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Excel 2000 for Windows� for Dummies�

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ISBN-10: 0764504460

ISBN-13: 9780764504464

Edition: 1999

Authors: Greg Harvey

List price: $21.99
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Excel 2000 for Windows for Dummies is part of a series of books providing beginners with practical, jargon-free introductory guides to a range of products and applications in the computer world.
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Book details

List price: $21.99
Copyright year: 1999
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 5/21/1999
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 432
Size: 7.50" wide x 9.50" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 1.386

Greg Harvey is a prolific author of personal computing books that are highly informative, yet entertaining and easy to understand. Harvey earned a B.A. in classics and American history from the University of Illinois in Urbana in 1970. He moved to San Francisco the following year and worked as a draftsman on civil engineering projects for the next 10 years Harvey became interested in the growing computer field in the early 1980s. While teaching college computer classes at Golden Gate University, he wrote his first books, WordPerfect Desktop Companion (1987) and WordPerfect Instant Reference (1988). Since then, he has written, in his own words, "tons of books." These include Lotus 1-2-3…    

About This Book
How to Use This Book
What You Can Safely Ignore
Foolish Assumptions
How This Book Is Organized
Conventions Used in This Book
Keyboard and mouse
Special icons
Where to Go from Here
Getting In on the Ground Floor
What Is All This Stuff?
What the Hell Would I Do with Excel?
Little boxes, little boxes
Send it to my cell address
So just how many cells are we talking about here?
Assigning 26 letters to 256 columns
What you should know about Excel at this point
What you still need to know about Excel
Getting the Darn Thing Started
Starting Excel 2000 from the Programs or Desktop Office 2000 shortcut bar
Starting Excel 2000 from the Windows 95/98 Start Menu
Starting Excel 2000 from the Windows Explorer
Creating an Excel 2000 shortcut
Automatically opening Excel every time you turn on your computer
Mousing Around
Minding your mouse manners
Getting your mouse pointer in shape
So What Do All These Buttons Do?
Turning on to the title bar
Messing around with the menu bar
Scrutinizing the Standard and Formatting toolbars
Fumbling around the formula bar
Winding your way through the workbook window
Manually manipulating the workbook window
Slipping through the sheets
Scoping out the status bar
You AutoCalculate my totals
The Num Lock indicator and the numeric keypad
You Gotta Get Me Out of This Cell!
The secrets of scrolling
Calling up new columns with the horizontal scroll bar
Raising up new rows with the vertical scroll bar
Scrolling from screen to screen
Scrolling with the IntelliMouse
The keys to moving the cell pointer
Block moves
When you gotta go to that cell right now!
Lotsa luck with Scroll Lock
Ordering Directly from the Menus
Penetrating the pull-down menus
Now you see 'em, now you don't
Comprehending shortcut menus
Digging Those Dialog Boxes
Ogling the Online Help
Conferring with your Office Assistant
Things to do when Clippit doesn't understand you
Putting Clippit back in his drawer
Choosing a new persona for the Office Assistant
Taking tips from the Office Assistant
Carving out context-sensitive Help
Tackling the Help topics
When It's Time to Make Your Exit
Creating a Spreadsheet from Scratch
So What Ya Gonna Put in That New Workbook of Yours?
The ins and outs of data entry
You must remember this
Doing the Data-Entry Thing
It Takes All Types
The telltale signs of text
How Excel evaluates its values
Making sure that Excel's got your number
How to get your decimal places fixed (when you don't even know if they're broken)
Tapping on the old ten-key
Entering dates with no debate
"All the way in Y2K!"
Fabricating those fabulous formulas!
If you want it, just point it out
Altering the natural order of operations
Formula flub-ups
Fixing Up Those Data Entry Flub-ups
You really AutoCorrect that for me
Cell editing etiquette
Taking the Drudgery Out of Data Entry
I'm just not complete without you
Fill 'er up with AutoFill
Working with a spaced series
Copying with AutoFill
Creating custom lists for AutoFill
Entries all around the block
Data entry express
How to Make Your Formulas Function Even Better
Inserting a function into a formula with the Paste Function and the Formula Palette
Editing a function with the Edit Formula button
I'd be totally lost without AutoSum
Making Sure the Data's Safe and Sound
Editing without Tears
Making It All Look Pretty
Choosing a Select Group of Cells
Point-and-click cell selections
Shifty cell selections
Nonadjacent cell selections
Going for the "big" cell selections
Selecting the cells in a table of data, courtesy of AutoSelect
Keyboard cell selections
Extend that cell selection
AutoSelect keyboard style
Nonadjacent cell selections with the keyboard
Cell selections a la Go To
Trimming Your Tables with AutoFormat
Festooning Your Cells with the Formatting Toolbar
Transient toolbars
Toolbar docking maneuvers
Using the Format Cells Dialog Box
Getting to know the number formats
Currying your cells with Currency Style
"Look Ma, no more format overflow!"
Currying your cells with the Comma Style
Playing around with the Percent Style
Deciding how many decimal places
The values behind the formatting
Ogling the other number formats
Sorting through the Special number formats
Creating custom number formats
Calibrating Columns
Rambling rows
Now you see it, now you don't
Hiding columns and rows, courtesy of the pull-down and shortcut menus
Hiding columns and rows with the mouse
Futzing with the Fonts
Altering the Alignment
Intent on Indents
From top to bottom
Tampering with how the text wraps
Reordering the orientation
Shrink to fit
Bring on the borders!
Putting on new patterns
Showing Off in Styles
Fooling Around with the Format Painter
Conditional Formatting
Going through Changes
Opening the Darned Thing Up for Editing
Opening more than one workbook at a time
Opening recently edited workbooks from the File menu
When you don't know where to find them
Searching the wide disk over
Playing favorites
File hide-and-seek
Making a positive ID
Opening files with a twist
Much Ado about Undo
Undo is Redo the second time around
What ya gonna do when you can't Undo?
Doing the Old Drag-and-Drop Thing
Copies, drag-and-drop style
Insertions courtesy of drag and drop
Formulas on AutoFill
Relatively speaking
Some things are absolutes!
Cut and paste, digital style
Paste it again, Sam
So what's so special about Paste Special?
Let's Be Clear about Deleting Stuff
Sounding the all clear!
Get these cells outta here!
Kindly Step Aside
Stamping Out Your Spelling Errors
Printing the Masterpiece
Starting the Show with Print Preview
The Page Stops Here
Printing it right away
Printing it your way
Printing in particular
Setting and clearing the Print Area
My Page Was Setup!
Getting the lay of the landscape
Packing it all on one page
Massaging the margins
From header to footer
Getting a standard job
Getting a custom job
Sorting out the sheet settings
Putting out the print titles
When Ya Gonna Give Your Page a Break?
Letting Your Formulas All Hang Out
Getting Organized and Staying That Way
Oh, What a Tangled Worksheet We Weave!
Zeroing In with Zoom
Splitting the Difference
Fixed Headings Courtesy of Freeze Panes
Electronic Sticky Notes
Adding a comment to a cell
Comments in review
Editing the comments in a worksheet
Getting your comments in print
The Cell Name Game
If I only had a name
Name that formula!
Naming formulas with data table headings
"Seek and Ye Shall Find ..."
You Can Be Replaced!
You Can Be So Calculating
Putting On the Protection
Maintaining Multiple Worksheets
Juggling Worksheets
Sliding between the sheets
Editing en masse
Don't Short-Sheet Me!
A sheet by any other name
Getting your sheets in order
Opening Windows on Your Worksheets
Passing Sheets in the Night
To Sum Up
Life beyond the Spreadsheet
The Simple Art of Making Charts
Conjuring Up Charts with the Chart Wizard
Moving and resizing a chart in a worksheet
Changing the chart with the Chart toolbar
Editing the chart directly in the worksheet
Changing the Chart Options
Telling all with a text box
Formatting the x- or y-axis
Vacillating values mean changing charts
Changing perspectives
Picture This!
Getting clip art online
Drawing your own
Working with WordArt
One on Top of the Other
Nixing the Graphics
Printing Charts Only
How to Face a Database
Designing the Data Form
Adding records to the database
Adding e-mail and Web addresses to a hyperlink field
Locating, changing, and deleting records
Scrolling the night away!
Finders keepers
Sorting It All Out
You AutoFilter the Database to See the Records You Want
Viewing the top ten records
Getting creative with custom AutoFilters
Of Hyperlinks and Web Pages
Adding Hyperlinks to a Worksheet
Follow those hyperlinks!
Editing and formatting hypertext links
Editing and formatting graphics with hyperlinks
Spreadsheets on the Web?
Saving a static Web page
Saving an interactive Web page
Acting out with interactive worksheet data
Acting up with an interactive database
Acting on an interactive chart
Adding worksheet data to an existing Web page
Editing your worksheet Web pages
Editing a worksheet Web page in Excel 2000
Exporting an interactive Web page to Excel
"Drag and drop tables, anyone?"
Previewing and Publishing Your Web Pages
Previewing Web pages with your browser
Creating Web folders for publishing your Web pages
Setting up FTP locations for publishing your Web pages
Sending Worksheets via E-Mail
Doing a Custom Job
Macros Like Your Mom Used to Make
Recording Macros
Personally Speaking
A Macro a Day
It's playback time!
A macro for all months
Relative macro recording
Re-recording a macro
Button Up That Toolbar!
Toolbars--Now You See 'em, Now You Don't
Customizing the Built-In Toolbars
Adding buttons from the Customize dialog box
Removing buttons from a toolbar
Playing musical chairs with buttons
What a bunch of spaced-out buttons!
It's not my default!
Designing Your Own Toolbars
Adding custom buttons that play macros
Assigning a macro to a menu item
Assigning a hyperlink to a custom button
Cute as a button
The Part of Tens
Top Ten New Features in Excel 2000
Top Ten Beginner Basics
The Ten Commandments of Excel 2000
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