of Metal-Organic Networks at Surfaces
    Scanning Probe Surface Modification: Chemical Conversion of Terminal Functional Groups on Organosilane Self-assembled Monolayers
    Folding, Structure and Function of Biological Nanomachines Examined by AFM
    Insulated Conductive Probes for in situ Experiments in Structural Biology
    Scanning Force Microscopy Studies of the Adsorption and Desorption of DNA at Solid-Liquid Interfaces
    CD-Rom Only
    Radio Frequency Circuitry for Atomic Force Microscopy up to 100 MHz
    Cryogenic Magnetic Force Microscope
    Low-Temperature Ultrahigh-Vacuum Atomic Force Microscope
    Development of a Near-Field Magneto-Optical Microscopy for Studying Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics
    SNOM Set-up to Study Surface Plasmons on Nanostructured Surfaces
    Low Budget UHV STM Built by Physics Students for Use in a Laboratory Exercises Course
    Nano-scale Force Feedback Manipulator
    Tuning Fork AFM with Conductive Cantilever
    2-Dimension PZT Cantilever Array with New Piezoelectric Readback Method for Low Power and High Speed Nano-Data-Storage Application
    Cantilever Based SNOM Probes with Structured Apertures
    Technology "WhiskerProbes"
    Tungsten Deposited Scanning Probe Microscope Tips for Critical Dimension Measurement
    Microfabrication of Silicon/Ceramic Hybrid Cantilever for Scanning Probe Microscope and Sensor Applications
    Scanning Probe Microscopy Markup Language
    A Batch Fabricated SECM-AFM Probe
    Oxide-sharpened Silicon Nitride Cantilever Probe
    Fabrication of Metal Coated Carbon-Nanotube Probe for Highly Conductive Tip
    Fabrication of Magnetic Probes for Spin-Polarized STM Studies of the Fe[subscript 3]O[subscript 4](001) and (111) Surfaces
    Microfabrication of Gallium Arsenide Cantilever for Scanning Probe Microscope Application
    Resolution of Magnetic Force Microscope with Metal-Capped Carbon Nanotube Tips
    High Resolution Magnetic Tips and Integrated Multi-Wire Probes for Scanning Probe Microscopy
    Development and Applications for the Remote Controllable Atomic Force Microscope
    Nanofabrication of Al-coated Oxide Aperture for NSOM Using Isotropic Etching Technique
    Nanometer-Scale Properties of Electrochromic Films Investigated by Current-Sensing Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
    In-situ Measurement of In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Force Gradient with a Torsional Resonance Mode AFM
    Torsional Resonance Mode Imaging for High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy
    STM in a Gel Environment
    A High Resolution Multiple Analysis Approach Using Near-Field Thermal Probes
    Tuning the Tip-Sample Forces in Dynamic Atomic Force Microscopy
    Marking the Difference: Interferometric Detection vs Optical Beam Deflection in AFM
    Effect of Probe Quality Factor on the Sensitivity of Variable Temperature Magnetic Force Microscopy
    Detecting Fluorescence of Protein Molecules Picked up at the Tip of AFM Probe
    Investigation of Enzyme Activities of the Enzyme Immobilized on an AFM Tip
    Atomic Force Microscopy as a Tool for Applied Virology and Microbiology
    Conductive AFM as Nano Tester for DNA Molecules
    Temperature Dependent AFM of Single Lipid and Mixed Lipid-Peptide Bilayers
    Different Membrane Modifications Revealed by AFM/LFM after Doping of Pancreatic Cells with Cd, Zn or Pb
    Atomic Force Microscopy for Investigation of Ribosome-inactivating Proteins' Type II Tetramerization
    In-Situ Observation of Freeze Fractured and Deep Etched Red Blood Cells with a High-Vacuum Low-Temperature Atomic Force Microscope
    Force Analyses of the Interaction between the Surface of a Living Cell and Modified AFM Probes
    Development of a Gene Transfer Technique Using AFM
    Tip-Induced Artifacts Associated with the AFM Imaging of Lipid Vesicles
    Scanning Probe Microscopy of DNA on Mica and Graphite
    Self-Assembly of Epicuticular Waxes on Living Plant Surfaces by Atomic Force Microscopy
    Importance of Substrate for Biological Imaging by AFM at Low Temperature
    Low Roughness Values of RBCs Membrane in Cells with Cytoskeleton Alterations
    Measurement of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Hybrid Lipid Membranes with the Atomic Force Microscope
    DNA and Other Thread-like Objects SPM Image Recognition and Automatic Length Calculation by Means of Stochastic Geometry
    Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy and Spectroscopy on Alkali Doped Copper Phthalocyanine
    A Study of Alkanedithiol Films on Au(111) by STM-induced Luminescence
    In situ EC-AFM Observation on Pb Electrodes in Sulfuric Acid Solution with or without Lignin
    STM Studies on Nanosized Porphyrin Wheels at the Solid-Liquid Interface
    Structure and Ordering of a Molecule Layer with Adsorbate-Induced Reconstruction: C[subscript 60]/Ag(100)
    Growth of Organic Molecules on Ferromagnetic Metallic Substrates--A Combined STM/AFM Study
    The AFM Observation of Single Polyethylene Molecules in Coiled State on Mica
    Stability of the Self-Organized Two-Dimensional Structures of Porphyrin and Phthalocyanine Derivatives on Graphite for the Directed Arrangement of Rotaxanes
    Theoretical Predictions of Transport Properties of Oligoporphyrin Molecular Bridges
    Nano-patterning on Flat Surfaces by AFM Tip
    Tunneling Currents through a Single Molecule Isolated in a New Matrix
    Atomic Scale Simulations of Silicon Nanotubes under Axial Compression: AFM Application
    Measurements of Electrical Conductivity of a Nanometer-Scale Water Meniscus by Atomic Force Microscopy
    SPM Probing of Interfacial Strengths of Individual Carbon Nanotubes in a Polymer Matrix
    A Study of Nanocontact Printing Using Adhesive Force Mapping
    The Factors Influence Investigation on a Tip-Induced Oxidation Process and Its Applications for Nanoscale Image Creation
    STM at the Liquid/Solid and Air/Solid Interface: Exploring 2D Phase-Behavior, Templating, and Tip-Induced Reactivity
    Data Evaluation for Spin-Polarized Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy Measurements
    Noise Spectroscopy of a Single Spin with Spin Polarized STM
    MFM Study of Locally Modified Interlayer Exchange Coupling in Fe/Cr/Fe Trilayers
    Surface Morphology and Magnetic Anisotropy
    The Computer Analysis of MFM Images of Separate Ferromagnetic Nanopaticles
    Enhancement of Superconductivity in a Nanosized Bridge Formed by an STM Tip
    Imaging of the (Mn[superscript 2]+3d[superscript 5]+Hole) Complex in GaAs by Cross-Sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
    STM-BH Imaging of Subsurface Dopant Atoms on Hydrogen-Terminated Si(111)
    Novel C Induced Structures on Si(111)
    Scanning Probe Microscopies for the Electrical Characterization of GaAs pn Junctions
    Digital Alloy InGaAs/InAlAs Laser Structures Studied by Cross-Sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
    Carriers in 2D-Semiconductor Structures: A Scanning Capacitance Microscopy Study
    Determination of Electron Transport Parameters in Al[subscript 0.3]Ga[subscript 0.7]As by Scanning-Tunneling-Microscope Light-Emission Spectroscopy
    Room-Temperature Observation of Standing Electron Waves on GaAs(110) at Surface Steps
    Simulation of XSTS Imaging of Self-Assembled Quantum Dot Electronic States
    New Structural Model of the Si(112)6x1 Ga Interface
    Charge Storage in SiO[subscript 2] Layers with Embedded Nanoclusters Studied by Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
    Electronic States Origin of Electrochemical Capacitances of Nanostructures
    The Hidden Properties of the Au(100) Surface
    The Origin of the Structural Phase Transition in the Growth of Ultra-thin Bi Films on Si(111)
    Surface Localization of Alloy Phases Using Electrostatic Force Microscopy
    Theoretical Analysis of the Bias Voltage Dependence of Apparent Barrier Height
    Scanning Tunneling Microscope Study of Structural Transformations on One Monolayer Pb/Si(111)
    Forces and Currents between Two Metal Surfaces
    STM Studies of Self-Organization of Ge Nanoislands and Nanostrips before Formation Wetting Layer on Si(111) Surfaces
    Studies of the Facetting of the Polished (100) Face of CaF[subscript 2]
    A Study of Polycrystalline W Surface with STM/STS
    Energy-Level Splitting of Ligand-Stabilized Au[subscript 55] Clusters Observed by Low-Temperature Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy
    Correlation between Photoactivity and STM Topographic Parameters of TiO[subscript 2] Polycrystalline Film
    In Situ-STM of Growth, Atomic and Electronic Structure of Thin NiO Films on Ag(001) at Elevated Temperatures (350-475 K)
    The Influences of Tip Scan and Tunneling Current by Adsorbing Kr on a Si (111)-7x7 Surface at Low Temperature
    Gold Nanoparticles on Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3]/Nb(110): An STM Study of Dynamic Charging Effects at Room Temperature
    Ballistic Electron Emission Spectroscopy Used as a Tool for Determining Accurate Hot-Electron Lifetimes in Metals
    An STM Study of the 2x7 Dysprosium-Silicide Nanowire Superstructure on Si(001)
    Co Growth on Ag/Cu Striped Nanostructures
    VT STM Investigations of Ag Film Growth on Bi[subscript 2]Te[subscript 3]
    Identification of Individual Iron Atoms within a Permalloy Surface: Surface State Dispersion
    Polaronic Superlattice Formed on Oxidised Magnetite (111) Surface
    Charge Ordering on the ([radical]2 x [radical]2)R45[superscript 0] Reconstructed Fe[subscript 3]O[subscript 4] (001) Surface
    Contaminants Induced Onset of Nanostripes and Nanotrenches on the Fe[subscript 3]O[subscript 4] (001) Surface
    STM/STS Observations of Atomic Impurities in High-T[subscript c] Superconductor Bi[subscript 2]Sr[subscript 2]CaCu[subscript 2]O[subscript y] Single Crystals
    Inhomogeneity of Tunneling Spectroscopy on Bi[subscript 2]Sr[subscript 2]CaCu[subscript 2]O[subscript 8+delta]
    Damping Contribution in the Interaction between Probe and Ligand-Stabilized Clusters in NC-AFM
    Polarization Properties of Fully Metal Coated Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy Probes
    Light Emission Intensity Imaging of Individual InAs/AlGaAs Quantum Dots Using Scanning Tunneling Microscope
    Electroluminescence Spectra of an STM-Tip-Induced Quantum Dot
    STM-Induced Luminescence Spectra from Au(111) with STM Tips of Pt-Ir Alloys
    First-Principles Theory for Quantum Transport and Field Emission of Nanostructures
    First-Principles Calculation of Electron Emission from Adsorbed Atoms on Metallic Electrode
    A Theoretical Analysis of Scanning Capacitance Microscopy
    Nonlinear Analysis of Electrostatic Force Microscopy
    Dynamic Image Forces near Semiconductor-Vacuum Interfaces: Role of Quantum-Mechanical Corrections
    Selective Resonance-Tunneling Microscopy
    Symmetry-Break-Induced Variation of Energy-Level Degeneracy Observed on Individual Molecules by Low-Temperature STM
    Author Index

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