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iMac for Dummies

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ISBN-10: 0764504959

ISBN-13: 9780764504952

Edition: 1998

Authors: David Pogue

List price: $19.99
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Aimed at the beginner, the iMac personal computer from Apple is a very powerful and user-friendly machine. David Pogue explores and explains its most important features and offers a number of tips and tricks to get the most out of this modern machine.
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Book details

List price: $19.99
Copyright year: 1998
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 384
Size: 7.50" wide x 9.75" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 1.386
Language: English

David Pogue grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio and later graduated from Yale University. After graduation, Pogue wrote manuals for music software, worked on Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, and wrote for Macworld Magazine. Pogue wrote Macs for Dummies, which became the best-selling Mac title, as well as other books in the Dummies series. He has also written the book, Hard Drive and has co-authored The Weird Wide Web.

Introductionp. 1
Who Needs an iMac Book?p. 1
How to Use This Book (Other Than as a Mouse Pad)p. 2
Macintosh conventionsp. 2
Conventions in this bookp. 2
Apple and obsolescencep. 3
For the Absolute iMac Virginp. 5
How to Turn On Your iMac (and What to Do Next)p. 7
Box Open. Now What?p. 7
Switching on the iMacp. 7
The startup slide showp. 8
Your First Moments Alone Togetherp. 9
The Setup Assistant--and your iMac editionp. 9
Moving the mousep. 11
What's on the menu?p. 11
The big turn-offp. 12
Moving things around on the desktopp. 13
Icons, windows, and Macintosh syntaxp. 14
The complete list of window doodadsp. 16
All systems are gop. 17
Double-clicking in theory and practicep. 19
Multiple windowsp. 20
Using a list viewp. 20
The easiest homework you've ever hadp. 21
Where to get helpp. 21
Pit stopp. 23
Top Ten Similarities between You and Your iMacp. 23
High-Tech Made Easyp. 25
How an iMac Worksp. 25
Storing things with disksp. 25
Conceptualizing the hard diskp. 26
Understanding memoryp. 26
Who's Meg?p. 27
Understanding RAMp. 28
Putting it all togetherp. 29
"I lost all my work!"p. 30
Top Ten Differences between Memory and a Hard Diskp. 31
Windows, Icons, and Trashesp. 33
Becoming Manipulativep. 33
Foldermaniap. 33
Keyboard shortcutsp. 34
How to trash somethingp. 38
Top Ten Window, Icon, and Trash Tipsp. 40
Actually Accomplishing Somethingp. 45
Obsolescence Therapyp. 45
Credit Card Workout #2: Buying Softwarep. 46
Where to get itp. 47
Your very first softwarep. 48
Desk Accessoriesp. 48
The Calculatorp. 48
The Note Padp. 48
Selecting textp. 49
The cornerstone of human endeavor: Copy and Pastep. 50
The Application menup. 51
Control Panelsp. 54
Top Ten Control Panel Explanationsp. 55
Typing, Saving, and Finding Againp. 57
Your Very First Bestsellerp. 57
Top three rules of word processingp. 58
The excitement beginsp. 59
Editing for the linguistically blessedp. 61
Puff, the Magic Drag-N-Dropp. 63
Form and Formatp. 66
The return of Returnp. 67
Appealing charactersp. 68
Formatting paragraphsp. 69
Working with Documentsp. 70
Navigating the Save File (and Open File) boxp. 71
Closing a file, with a sighp. 75
How to find out what's going onp. 76
Getting It All Back Againp. 77
Crazy relationships: Parents and kidsp. 77
Fetch: How to retrieve a documentp. 78
Save Me Again!p. 79
How to Back Up iMac Filesp. 80
The importance of being backed upp. 81
Where's the floppy drive?p. 81
How to insert a diskp. 82
How to copy stuff onto a diskp. 83
How to get a disk or CD out againp. 83
When What Was Found Is Now Lostp. 84
Seeking wisdom in your own words--and on the Netp. 86
Sherlock goes silverp. 86
Top Ten Word-Processing Tipsp. 87
A Quiet Talk about Printers, Printing, and Fontsp. 91
Inkjet Printersp. 91
How to hook up a USB inkjet printerp. 92
How to hook up an older inkjet printerp. 93
Laser Printersp. 94
How to hook up a modern laser printerp. 95
After All That: How You Actually Printp. 96
Using the Tab key in dialog boxesp. 97
Background printingp. 98
Canceling printingp. 98
Top Ten Free Fun Font Factoidsp. 99
The Internet Defangedp. 105
Faking Your Way onto America Online and the Internetp. 107
First, the Modemp. 108
America Online or Direct to the Internet?p. 109
America Online (AOL), the Cyber-Groceryp. 110
Exploring by iconp. 112
Navigating by keywordp. 112
How to find your way back to the good stuffp. 113
The e-mail connectionp. 114
The party linep. 114
Talking behind their backsp. 115
How to find--and get--free softwarep. 116
Signing Up for an Internet Account (ISP)p. 117
What's on the Internetp. 118
E-mailp. 118
Newsgroupsp. 118
The World Wide Webp. 120
How to Hang Upp. 120
When You Can't Open Your Downloaded Goodiesp. 122
StuffIt Expander: Free and easyp. 123
Files you still can't openp. 124
Top Ten Best/Worst Aspects of the Netp. 126
The Weird Wide Webp. 127
Internet Made Idiotproof: Link-Clickingp. 127
Getting to the Web via America Onlinep. 128
Getting to the Web via an ISPp. 129
Where to Go, What to Do on the Webp. 129
Ways to search for a particular topicp. 131
Searching using Sherlockp. 133
Not just Sherlock--new, improved Sherlock!p. 135
Useful Web pages: The tip of the icebergp. 136
Navigator vs. Explorer: The Tip-O-Ramap. 137
Choose your weaponp. 138
Type almost nothingp. 138
Go get the plug-inp. 138
Where's home for you?p. 139
Faster--please, make it faster!p. 139
Bookmark itp. 141
Stop the blinking!p. 141
Keeping the Net safe for kidletsp. 142
E-mail for He-males and Femalesp. 143
Getting into E-Mailp. 143
Sending e-mailp. 144
Getting your mailp. 145
Processing a message you've readp. 146
Attaching Files to E-Mailp. 147
Sending a filep. 148
Sending files to Windows peoplep. 149
Getting a filep. 150
The Anti-Spam Handbookp. 151
Software Competencep. 153
Faking Your Way Through the Free Softwarep. 155
Your Personal Software Storep. 155
Software on all iMacsp. 155
Software only on new (CD slot-loading) iMacsp. 156
Software only on older (CD tray-loading) iMacsp. 156
AppleWorksp. 156
Your first databasep. 158
Data entry timep. 161
Forming the form letterp. 163
The graphics zone: Designing a letterheadp. 166
The return of Copy and Pastep. 169
AppleWorks: The Other Spreadsheetp. 170
Other Cool Stuff AppleWorks Doesp. 175
Bugdomp. 177
EdView Internet Safety Kit, Family Editionp. 178
Installing the Safety Kitp. 178
Using the Safety Kitp. 179
Bypassing the Safety Kitp. 180
E-mail, America Online, and other blockadesp. 180
Kid Pix Deluxep. 181
Nanosaurp. 182
PageMillp. 183
The blank canvasp. 183
Creating a new, blank pagep. 184
Meet your toolbarp. 184
Add the textp. 185
Hanging picturesp. 185
A little separationp. 186
Linking upp. 186
Getting publishedp. 187
Palm Desktopp. 188
Installing Palm Desktopp. 188
The Calendarp. 189
The Contact List (Address Book)p. 194
The Task Listp. 195
The Note Listp. 197
The Magic of Instant Palm Desktopp. 197
Quickenp. 199
The category conceptp. 199
The Registerp. 200
Just another $10,000 dayp. 201
Creating a new categoryp. 203
More typical examplesp. 204
The category payoffp. 205
Reconciling for the nonaccountantp. 205
If the statement has extra itemsp. 207
World Book Encyclopediap. 208
Installing the World Book programp. 208
Looking up a topicp. 209
Getting more helpp. 210
Photo Soap, Good Cooking, and MDKp. 210
Williams - Sonoma Guide to Good Cookingp. 210
MDKp. 211
Kai's Photo Soapp. 211
iSpielberg: Digital Movies with iMoviep. 215
Got What It Takes?p. 216
Filming Your Lifep. 217
Dump the Footage into iMoviep. 218
Capturing clipsp. 219
How much footage can your iMac hold?p. 219
Naming, playing, and trimming clipsp. 220
Build the Moviep. 222
Adding a cross-fadep. 222
Adding titlesp. 223
Grabbing music from a CDp. 224
Find an Audiencep. 226
Sending your movie back to the camcorderp. 226
Saving your movie as a QuickTime filep. 226
Your Free Built-In DVD Playerp. 228
Pix Tricks: Graphic Nonviolencep. 231
Where Graphics Come Fromp. 231
The Webp. 231
Scannersp. 233
Digital camerasp. 234
Kodak PhotoCDsp. 235
What to Do with Graphicsp. 235
Mail them to someonep. 235
Put 'em on a Web pagep. 237
Print it outp. 237
Plaster your iMac desktopp. 237
System Folder: Trash Barge of the iMacp. 239
The System Folder Trashfestp. 240
Appearance, Application Supportp. 240
The Apple Menu Items folderp. 240
The Contextual Menu Items folderp. 243
The Control Strip Modules folderp. 243
The Control Panels folderp. 243
The Extensions folderp. 253
The Preferences folderp. 260
More special foldersp. 260
Other files in the System Folderp. 262
Toward a New, Nerdier Youp. 265
Great Material that Didn't Quite Fit the Outlinep. 267
The Efficiency Nut's Guide to the Option Keyp. 267
Closing all windows at oncep. 268
The silence of the Trashp. 268
Multitasking methodsp. 268
Buried Treasuresp. 270
Make an alias of a filep. 270
The iMac's Program Switcherp. 273
Zooming into your screenp. 274
Making It Unmistakably Yoursp. 274
Have it your way--at Icon Kingp. 275
Hanging your own background wallpaperp. 276
Color-coding your iconsp. 277
Window-Maniap. 278
Views and window preferencesp. 278
Meet Mr. Windowp. 279
Poppin' fresh windowsp. 281
The iMac Keyboard: Not Your Father's Typewriterp. 282
Fun with Function keysp. 284
Multiple Personalities (Mac OS 9)p. 286
The big ideap. 286
Setting up Multiple Usersp. 287
Using the Multiple Users featurep. 290
USB, Ethernet, AirPort, and Other Impressive Connectionsp. 291
USB Nimble, USB Quickp. 291
Where's the USB?p. 292
Installing a new USB doodadp. 292
Attaching more USB doodadsp. 293
Ethernet Made Eathyp. 293
Connecting to one other Macp. 294
Creating a real, live, full-office Ethernet networkp. 296
Wireless Networking: Your Ride to the AirPortp. 298
Installing an AirPort Cardp. 299
Going Online with a base stationp. 299
Using your iMac as a base stationp. 301
Communicating Mac-to-Macp. 302
Troubleshooting Made Tolerablep. 305
When Bad Things Happen to Good iMacsp. 307
Introduction to Computer Hellp. 307
The iMac Freezes or Crashesp. 308
Escaping a System freeze right nowp. 308
Escaping repeated System freezesp. 309
Problems in One Programp. 310
Error Messagesp. 311
"Application not found"p. 311
"You do not have enough access privileges"p. 313
"DNS Entry not found" or "Error 404"p. 313
"You are running low on memory"p. 314
"Application has unexpectedly quit"p. 314
Numbered error messagesp. 314
Out of Memoryp. 315
First resort: Quit programsp. 315
Second resort: Defragment your RAMp. 316
Third resort: Get RAM Doublerp. 316
Fourth resort: Use virtual memoryp. 317
Last resort: Buy morep. 318
Startup Problemsp. 319
No chime, no picturep. 319
Picture, no dingp. 319
A question mark blinks on the screenp. 319
The power button on the keyboard doesn't workp. 320
Some crazy program launches itself every time you start upp. 321
General printing problemsp. 321
Inkjet printers: Blank pages come outp. 321
Finder Foul-Upsp. 321
You can't rename a filep. 322
You can't rename or eject a diskp. 322
All your icons show up blankp. 322
It's January 1, 1904p. 322
Disk Disasters (Floppies, CDs, and Co.)p. 323
Your CD vibrates scarilyp. 323
You can't install a new program from your SuperDiskp. 324
The CD Drawer Won't Openp. 324
Everything's Slowp. 324
Hardware Headachesp. 325
Your mouse is jerky or stickyp. 325
Double-clicking doesn't workp. 325
Your monitor's too smallp. 325
Your monitor shimmersp. 326
The Problem-Solving Cookbookp. 327
Rebuilding the Desktop Filep. 327
Zapping the PRAMp. 328
The Amazing "Force Quit" Keystrokep. 328
The Restart Buttonp. 329
Solving an Extension Conflictp. 329
Giving More Memory to a Programp. 331
Performing a Clean System Reinstallp. 333
Install the fresh softwarep. 334
Restore your personal belongingsp. 334
Other ways to restore your iMacp. 336
Defragmenting Your Hard Drivep. 337
Beyond the iMac: Where to Go from Herep. 339
Where to Turn in Times of Troublep. 339
Your 15 minutes of free helpp. 339
$150 for three yearsp. 340
Free help sourcesp. 340
Upgrading to Mac OS 9--and Beyondp. 341
Save Changes Before Closing?p. 342
The Part of Tensp. 343
Ten More Gadgets to Buy and Plug Inp. 345
A Scannerp. 345
A Digital Camerap. 346
A Mousep. 346
A Joystickp. 347
Speakers or Headphonesp. 347
The Harmon/Kardon Subwooferp. 348
Music and MIDIp. 349
A Projectorp. 349
Zip, SuperDisk, and Co.p. 350
A Movie Camerap. 351
Ten Cool Things You Didn't Know Your iMac Could Dop. 353
Play Music CDsp. 353
Talkp. 354
Singp. 355
Play Moviesp. 355
Send Faxesp. 356
Receive Faxesp. 358
Fit in Your Pocketp. 359
Record Soundsp. 360
How to record a soundp. 360
How to adjust your iMac's speaker volumep. 360
Run Windows Programsp. 361
Print Photosp. 361
Appendixesp. 363
How to Set Up an iMacp. 365
I Took Off the Shrink Wrap! Now What?p. 365
Switching the iMac onp. 367
What You've Got Herep. 367
Mastering Your Monitorp. 368
Attaching a second monitorp. 369
A bit about color bitsp. 370
The Resource Resourcep. 371
Magazinesp. 371
User Groupsp. 372
Deep-Discount Mail-Order Jointsp. 372
Great iMac Web Pagesp. 373
The Ultimate iMac Buyer's Guidep. 373
Printers and Printer Adaptersp. 374
Multifunction Printersp. 375
Adapters for Older Mac Gadgetsp. 375
Serial adaptersp. 376
USB Serial adaptersp. 376
ADB (mouse and keyboard) adapterp. 376
Microphone adaptersp. 376
SCSI adaptersp. 376
Digital Camerasp. 377
Disk Drivesp. 378
Joysticks and Game Padsp. 380
Keyboard and Mouse Replacementsp. 380
Micep. 380
Trackballsp. 381
Keyboardsp. 381
Scannersp. 381
Speakersp. 382
USB Hubsp. 382
Indexp. 383
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