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Social Studies Teacher's Book of Lists

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ISBN-10: 0787965901

ISBN-13: 9780787965907

Edition: 2nd 2002 (Revised)

Authors: Ronald L. Partin

List price: $35.00
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A fun, practical & intellectually stimulating social studies primer, this book gives teachers a broad range of interesting & challenging information to use in teaching history, geography, psychology, consumer economics, sociology & government.
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Book details

List price: $35.00
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 2002
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 1/14/2003
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 448
Size: 8.75" wide x 11.00" long x 1.25" tall
Weight: 2.750
Language: English

About This Book
Activities to Use with the Lists
Classroom Challenge
Cooperative Learning Reports
Scavenger Hunt
Pairing Puzzles
Press Conferences
Matching Quiz
Crossword Puzzles
Word Puzzles
Dictionary Game
Internet Research
Interest Builders
Addressing the Social Studies Standards: Ten Thematic Strands
Thematic Table of Contents
Academic Standards Bibliography
Lists for United States History
American Indian Tribes of the Colonial Period
Major Native American Leaders (1500-1900)
North American Explorers
Original American Colonies
Founders of the American Colonies
Foods of Colonial Americans
Contributions of Ben Franklin
Witticisms and Quotations of Ben Franklin
Parts of a Revolutionary War General's Uniform
Patriot Leaders of the American Revolution
American Military Leaders of the Revolutionary War
Revolutionary War Battles
Ratification of the Constitution
Earliest Colleges
Largest U.S. Cities in 1790
1790 Slave Population
Major Events of 1800
Achievements of Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson's Recipe for Ice Cream
Inventory of the Estate of Slaveholder Joseph Bell, Elbert County, Georgia, 1818
Battles of the War of 1812
Early Firearms
Tools of the Pioneers
Household Implements of the Pioneers
Percentage of Slaveowners, 1850
Firsts of the 1850's
The Transcendentalists
Famous Abolitionists
Underground Railroad Song: "Follow the Drinking Gourd"
Slaveholders and Slaves in the U.S.: 1860
The Confederate States
Rights Under the Confederate Constitution
Northern Advantages During the Civil War
Southern Advantages During the Civil War
Civil War Military Leaders
Weaponry of the Civil War
Civil War Firsts
Songs Popular During the Civil War
Black Soldiers in the Civil War
Major Civil War Battles and Campaigns
Terms Popularized by the Civil War
Flags Flown over Texas
Important Roads, Trails, and Canals
Major Events of 1876
American Folk Heroes and Heroines
Infamous Outlaws of the West
Jim Crow Laws
Jim Crow Guide
Slang of the 1890's
Fads and Fancies of the 1890's
Famous Performers of the Nineteenth Century
Nineteenth-Century American Authors
Occupations of the Nineteenth Century
Immigration to the U.S., 1820-1880
Immigration to the U.S., 1880-1930
Inventions of Thomas Edison
Popular Songs of 1900
Prices in 1900
Turn-of-the-Century Patent Medicines
The Muckrakers
Women's Rights Pioneers
Automobile Brands of 1906
Terms Contributed by World War I
World War I Campaigns Involving the U.S.
Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
Model T Ford Production and Cost
Membership Growth of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Slang of the 1920's
Fads and Fancies of the 1920's
The Alphabet of the New Deal
Slang of the 1930's
Fads and Fancies of the 1930's
American Automobiles of the 1930's
Immigration to the U.S., 1931-2000
Slang of the 1940's
Fads and Fancies of the 1940's
Popular Radio Shows of the 1940's
Terms Contributed by World War II
Five-Star Generals of World War II
Items Rationed During World War II
Slang of the 1950's
Fads and Fancies of the 1950's
Popular Singers of the 1950's
Top Music Groups of the 1950's
Hit Television Shows of the 1950's
Slang of the 1960's
Fads and Fancies of the 1960's
Hit Records of 1960
Best-Selling Fiction of 1968
Major Events of 1968
Performers at Woodstock
Terms Contributed by the Vietnam War
Slang of the 1970's
Fads and Fancies of the 1970's
Movies of Ronald Reagan
Fads and Fancies of the 1980's
Slang of the 1980's
Innovations of the 1980's
Fads and Fancies of the 1990's
Diversity in the U.S.
Ten (Self-)Critical Things I Can Do to Be a Better Multicultural Educator
African American Firsts
Notable African Americans
Famous Native Americans
Notable Hispanic Americans
Notable Arab Americans
U.S. Women's Firsts
Women Inventors
Business, Industry, and Transportation
Labor Leaders
Union Membership in the United States
Farm Machinery and Technology Timeline
Entrepreneurs Who Shaped American History
American Inventors and Their Inventions
U.S. Transportation Timeline
Historic Types of Sailing Vessels
Automobile Firsts
Entertainment and Culture
Timeline of Games
Timeline of Toys
Clothing Timeline
First Hits of Top Recording Artists Over the Past 50 Years
American Media Firsts
Military and Political History
Wars Involving the United States
Significant Ships in American History
Major Treaties Signed by the U.S.
Political Assassinations
Popular Mottoes and Slogans in U.S. History
Nicknames of Famous Americans
Famous Americans Who Also Taught School
Sources for Genealogical Research
Helpful Resources for Online Genealogy Research
Naming Traditions
History-Oriented Periodicals
Online Resources for Teaching U.S. History
Lists for World History
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Ancient Units of Measurement
The Code of Hammurabi (circa 1780 B.C.)
Innovations and Contributions of Ancient Sumer
Innovations and Contributions of Ancient Egypt
Major Egyptian Deities
Innovations and Contributions of Ancient Greece
Authors of Ancient Greece
Greek Deities
The Greek Alphabet
Innovations and Contributions of Ancient Rome
Authors of Ancient Rome
Roman Deities
Roman Numerals
Romance Languages
Contributions and Innovations of China
The Analects of Confucius
Early Weapons
The Signs of the Zodiac
Hebrew Months
Jewish Holidays
The Ten Commandments
The Seven Deadly Sins
Fifteenth-Century English Recipe
Early Explorers of the Americas
Foods Eaten by Explorers at Sea
Major Indigenous Groups of Latin America
The Europeans Brought to the Americas...
The Old World Obtained from the Americas...
The Allies of World War I
The Central Powers of World War I
Battle Casualties of World War I
Timeline of Aviation History
The Allies of World War II
Allied Military Leaders of World War II
The Axis Powers of World War II
Axis Military Leaders
Authors Whose Books Were Burned by the Nazis
Weapons of World War II
Major Confrontations of World War II
Original Members of the United Nations (1945)
Agencies of the United Nations
United Nations Secretaries General
Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century
Major Allies of the Persian Gulf War
Former Republics of the U.S.S.R.
Members of the European Union
Common Currency (EURO) Participants
Political Assassinations of Modern Times
Health, Wealth and Population
AIDS Statistics
Healthy Life Expectancy Rankings
Richest Countries
Poorest Countries
Least Developed Countries
The Work Week Worldwide
World Population Growth
World Population Milestones
Language and Culture
Major Languages of the World
Major Languages of Europe
"Hello" in Other Languages
"Peace" in Other Languages
"Love" in Other Languages
Origins of the Names of the Months
Origins of the Names of the Days of the Week
Days of the Week in Japan
Irish Proverbs
Sites of the Modern Olympic Games
Major World Philosophers
Major Wars
Nicknames of Various World Leaders
Voter Participation by Country
Fathers of...
British Positions of Title
Recent Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
Computer Timeline
Jurisdictions Most Hospitable to Money Laundering
Online Resources for Teaching World History
Social Studies Activities
Lists for American Government
Forms of Government
The Cabinet Positions
The Bill of Rights
Constitutional Amendments
Expansion of the United States
States in Order of Admission to the Union
Federal Legal Holidays
Portraits on U.S. Currency
U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justices
Current Supreme Court Members
Landmark Supreme Court Personal Rights Cases
Miranda Rights
Federal Reserve Banks
Standing Congressional Committees
Social Security Programs
Kinds of Taxes
Military Ranks: Officers
Order of Succession to the Presidency
Presidents of the United States
Presidents Who Were Not Lawyers
Vice Presidents of the United States
Federalist Candidates for President
Whig Candidates for President
Republican Candidates for President
Democratic Candidates for President
Presidents with Most Vetoes
Presidents Who Died in Office
Presidential Firsts
Nicknames of the Presidents
States Claiming the Most Presidents
Unsuccessful Presidential Assassinations
Presidential Trivia Quiz
Debate Topics
Significant Third Parties
Historic Sites in Washington, D.C.
Civil Rights Organizations
Early Black Civil Rights Leaders
The U.S. Senate: Facts and Milestones
Salaries of U.S. Government Leaders
U.S. Voter Registration and Turnout by Age
Top 10 Lobbyists' Expenditures in Washington, D.C.
Government's Greatest Endeavors of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000
Capital Punishment Statistics
Firearm-Related Deaths
Minimum Wage Changes, 1938-1997
American Nobel Peace Prize Winners, 1906-2002
Canons of Conduct by Thomas Jefferson
Quotations on Freedom
Journals Related to Government
Online Resources for Teaching American Government
Lists for Consumer Economics
Primary Federal Consumer Protection Agencies
Areas Needing Consumer Protection
How to Complain Effectively
Life Expectancy of Household Appliances
Appliances in U.S. Households
Metric Conversion
Liquid Measures
Length Measurements
Nautical Measurements
Area Measurements
Household Measures
Weight Measures
Dry Measures
Hottest Job Prospects, 2000-2010
Occupations Losing the Most Jobs, 2000-2010
Leading Occupations of Employed Women
Effects of Mandatory Overtime
Most Dangerous Jobs in America
Nontraditional Occupations for Women
Career Opportunities in Economics
Investment Opportunities
Types of Mortgages
Best Time to Buy
Personal Budget Expenses
Parts of a Check
Sources of Loans
Personal Assets
U.S. Household Income and Benefits
Credit Rules
Preventing Credit and Debit/Check Card Fraud
A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
Top Consumer Complaints
Tips for Shopping Smart and Avoiding Fraud
Home Ownership in the United States
U.S. Inflation: 1900-2000
Ways to Improve Gas Mileage
Household Safety Checklist
Home Fire Safety Checklist
Labor Unions
Factors to Consider in Selecting a Car
Factors Affecting the Cost of a Diamond
Factors to Consider in Selecting a College
Abbreviations of Academic Degrees
American Architectural Styles
Recording Industry Consumer Profile, 1991-2000
Recording Industry Sales: 1991-2000
Amusement Ride Injuries
Biggest Companies in the U.S.
Busiest U.S. Airports
Candy Consumption in the U.S.
Eight Rungs of the Giving Ladder
Home Computer Use and the Internet
Internet Usage Statistics
Internet Activities
Identity Theft
Tips for Wise Online Shopping
Economics Related Journals
Consumer Interest Groups
Lists for Sociology
Careers in Sociology
Pioneers in the Field of Sociology
U.S. Social Reformers
Problems Facing Teenagers
Fields of Study in Sociology
Folk Medicines
Old Names for Illnesses
Esperanto Vocabulary
Dialects of the United States
Languages Spoken in the U.S.
Greeting Customs
Rites of Passage
American Courtship Rituals and Customs
American Wedding Rituals and Customs
Funeral Rituals and Customs
Traditional Castes of India
Anglo-American English Vocabulary
The Golden Rule in Many Religions
Religious Symbols
Holy Books
Major Causes of Death in the United States
Words Borrowed from African Languages
Common Words Borrowed from Spanish Languages
Australian Slang
Words Borrowed from Native Americans
Contemporary Social Problems
Southern Foods
Things Not Around in 1960
Things from 1960 That Are Hard to Find Today
Forms of American Music
Traditional Wedding Anniversaries
Forms of Marriage
Age at First Marriage: 1890-2000
American Indian Medical Remedies
Advice from Aesop
Mohandas Gandhi's List of Seven Deadly Sins
Major World Religions
Church Attendance Rates of Selected Countries
Top 10 Organized Religions in the U.S., 2001
Major U.S. Disasters
Annual American Celebrations
Celebrity Deaths from Alleged Drug Overdoses
Countries Prohibiting Capital Punishment
States Prohibiting Capital Punishment
The Physiological Risks of Cocaine Use
Warning Signs of Alcohol Abuse
Alcohol and Driving Statistics
Young Drinking Drivers in Fatal Crashes: National Trends
Drug Abuse Danger Signals
Largest American Indian Nations
Predictors of Successful Marriages
American Sports Firsts
Possible Purposes of Schools
Research on Effective Schools
High School Graduation Rate
School Dropout Rate for U.S.
Length of the School Year
Highest Level of Education Attained
Ivy League Colleges
Seven Sisters Colleges
Births to Teens
Teen Birth Rate per 1,000 Female Teens
Birth Rates by Marital Status
Teens and Sex: A Few Facts
Most Common Surnames in the U.S.
Most Popular Names for Births in 2001
Well-Known Adopted Persons
Healthy Life Expectancy Rankings
Life Expectancy in the U.S., 1900-2000
Surgeon General's "Leading Health Indicators"
Major Causes of Disability
Daily Housework Trends
Dining In
Team Sports Participation
Recipe for Avoiding Poverty
Poverty Status of Families
Women in the Labor Force
Per Capita Income by Ethnicity
Population by Race and Hispanic Origin for the U.S., 2000
U.S. Population Center
Homicide Victimization, 1950-1999
Incarceration Rate, 1980-2000
Number of Persons Under Sentence of Death, 1955-2000
Fizzled Fashion Fads
Greatest Rock and Roll Hits of All Time
Top 10 Movies of All Time
Sociology Related Journals
Online Resources for Teaching Sociology
Lists for Psychology
Fields of Psychology
Careers in Psychology and Mental Health
Eminent Pioneer Psychologists
Prominent Figures in the History of Psychiatry
Counseling Approaches
Psychotherapeutic Techniques
Commonly Used Psychological Tests
Types of Tests
Famous People Who Did Poorly in School
Characteristics of Successful Persons
Initial Failures
Famous Persons Who Were Learning Disabled
Views of Success
Physiological Needs
Psychological Needs
Being-Values as Postulated by Abraham Maslow
Mental Health Indicators
Research-Based Suggestions for a Happier Life
Common Defense Mechanisms
Early Treatments for Mental Illness
Psychology Firsts
Nonsense Syllables for Learning Experiments
Five-Letter Anagrams
Four-Letter Anagrams
Items for Creativity Brainstorming
Self-Help Groups
Most Common Fears
Commonly Abused Drugs
Risks of Chronic Alcohol Use
Growth Changes of Puberty
Famous Twins
Substance Abuse: National Hotlines
Substance Abuse: Educational Resources
Common Superstitions
Barriers to Effective Communication
Leadership Qualities
Common Nonverbal Gestures
The Endocrine System
Parts of the Brain
Right Brain-Left Brain Thinking Modes
Multiple Intelligences: 8 Ways of Being Smart
Indicators of Emotional Intelligence
Sample Decibel Levels
Forms of Propaganda
Sentence Stems for Debriefing Experiential Activities
Symptoms of Major Depression
Major Stressors for Adolescents
Physical Symptoms of Stress
Mental Symptoms of Stress
Emotional Symptoms of Stress
Behavioral Responses to Stress
Early Warning Signs of Job Stress
Stress Prevention Techniques
Stress Reduction Techniques
Leisure Time of Adults
Hours of Sleep on a Weekday
Sedentary Adults
Smoking Behavior
Time Management Strategies
Children's Weekly Time Use, 1981 and 1997
Degree of Effort and Challenge
Time Use Scavenger Hunt
Time Management: Introductory Activity
Causes of Procrastination
Procrastination Checklist
Just Do It! Confronting Procrastination
I AM: A Time Management Activity
Effective Study Strategies
Self-Discovery Sentence Stems
Self-Discovery Questions
Dialogue Starters
Life Goals
Traits of Peak Performers
Hearing Impaired Persons of Note
Famous People Who Stuttered
Famous People with Epilepsy
Migraine Headache Sufferers
Famous Persons Who Experienced Depression
Left-Handed Presidents
Behavioral and Mental Disorders in Fiction
Common Personality Characteristics
Psychology Related Journals
Online Resources for Teaching Psychology
Lists for Geography
Current Names of Old Places
Types of Maps
Map Features
Topographical Features
The Continents
The Seas and Oceans
States and Their Capitals
Abbreviations of the States
Nicknames of the States
Origins of State Names
Population of the 50 States and the District of Columbia
2000 U.S. Census: Population Data
20 Largest Cities in the United States
Provinces and Territories of Canada
The 20 Most Populous Countries
Longest Rivers
Active Volcanoes in the United States
Weather Signs from American Folklore
Weather Extremes
Types of Clouds
Weather Terms
Major Crops of the United States
Farm Animals
Fields of Geology and Geography
Careers in Geography
The Great Lakes
Largest Lakes
Major Deserts
Largest Islands
Tallest Buildings in North America
Lowest Spots on Each Continent
Types of Volcanoes
Geographic Nicknames
World Currencies
Soybean Products
Major Wine Producing Countries
Major Wheat Producing Countries
Major Crude Oil Producing Countries
U.S. Peanut Crop Summary, 1990-2000
Countries and Capitals of South America
Countries and Capitals of North and Central America
Countries and Capitals of Asia
15 New Commonwealth of Independent States
Nations of Africa
Countries and Capitals of Europe
World's Most Populous Metropolises
Conventional Names: Quiz Time!
Most Destructive Known Earthquakes
Common Contaminants
Forms of Hazardous Waste
Potential Effects of Pollution
U.S. Waste Generation
Water Consumption Rates
U.S. Consumption of World Resources
U.S. Energy Sources
White Christmas Becoming a Memory
Paper Facts
Online Resources for Teaching Geography
Environmental Education Resources