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Hidden World of Relationships

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ISBN-10: 0743204603

ISBN-13: 9780743204606

Edition: 2001

Authors: Judith Turner

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In 366 revealing portraits, world-renowned psychic Judith Turner provides everything you need to know to enjoy great relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and, of course, that special someone. Drawing on astrology, psychology, and psychic insight, she shows that an individual's birthday is essential to understanding his or her personality, from basic likes and dislikes to secret wishes and pleasures, including: The Pursuit Of Love:from finding a soul mate to planning the perfect wedding Dating Details:the most romantic venue, the best date night, the right thing to say after an argument Special Treats:the gifts, foods, flowers, and poetic sentiments guaranteed to please …    
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List price: $24.99
Copyright year: 2001
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication date: 10/2/2001
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 400
Size: 7.25" wide x 9.00" long x 0.80" tall
Weight: 1.496
Language: English

Judith Turner, a world-renowned psychic, is the author of The Hidden World of Birthdays. She appears regularly on Joan Hamburg's Consumer Talk radio show and has been a guest on CBS News, ABC News, and other television and radio programs. She lives in Norwood, New Jersey.

Relationships. Did you ever sit and wonder how many different relationships we have, and how many roles we play in other people's lives? One person can act the part of a child, a parent, a boss, a best friend, a sister or brother, and so on all in the same day. Even when we are not looking for a relationship we find ourselves creating new ones every day. They could be the people we work with, our in-laws, our neighbors, or our best friends. Here is a book with a little inside information about what makes a person tick. There is only one thing as important as you are and that is how you relate to those people in your life.
Love has a tendency to have a mind of its own. When we think of the word Love we have an inclination to only think about our romantically significant others, or the people we would like to have play that role in our lives. But wouldn't it be interesting to learn more about all the people we love and the relationships we enter? What about the relationships in our lives that we don't have the option of selecting? These are our parents, siblings, teachers, bosses, co-workers, and employees, and let's not forget our in-laws. In this book you will gain insight on everything from how to approach your boss to what the perfect gift is for your mother-in-law. You may already know that your sister has a defensive attitude. By reading her birthday, you can also learn that her defensiveness may grow out of her own fear. That realization could dramatically change how you look at her. Then there is the other side of the coin, the special people we may have selected to be in our lives. These are Our Friends, Lovers, Soul Mates, Business Partners, and of course, Our Husbands and Wives.
When it comes to the people we love, we never have enough "Insider Information."Here you may begin to get the answers to so many of your questions. Have you wondered what the perfect gift would be for that special someone? What are the best nights of the week to take him or her out on the town? Where would the best location be for your dream wedding? What about making up after a fight -- wouldn't you like to have a secret glimpse into what will make things better? And if you feel as though you are looking for love in all the wrong places, you can put your best foot forward with the best possible advice. You can look for the best attributes in others along with what might help you find a lasting love.
Just as my first book, The Hidden World of Birthdays, was designed to help you learn about yourself according to the day you were born, this book will help you learn about how you relate to the other people in your life. At the same time, it will give you information about how those people relate to you as well. You will learn exactly what makes your partner tick, along with how to get around him or her when he or she is mad at you. Or maybe you want to know just how to capture a person's attention when his or her mind seems to be elsewhere. This book will provide the key to unlocking not only your own personality and needs, but also those of every person in your life.
Decans: There is a question that I have received from many people who have read my first book. Is there relevance to reading the day before or the day after your birthday? My answer is yes. When you are reading about your birthday, you may see a reflection of yourself throughout the days listed on the top of your page. Without getting too astrologically technical, everyone born on the same day cannot be exactly alike in every category. In astrology, "decans" break up an astrological sign into three different "subsigns." So under each date there is a decan you can refer to. I used these dates to give you some flexibility. For instance, if you have already given the gift listed on the page with the person's birthday, you could try the gifts listed on the dates given at the top of the page.
Soul Mates: What is a Soul Mate? Do we each have a Soul Mate? A Soul Mate is someone with whom you have an uncanny connection. Your Soul Mate does not have to be your life mate, but certainly can be. You can find Soul Mates not just in the romantic sector of your life, but in any type of partnering around you. We have to look at our best friends, our housekeepers, the nannies for our children, and our business partners. Do Capricorns get along with fellow Capricorns? What kind of relationship would there be between a Leo and a Virgo? These are the main types of astrological questions asked everywhere. You will never see them answered quite like this. I've put together a unique, quick reference at the beginning of every birthday; it can give you the answers to these questions even before they are asked. Maybe a Capricorn is too stubborn for you, but someone else may like that in a partner. A Leo could bring out the fire in a sluggish Pisces. If you partner up with a Virgo, he or she may be too rigid in business, but maybe that Aquarius will allow you the creative freedom to get that other job you are looking for. We may not marry someone we think is our Soul Mate, but maybe they are the catalysts in our lives that lead us down destiny's path. We do not meet people by accident. Their presence has a time and a place. The section "Soul Mates" may teach you how to recognize some of yours.
Most Charming Characteristics: Just in case you haven't figured them out for yourself! Whether you're looking at your own birthday or someone else's, it's great to know the finer qual-ities of a person. When you know this information you are ready, for the best is yet to come.
Gifts: What is the perfect gift? Everyone has been in this situation. A Holiday or Birthday comes up and you have to buy a gift for your boss or that special someone. Here, in black and white, will be the secret to the perfect gift for every day of the year. It's the best way to say that that person means a lot to you.
Sensual Foods: Sensual means different things to different people, but the title here tells all. Picking the right dish will not only entice your love's appetite but his or her heart as well.
Romantic Flowers: Everybody loves to get flowers. You receive attention not only from the one sending them, but also from anyone else who notices them. When you are sent flowers others know someone thinks that you are special. How great is that! It doesn't matter if you are sending flowers as a thank-you gift or if you have them in hand when you arrive for your first date. You want them to make a lasting impression. Here you will find out the perfect flowers to show your affection.
Best Date Nights: Do you go out on Tuesday for the first date or wait until Thursday? Imagine the benefit of knowing what night of the week your date will be in the best frame of mind before scheduling that important outing. This is also handy when scheduling business meetings. From the best day of the week to the best days of the month, timing is essential. If you are already married, looking up this day will help to rekindle the romance.
Colors of Passion: Looking to get noticed or just tantalize your date to no end? Wear the color that works best for you. This color is your "Passion Enhancer." Would that red dress work? How about that new blue tie? Many studies have shown that the colors we surround ourselves with can change our moods. These colors have been selected to enhance our desire for love and romance.
The Perfect Wedding: Here is the answer everybody is looking for without spending time and money on a party planner. If you are planning your special day or a special event, you can use these ideas to make it wonderful. You can take the process a step further and look up both birthdays to combine the results for the perfect event for both of you. After all, the setting and theme of a wedding are what make it special. There is nothing more memorable than a wedding day that truly reflects your personality and interests. Romance will radiate from a day designed in your own image.
Wise Words: What is love without romance? What is romance without poetry? In Antiquarian Birthday Books, a poem was assigned to each day of the year. These words of wisdom gave meaning to that day as well as to the people born on that day, as I've seen in the ancient birthday books I've collected over the years. Here I have hand-selected Poems, Quotes, and Phrases with care and matched them with the birthdays for which they hold meaning. This should end anyone's fear of being lost for words.
Hints of Love: This section is a secret glimpse into the heart of your partner -- or the person you wish would become your partner. Knowing this information will let you see how this person feels about you before he or she has a chance to tell you. It can take the guesswork out of getting to know how a person communicates feelings.
After the Argument: The hardest thing in the world to say can be "I am sorry." There are many ways of getting this across. Sometimes even the words themselves don't have much meaning. These are times when you must put your words into action, when you need to appeal to a person's heart and mind. This section will teach you how to let the dust settle after a disagreement.
Romantic Places: Romance, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Romance can be created anywhere or anytime. When you're looking for a special, unique, or intriguing setting, you will find the answer here. Ever wonder where to go and what to do once that special someone agrees to a date? Using this section, you can go someplace that will appeal to your partner's nature and romance will abound.
Lucky Love Star: In astrology, there are planets and stars for all of the signs. I found this list of stars in an ancient book. Each star correlates with a sign and enhances different emotions. Imagine knowing that you have a special star out of the billions of stars in the sky. When it comes to making that wish upon a star, you can be ahead of the game and know just where to direct your heart's desire.
Beautiful Thought: What constitutes a beautiful thought may vary for everybody. Some people would like a line that will make them laugh. Others need it to make them think. Either way, a beautiful thought always helps to brighten even the gloomiest moment.
Sharing Secrets: I call this section "Insider Trading." It gives you the answers to all of the questions you have, but can't ask, about getting into the heart of the person you have your eye on. You may also find out how to show this person the way to your own heart. This information will come in handy in other types of relationships as well.
Judith's Insights
This is my interpretation of the person born on this day. These insights combine a little astrology with a little numerology, but always have a lot of my own experience and insight mixed in. This section gives you information on how someone might respond to your advances and why someone may act a certain way. You will learn exactly how to approach them. This section will tell you if they like quiet and refined or loud and down-to-earth. "Judith's Insights" cover topics from how to ask for a raise to how to get a date. Each insight is broken down into two headings: "About the Man" and "About the Woman."
Soul Mates: You should have no problem having a relationship with your own sign, Capricorn. Two peas in one pod can work well together. Taurus and Virgo would probably be two of the easiest signs for you to get along with, in or out of love. You will be a natural magnet for a Cancer, but anticipate complications at times. With Aries and Libra, the passion may draw you in. Even if it is only friendship, it can be a passionate one. Leos would be a hard relationship, but it could work if you can stand to be on the bottom occasionally. Pisces, the ingenious wit, will get you together. The great disposition of most Pisces could keep you there. Just make sure they don't get bored. Aquarius and Sagittarius could work well, but be cautious of flirtatious Gemini and Scorpio. They will drive you crazy and could test your sense when it comes to loyalty.
Most Charming Characteristics: Ambitious, studious, original.
Gifts: For her: hummingbird feeder. For him: day of golf.
Sensual Foods: Strawberries and cream; meat loaf.
Romantic Flowers: Iris is your flower if you are the gal sending subtle messages. If you are the man, you will look for clematis. This flower's mental beauty creates emotional stimulation for you.
Best Date Nights: Saturday; 1st and 19th of each month.
Colors of Passion: For her: green, brown, violet. For him: dark gray, brown.
The Perfect Wedding: Earthy goat girls feel most secure on the old terra firma, but climb, climb you must. The top of a mountain in Colorado or the top of a monument in Washington, D.C., all these locations lend themselves to your powerful persona. Inspired by tradition, you are happiest in a pleasant, conventional location. Ideal setting: Moscow; the Grand Canyon.
Wise Words: Robert Browning: "Let me be cared about, keep out of harm, and schemed for, safe in love as with a charm."
Hints of Love: They only use the three magic words when they know they mean it, and they already know it is going to be said back to them.
After the Argument: For him: Pay him extra attention. Send him something at work so everybody notices. Make him feel important. For her: Go overboard in a big way. Don't just send flowers at work, but to her home and to her mother's when she is there for Sunday dinner.
Romantic Places: Places of beauty bring romance: the rain forest; a garden; the Grand Canyon.
Lucky Love Star: Capriel -- you never like the feeling of loneliness.
Beautiful Thought: It takes both ends of the shoelace to tie the shoe.
Sharing Secrets: Let them admire something about you first. Show them you have a sense of humor. For the guys: The way to his heart is definitely through his stomach. For the gals: Hold their hand and then take them to the next step.
Judith's Insights
About the Man: If you know how to read minds, this person can make a great mate. Communication is not his strong suit, so it had better be yours. Otherwise, you will turn into the "whiney one" asking questions that he will assume you know. Make sure to pay great attention to him, especially on his special days. No, don't expect the same in return. To know this partner is to truly love him. If this is a boss, getting the coffee would be a good thing. Most of us are looking for a loyal, down-to-earth mate. This guy could be it if you are on an even keel.
About the Woman: No matter what your sign is, if you are having any kind of relationship with this person expect that she is looking for security. You will learn a lot from her, if you are open to it. Most of the time you will have more than loyalty here. Remember, this woman needs to have financial security at all times. When someone is messing with her pocketbook, there could be hell to pay. If something is wrong in the bedroom, you can be sure that something is going on in the boardroom to cause it. She has a keen sense of humor as long as the joke is not on her.