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Rental return tips

Rentals are a great alternative to buying and can save you money. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth return process.

  • The due date listed for your rental is the date by which it should be postmarked. If an item is not postmarked by the due date, you will be charged a predetermined rental buyout price (+ tax, less the fee paid for each item not returned). This price is presented and agreed to during checkout in the rental terms & conditions.
  • Print your free shipping label for your rental order. Click here for directions on how to do this.
  • Do not drop your rental in a FedEx drop box. This will delay the delivery of your rental to our warehouse and put the book at risk of being lost and you being charged for the book. The best way to return your rental is to take it to the nearest FedEx store location. Use the FedEx shipping label available in your account.
  • We send reminder emails starting 3 weeks prior to the rental due date. Please ensure that you have access to that email address. It is important we have a valid email address so that we can keep you informed on the status of your rental. If you are not receiving emails, it is possible that:
  • Pack your rentals in the shipping box provided to you when you received the rental. This will keep the book safe and help ensure we receive the book in the condition you sent it in.

If you have any additional questions, contact our customer care department.