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Discovering Computers Fundamentals

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ISBN-10: 1418843725

ISBN-13: 9781418843724

Edition: 3rd 2007 (Revised)

Authors: Gary B. Shelly, Thomas J. Cashman, Misty E. Vermaat, Jeffrey J. Quasney

List price: $180.95
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This third edition, from the Shelly Cashman Series, covers the same breadth, but with less depth as Discovering Computers 2007: Complete.
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Book details

List price: $180.95
Edition: 3rd
Copyright year: 2007
Publisher: Course Technology
Publication date: 2/9/2006
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 552
Size: 8.75" wide x 11.00" long x 0.75" tall
Weight: 2.398
Language: English

Introduction to Computers
A World of Computers
What is a Computer?
Data and Information
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers
Looking Ahead: Medical Breakthroughs with Computer Implants, Devices
Information Processing Cycle
The Components of a Computer
Input Devices
Output Devices
System Unit
Storage Devices
Communication Devices
Networks and the Internet
Computer Software
System Software
Application Software
Ethics & Issues: Is Computer Gaming More Good than Bad?
Installing and Running Programs
Software Development
Categories of Computers
Personal Computers
Desktop Computers
Mobile Computers and Mobile Devices
Notebook Computers
Mobile Devices
Game Consoles
Embedded Computers
Examples of Computer Usage
Home User
Ethics & Issues: Does Internet Dating Really Work?
Small Office/Home Office User
Mobile User
Power User
Large Business User
Computer Applications in Society
Looking Ahead: Robots Perform Mundane Tasks, Entertain
Health Care
Chapter Summary
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Apple Computer
Technology Trailblazers
Bill Gates
Anne Mulcahy
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Special Feature: Timeline: Milestones in Computer History
The Internet and World Wide Web
The Internet
How the Internet Works
Connecting to the Internet
Access Providers
How Data Travels the Internet
Internet Addresses
The World Wide Web
Browsing the Web
Web Addresses
Navigating Web Pages
Looking Ahead: Internet Speeds into the Future
Searching for Information on the Web
Looking Ahead: 3-D Search Engines Get the Picture
Types of Web Sites
Ethics & Issues: Smart Photo Phones - An Invasion of One's Privacy or Public Service?
Evaluating a Web Site
Multimedia on the Web
Web Publishing
Other Internet Services
Newsgroups and Message Boards
Mailing Lists
Chat Rooms
Instant Messaging
Internet Telephony
Chapter Summary
Ethics & Issues: Should Companies Be Able to Track Your Online Habits?
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Technology Trailblazers
Tim Berners-Lee
Meg Whitman
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Special Feature: Making Use of the Web
Application Software
Application Software
The Role of System Software
Working with Application Software
Looking Ahead: User Interfaces of the Future
Business Software
Word Processing Software
Developing a Document
Spreadsheet Software
Database Software
Presentation Graphics Software
Note Taking Software
Personal Information Manager Software
PDA Business Software
Software Suite
Project Management Software
Accounting Software
Document Management Software
Enterprise Computing Software
Graphics and Multimedia Software
Computer-Aided Design
Desktop Publishing Software (for the Professional)
Paint/Image Editing Software (for the Professional)
Video and Audio Editing Software (for the Professional)
Ethics & Issues: What Should Be Done to Prevent Music and Video File Sharing?
Multimedia Authoring Software
Web Page Authoring Software
Software for Home, Personal, and Educational Use
Software Suite (for Personal Use)
Personal Finance Software
Legal Software
Tax Preparation Software
Desktop Publishing Software (for Personal Use)
Paint/Image Editing Software (for Personal Use)
Clip Art/Image Gallery
Video and Audio Editing Software (for Personal Use)
Home Design/Landscaping Software
Educational and Reference Software
Entertainment Software
Application Software for Communications
Ethics & Issues: Should Companies Monitor Employees' E-Mail?
Looking Ahead: Driving Down the Web Highway
Popular Stand-Alone Utility Programs
Learning Aids and Support Tools for Application Software
Web-Based Training
Chapter Summary
Ethics & Issues: Copying Software - A Computer Crime!
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Adobe Systems
Technology Trailblazers
Dan Bricklin
Masayoshi Son
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
The Components of the System Unit
The System Unit
The Motherboard
The Control Unit
The Arithmetic Logic Unit
Machine Cycle
The System Clock
Looking Ahead: Countries Seek Computer Speed Supremacy
Comparison of Personal Computer Processors
Buying a Personal Computer
Ethics & Issues: Discarded Computer Parts: Whose Problem Is It?
Data Representation
Bytes and Addressable Memory
Memory Sizes
Types of Memory
Ethics & Issues: How Much Should You Pay for a Computer?
Flash Memory
Memory Access Times
Expansion Slots and Adapter Cards
PC Cards, Flash Memory Cards, and USB Flash Drives
Ports and Connectors
Serial Ports
Parallel Ports
USB Ports
FireWire Ports
Special Purpose Ports
Power Supply
Mobile Computers and Devices
Looking Ahead: DNA Computer Works to Fight Cancer
Putting It All Together
Keeping Your Computer Clean
Chapter Summary
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Technology Trailblazers
Jack Kilby
Gordon Moore
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Input and Output
What Is Input?
Keyboard and Pointing Devices
The Keyboard
Ethics & Issues: Should the Government Set Computer Use Standards?
Pointing Stick
Joystick and Wheel
Audio Player Control Pad
Light Pen
Touch Screen
Pen Input
Other Types of Input
Looking Ahead: Wearable Computers Make Performance Statement
Voice Input
Input for PDAs, Smart Phones, and Tablet PCs
Digital Cameras
Video Input
Scanners and Reading Devices
Ethics & Issues: Scanner Errors at the Checkout Counter?
Looking Ahead: RFID Sensors Simplify, Monitor Tasks
Biometric Input
What Is Output?
Display Devices
LCD Monitors and Screens
Plasma Monitors
CRT Monitors
Producing Printed Output
Nonimpact Printers
Ink-Jet Printers
Ethics & Issues: Is It Ethical to Refill an Ink-Jet Cartridge?
Photo Printers
Laser Printers
Thermal Printers
Mobile Printers
Plotters and Large-Format Printers
Impact Printers
Other Output Devices
Speakers, Headphones, and Earphones
Fax Machines and Fax Modems
MultiFunction Peripherals
Data Projectors
Looking Ahead: Digital Cinema Just the Right Picture
Putting It All Together
Input and Output Devices for Physically Challenged Users
Ethics & Issues: Should Web Sites Be Held Accountable for Accessibility Levels for Physically Challenged People?
Chapter Summary
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Technology Trailblazers
Douglas Engelbart
Donna Dubinsky
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Special Feature: Digital Imaging and Video Technology
Magnetic Disks
Hard Disks
Looking Ahead: Heat Increases Disk Capacity
Floppy Disks
Zip Disks
Optical Discs
CD-Rs and CD-RWs
Ethics & Issues: Is It Ethical to Use Pirated CDs or DVDs?
Looking Ahead: Next-Generation DVDs a Burning Question
Recordable and Rewritable DVDs
PC Cards
Miniature Mobile Storage Media
Flash Memory Cards
USB Flash Drives
Smart Cards
Ethics & Issues: Should the World Become a Cashless Society?
Microfilm and Microfiche
Enterprise Storage
Putting It All Together
Ethics & Issues: Who Should Be Looking at Your Medical Records?
Chapter Summary
Companies on the Cutting Edge
SanDisk Corporation
Technology Trailblazers
Al Shugart
Mark Dean
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Operating Systems and Utility Programs
System Software
Operating Systems
Operating System Functions
Starting a Computer
Providing a User Interface
Managing Programs
Managing Memory
Scheduling Jobs
Configuring Devices
Establishing an Internet Connection
Monitoring Performance
Providing File Management and Other Utilities
Ethics & Issues: Who Is Responsible for Operating System Security?
Controlling a Network
Administering Security
Operating System Utility Programs
File Manager
Image Viewer
Personal Firewall
Disk Scanner
Disk Defragmenter
Diagnostic Utility
Backup Utility
Screen Saver
Types of Operating Systems
Stand-Alone Operating Systems
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Mac OS X
Looking Ahead: The Future of Linux
Ethics & Issues: Closed Source vs. Open Source Operating Systems
Network Operating Systems
Embedded Operating Systems
Stand-Alone Utility Programs
Antivirus Programs
Spyware Removers
Internet Filters
File Compression
File Conversion
CD/DVD Burning
Personal Computer Maintenance
Chapter Summary
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Red Hat
Technology Trailblazers
Alan Kay
Linus Torvalds
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Special Feature: Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase A Personal Computer
Communications and Networks
Uses of Computer Communications
Internet, Web, E-Mail, Instant Messaging, Chat Rooms, Newsgroups, Internet Telephony, FTP, Web Folders, Video Conferencing, and Fax
Wireless Messaging Services
Ethics & Issues: High-Tech Cheating via Wireless Messaging Services
Wireless Internet Access Points
Global Positioning System
Voice Mail
Web Services
LANs, MANs, and WANs
Network Architectures
Network Topologies
Network Communications Standards
Communications Software
Ethics & Issues: Should Libraries Be Required to Hand Over Web Browser Logs to the Government?
Communications Over the Telephone Network
Dial-Up Lines
Dedicated Lines
Communications Devices
Dial-Up Modems
ISDN and DSL Modems
Cable Modems
Wireless Modems
Network Cards
Wireless Access Points
Home Networks
Wired Home Networks
Wireless Home Networks
Communications Channel
Looking Ahead: Tech Firms Supporting Broadband over Power Lines (BPL)
Physical Transmission Media
Twisted-Pair Cable
Coaxial Cable
Fiber-Optic Cable
Wireless Transmission Media
Broadcast Radio
Cellular Radio
Communications Satellite
Looking Ahead: Europe Develops Satellite Navigation System
Chapter Summary
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Cisco Systems
Technology Trailblazers
Robert Metcalfe
Patricia Russo
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Database Management
Databases, Data, and Information
Data Integrity
Qualities of Valuable Information
The Hierarchy of Data
Ethics & Issues: Are Portable Storage Devices a Threat to Businesses?
Maintaining Data
Adding Records
Changing Records
Deleting Records
Validating Data
File Processing Versus Databases
File Processing Systems
The Database Approach
Database Management Systems
Data Dictionary
File Retrieval and Maintenance
Looking Ahead: WinFS Offers Improved File Organizing System
Backup and Recovery
Data Security
Ethics & Issues: Who Should Be Granted Access to Student Records?
Relational, Object-Oriented, and Multidimensional Databases
Relational Databases
Object-Oriented Databases
Multidimensional Databases
Web Databases
Ethics & Issues: Can the Government Be Trusted with Personal Data?
Database Administration
Database Design Guidelines
Role of the Database Analysts and Administrators
Role of the Employee as User
Chapter Summary
Looking Ahead: Preserving Electronic Files for Future Generations
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Technology Trailblazers
E. F. Codd
Larry Ellison
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Computer Security, Ethics, and Privacy
Computer Security Risks
Internet and Network Attacks
Computer Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses
Safeguards against Computer Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses
Denial of Service Attacks
Back Doors
Safeguards against DoS Attacks, Back Doors, and IP Spoofing
Intrusion Detection Software
Unauthorized Access and Use
Safeguards against Unauthorized Access and Use
Identifying and Authenticating Users
Looking Ahead: Three-Dimensional Facial Recognition Software - A Step Forward for Security
Hardware Theft and Vandalism
Safeguards against Hardware Theft and Vandalism
Software Theft
Safeguards against Software Theft
Information Theft
Safeguards against Information Theft
System Failure
Safeguards against System Failure
Backing Up - The Ultimate Safeguard
Wireless Security
Ethics and Society
Information Accuracy
Intellectual Property Rights
Ethics & Issues: Who Should Control the Content of Your CDs and DVDs?
Information Privacy
Electronic Profiles
Spyware and Adware
Ethics & Issues: Should Spyware Be Legal?
Privacy Laws
Socail Engineering
Employee Monitoring
Content Filtering
Computer Forensics
Looking Ahead: Computer Knowledge Assessment Using Brain Fingerprinting
Health Concerns of Computer Use
Computers and Health Risks
Ergonomics and Workplace Design
Computer Addiction
Green Computing
Chapter Summary
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Technology Trailblazers
Donn Parker
Clifford Stoll
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Special Feature: Digital Entertainment
Information System Development and Programming Languages
The System Development Cycle
Who Participates in the System Development Cycle?
Looking Ahead: Computer Systems Design and the Future
Project Management
Feasibility Assessment
Data and Information Gathering Techniques
Ethics & Issues: Do You Work Harder When Someone Is Watching?
What Initiates the System Development Cycle?
Ethics & Issues: How Should Employers Combat Poor E-Mail Writing Skills?
Web Stop Cafe - A Case Study
Planning Phase
Planning at Web Stop Cafe
Analysis Phase
Preliminary Investigation at Web Stop Cafe
Detailed Analysis at Web Stop Cafe
Design Phase
Hardware Acquisition at Web Stop Cafe
Detailed Design at Web Stop Cafe
Implementation Phase
Looking Ahead: Putting Vista to the Test
Implementation at Web Stop Cafe
Operation, Support, and Security Phase
Operation, Support, and Security at Web Stop Cafe
Programming Languages
Low-Level Languages
Procedural Languages
Object-Oriented Programming Languages and Program Development Tools
Other Programming Languages
Classic Programming Languages
Other Program Development Tools
Ethics & Issues: Should All Students Be Required to Learn Computer Programming?
Web Page Development
Multimedia Program Development
The Program Development Cycle
Ethics & Issues: Who Is Responsible for Bugs?
What Initiates the Program Development Cycle?
Looking Ahead: Robotic Vehicles Move Forward
Control Structures
Chapter Summary
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Computer Associates
Electronic Arts
Technology Trailblazers
Grace Hopper
James Gosling
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Enterprise Computing
What Is Enterprise Computing?
Organizational Structure of an Enterprise
Looking Ahead: The CEO of the Future
Levels of Users
How Managers Use Information
Information Systems in the Enterprise
Information Systems within Functional Units
General Purpose Information Systems
Integrated Information Systems
Enterprise-Wide Technologies
Data Warehouses
Web Services
Virtual Private Network
Ethics & Issues: Would You Buy Merchandise Online?
Ethics & Issues: Would You Trust an Online Medical Diagnosis?
Entertainment and Media
Other Business Services
Enterprise Hardware
Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Networks
Enterprise Storage Systems
Ethics & Issues: How Much Data Should Companies Be Required to Keep?
Blade Servers
High-Availability Systems
Utility and Grid Computing
Looking Ahead: The Future of Grid Computing
Backup Procedures and Security
Disaster Recovery Plan
Chapter Summary
Companies on the Cutting Edge
Technology Trailblazers
Mark Hurd
Jim Clark
Chapter Review
Key Terms
Web Research
Learn How To
Learn It Online
Quiz Yourself Answers
Photo Credits