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Book conditions and alternate versions

What are book conditions?

TextbookRush and the sellers in the TextbookRush Marketplace sell both new and used textbooks. Used textbooks may contain highlighting or other signs of wear. CDs, access codes, and other supplements may not be included with used books. Although nearly all of our new textbooks contain the appropriate CDs, access codes, and other supplements, any textbook which may not contain any or all of these items is still considered to be in “new” condition due to the physical condition of the textbook. The new condition status is not related to nor evidenced by prior ownership of a textbook. It is possible for a textbook to have been previously owned but still be in new condition.

What are other editions / alternate versions?

Video: International Editions at TextbookRush
  • International and Economy Editions: International Editions and Low Price Editions are textbooks manufactured by publishers for sale in other countries. Since these books are originally manufactured for markets in other countries, they cost significantly less than U.S. student editions. Often these foreign versions are paperback and may not contain all of the same supplementary materials (i.e., CDs, access codes, etc.) as their U.S. counterpart.
  • Instructor/Annotated Editions: TextbookRush also offers instructor review and annotated edition textbooks for sale. These books are identical in content to the student edition but may have additional publisher markings on them stating “Instructor’s Edition” or similar verbiage. Often these may not contain all of the same supplementary materials (i.e., CDs, access codes, etc.) as their U.S. Student Edition counterpart.

These items are usually listed alongside their U.S. student edition counterparts for your convenience. ISBNs, cover art, binding, content, and paper quality may differ from the U.S. student edition. In the event that there are differences between said editions and the U.S. student edition, TextbookRush makes every effort to inform the customer.