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Finished with a rental? Return it!

Sending back your rental is as easy as 1-2-3, and it’s free!

  • Printer

    Login and print your label.

    Print your FREE shipping return label for each rental. For directions on how to do this, see “How to print your textbook rental return label”.

    FedEx Shipping Label. We issue a prepaid FedEx shipping label by default when you create your rental return label. FedEx Shipments arrive an average of 5-6 days sooner to our warehouse than USPS shipments and have the benefit of being insured by FedEx for $100 per label/package.

    U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Shipping Label. If a FedEx shipping label cannot be issued you will be issued a USPS shipping label. Insurance is not provided with the regular USPS shipping label.

  • Blue ribbon

    Package your rental.

    Tape your FREE return label to the top of your box. Don’t forget to watch our video on how to pack your books for shipping.

  • Shipping truck

    Ship your rental.

    Drop your package at any FedEx store location (for FedEx labels) or Post Office (for USPS Labels) one week before your due date. TextbookRush is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

NOTE: Do not use a FedEx Drop Box. Take your package into a FedEx Store or participating Walgreens store. We recommend asking for the package to be scanned and getting a copy of the scan/receipt.

Packages left in drop boxes may be delayed or never delivered, resulting in your rental being converted to a purchase with additional charges.

Remember, if you need more time, you have the option to extend your rental. You can also buy out your rental if you decide to keep your textbook.