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Sears and Zemansky's College Physics

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ISBN-10: 0805378219

ISBN-13: 9780805378214

Edition: 8th 2007 (Revised)

Authors: Hugh D. Young, Robert M. Geller

List price: $230.80
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KEY BENEFIT: For more than five decades, Sears and Zemansky's "College Physics" has provided the most reliable foundation of physics education for readers around the world. For the Eighth Edition, Robert Geller joins Hugh Young to produce a comprehensive update of this benchmark text. A broad and thorough introduction to physics, this new edition carefully integrates many solutions from educational research to help readers to develop greater confidence in solving problems, deeper conceptual understanding, and stronger quantitative-reasoning skills, while helping them connect what they learn with their other courses and the changing world around them. KEY TOPICS: Models, Measurements, and…    
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Book details

List price: $230.80
Edition: 8th
Copyright year: 2007
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Publication date: 4/26/2006
Binding: Mixed Media
Pages: 1193
Size: 8.75" wide x 11.00" long x 1.75" tall
Weight: 5.984
Language: English

Physics of a CD player
BIO: Echolocation in bats
Train crash illustrates the importance of precision in measurement
Vectors in a caribou's swim across a river
Average velocity on "the crookedest street in the world"
Average speed/average velocity of a race car
Negative acceleration of a drag racer
BIO: Human centrifuge
High-performance yo-yos
A car's three accelerators
Rate of change of velocity in juggling
BIO: Bombardier beetle demonstrating projectile motion
Human cannonball as projectile
Uniform circular motion in global positioning systems
Catapult demonstrating Newton's first law
Tablecloth trick: Inertia
Bubble chamber image: Studying particles
Lunar golf
Biathlete using Newton's third law
Rocket launch
Crane unloading Very Large Telescope mirror
Liquid-filled accelerometer
Rock climber using frictional forces
Wet saw cutting stone
BIO: Ultracentrifuge
Centripetal force in bobsledding
BIO: Runner using Newton's third law
Gravity map of the earth
"Skycycle" takeoff
BIO: Elastic potential energy in kangaroo hopping
Reduced air drag on a recumbent bicycle
BIO: Elasticity of tendons and ligaments
BIO: Carrying weight on the head
BIO: Energy expended in climbing El Capitan
BIO: Grasshopper's catapult mechanism
BIO: Measuring a llama's oxygen consumption
BIO: Contrecoup brain injury
Conservation of momentum in a bowling strike
Momentum of sumo wrestlers
Light sail
BIO: Frog's legs demonstrating impulse
Center of mass in balancing acrobats
BIO: Jet propulsion in jellyfish
Hand drill demonstrating angular velocity
Velocipede direct-drive bicycle
Storing energy in a flywheel
Moon orbiting earth
Balancing on a tightrope
Oxen turning water-well lift
Nanoengineered gears
Andaman earthquake's effects on length of day
Spinning dinner plates
Rifling in a gun barrel
Cable-stayed bridge
Weighing a fish
Bio: Buoyancy in deep-sea hatchetfish
Bio: Strength and elasticity in a spider's web
Foucault pendulum
Bio: Injuries from a jackhammer's vibrations
Earthquakes: Transverse and longitudinal waves
Wave generation in a surf pool
Superposition of mechanical waves in water ripples
Bone flutes: Standing waves
Bio: Sound-wave vibrations in the human ear
Use of sonar in search of shipwrecks
Doppler radar in meteorology
Differing liquid densities in a coffee drink
Bio: Measuring fluid pressure in the human eyeball
Snowshoeing to reduce pressure
Bio: Floating in the Dead Sea
Turbulent flow in a meandering river
Roof blown off by hurricane
Hydrothermal vent
Bimetallic strip
Bio: Using a calorimeter to measure a cow's heat production
Bio: Heat conduction in predatory fishes
Hawaiian islands: Built by convective flow
Bio: Infared images
Solar car
The Milky Way: One trillionth of a mole of stars
Martian dust devil
Bio: Scuba-diving hazards
High-temperature calibration of a platinum resistance thermometer
Hydrogen affects planet size
Venus: An arid furnace
Nuclear submarines as steamships
The sun's energy
Geothermal power in Iceland
"Bio-diesel" engines
How a refrigerator works
Energy cycles of the earth and its organisms
Zero-power homes
Electric charge preceding a lightning strike
Salt water conducts electricity
Bio: "Static cling" in DNA
Atom-smashing with Van de Graaff generators
Bio: Platypus sensing electric fields
Bio: Fish producing and using an electric field to sense its surroundings
Car acting as a Faraday cage in an electrical storm
Bio: Voltage-gated potassium channel in cell membrane
Lightning bolt
Bio: Bird perching on power line
Sandia Lab's capacitor bank discharging
Bio: Capacitors in cardiac defibrillators
Magnetic-levitation trains
Bio: Electric eels
Bio: Recharging ATP molecules
LED bicycle lights
Bio: Wrist strap grounding electronics worker
Bio: Homing pigeons: Using earth's magnetic field
Bio: Magnetic resonance imaging
Microwave ovens
Direct-current motors
Coaxial cable
Magnetohydrodynamic pump
Induction cooktop
Portable energy pack
Using an electromagnetic tether to deorbit satellites
Recharging pad for electronic devices
Using magnetic fields to catch red-light runners
Step-down transformers
L-C circuits in tuning knobs
Alternating and direct current
Power surge protection
Radio antenna
Cerenkov radiation in a nuclear reactor pool
Galaxy in different spectral regions
Bio: Ultraviolet vision in animals
Physics of a double rainbow
Photoelastic stress analysis
Driver's blind spot
Side-view convex mirrors
Bio: Seeing in focus
Diamond lenses used in optical data storage
Bio: Compound eyes
Bio: Animals' focusing mechanisms
Eyeglass lenses
X-ray telescope
Telescope mirrors
Waves diffracting in the ocean
Nonreflective coating on museum cases
Bio: Structural color in butterflies
Bio: Using diffraction gratings to measure DNA
Reflection diffraction grating in CDs
Modern telescopes using interferometry
Throwing a ball: Inertial frame of reference
Time at the finish line
Time travel
Space and time
Nuclear power: E = mc[superscript 2]
Smoke detectors
Ruby lasers
Bio: Boron neutron capture therapy for brain cancer
Bio: Electron microscopy
"Neon" lights
Bio: DNA double helix: Bonding
Diamonds and graphite
Electron vacancies in semiconductors
Transistor radio
Size of nucleus relative to atom
Bio: Penetrating power of different types of radiation
Bio: Radiocarbon dating
Bio: Residence time of radionuclides in the body
Bio: Gamma-ray radiosurgery
Bio: Nuclear medicine: Bone scans