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Rush Solutions FAQ

How do I find available Rush Solutions?

If you have a Rush Solutions subscription, ALL available Rush Solutions are available in your Customer Account.

How do I access Rush solutions?

You must have a Rush Solutions Subscription to view and access all available Rush Solutions.

  • Login to your account.
  • In the left hand navigation under My Account, there’s a section titled Rush Solutions. That’s where you can access ALL available Rush Solutions and modify your subscription plan.

How do I get a Rush Solutions subscription?

Unfortunately, we are not offering new subscriptions to Rush Solutions at this time.

Can I return my Rush Solutions subscription for a refund?

Unfortunately, you cannot return your Rush Solutions Subscription for a refund. You can cancel your subscription, but when you cancel your Rush Solutions subscription you will continue to have access for the remainder of your current billing period since refunds are not available but you will no longer be charged.

When will my subscription expire?

A monthly or annual subscription period is based off your order date.

  • For monthly, 30 days from order date.
  • For annual, 365 days from order date.

Are Rush Solutions only available digitally?

At this time, our Rush solutions are only available on in digital form and can only be accessed online from your customer account.

Can I print available Rush Solutions?

NO. You cannot print available Rush Solutions, our viewer doesn’t permit it nor do our policies for digital product usage allow it. For more information on usage, please see our Terms & Conditions for digital products.

My textbook doesn’t have solutions available – why?

Not all textbooks have solutions available and not all textbooks have all solutions available. Please continue to check back to see if your solutions have been added or updated. We’re constantly adding new Rush Solutions!

Additional questions on Rush Solutions? Please see our Terms & Conditions for digital products.