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ISBN-10: 0737744634

ISBN-13: 9780737744637

Edition: 2009

Authors: No�l Merino

List price: $32.00
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Editor No#65533;l Merino tackles the topic of racism, with the carefully curated collection of essays that answer pointed questions. Topics debated are whether racism is a serious problem, whether it is institutionalized in society and culture, whether affirmative action is effective against racism, and what should be done about racism.
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List price: $32.00
Copyright year: 2009
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC
Publication date: 7/9/2009
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 224
Size: 6.00" wide x 9.00" long x 0.75" tall
Weight: 0.660
Language: English

Is Racism a Serious Problem?
Different Views on the Problem of Racism: An Overview The Economist
With a noticeable gap in earnings and achievement between black and white Americans, people differ in their opinions of how much racism is to blame
Yes: Racism Is a Serious Problem
The Problem of Racism Is Worse than White America Admits
The incidents in Jena, Louisiana, shows how deep racism runs in American culture and how much the issue has been ignored and neglected
Today's Racial Inequalities Are a Product of America's Racist Past
Though moving past America's history of slavery may seem like an attractive goal, it is important to not ignore it in trying to understand the roots of today's racism
Racism Remains a Reality in American Culture National Catholic Reporter
An incident where a so-called shock jock made racist comments on the radio reveals that racism remains a reality in America
No: Racism Is Not a Serious Problem
The Role of Racism in America Is Overstated
Those who claim that the slow government response to Hurricane Katrina was due to racism are wrong
Racial Inequalities Are the Product of Culture, Not Racism
The redneck culture of the South, and not white racism, explains why there are widespread racial inequalities between blacks and whites in America
Racism in America Is Wanning
Despite the continued presence of bigots among the older generation, racism is waning and is less common among younger generations
Is Racism Institutionalized in Society and Culture?
Chapter Preface
Yes: Racism Is Institutionalized in Society and Culture
Racism Today Is Subtle, Insidious, and Systemic
Racism is no longer overt but has become systemic throughout institutions, silently perpetuated by those who do not consider themselves racist
Racism Plays a Significant Role in Promoting Economic Inequality
The wealth gap between blacks and whites is perpetuated by racism and has a far greater effect on economic well-being than the income gap between blacks and whites
Racial Disparity in Prisons Is the Result of Racism
The disproportionate numbers of racial minorities in prison is linked to America's racist past and continues the same racial hierarchy
No: Racism Is Not Institutionalized in Society and Culture
Institutional Racism Is an Invention to Stifle Dissent
The explanation of institutional racism as the reason for the struggles of African Americans is an unsupported hypothesis that people blindly support, censoring those who disagree
Racism Is Not the Most Significant Factor in Economic Inequality
Disparities of wealth along racial lines are better explained by rates of out-of-wedlock births than by racism
Disparity in Prison Populations Is Not the Result of Racism
The reason for higher incarceration rates among black men has to do with excessive penalties for crime and the state of black family life, not racism
Is Affirmative Action Effective Against Racism?
Affirmative Action: An Overview
Americans' views on affirmative action depend on what sort of policies they think affirmative action entails
Yes: Affirmative Action Is Effective Against Racism
Affirmative Action Is Necessary and Is Not Special Treatment
Affirmative action is still necessary for women and racial minorities, and efforts to outlaw it rely on fraud and deception
Affirmative Action Is a Necessary Part of the Solution to Racism
The movement to end affirmative action relies on pre-conceptions and assumptions about a tool that was meant to be merely a part of addressing our nation's racist past
Affirmative Action Promotes Diversity
Affirmative action is a valuable tool for promoting diversity, and where it is prohibited, other methods must be used to reach this important goal
No: Affirmative Action Is Not Effective Against Racism
Affirmative Action Harms Minority Students
A new study shows that the affirmative action programs that are supposed to help black law students end up harming them by mismatching them with schools
Affirmative Action Harms Minority Professionals
Racial preferences used in hiring lawyers at law firms and up harming minority applicants in the long run
Affirmative Action Supports a View of African Americans as Victims
There is no need anymore for affirmative action, but liberal black leaders continue to support it because they continue to view blacks as victims
Trying to Achieve Diversity with Affirmative Action Is Racist
Affirmative action proponents claim that racial preferences are justified in the name of diversity, but those preferences are another form of racism
What Should Be Done About Racism?
Chapter Preface
Whites and Blacks Must Play a Role in Eliminating Racism
America's racist past has led to the current racial divide, elimination of which will require both whites and blacks to work together to form a more perfect union
Acknowledging Feelings About Race Is a Necessary Step to Ending Racism
Rational, intellectual debates cannot effectively deal with the problem of racism, which is driven by emotions such as fear and anxiety
Having a Black President Will Help to Eliminate Racism
Barack Obama's victory in the presidential election is a large symbol that a post-racial America is possible, and it will help move the country in that direction
Having a Black President Will Not Eliminate Racism
The election of Barack Obama as president will not lead to a post-racial America and will not change the racial politics of America
Color-Blind Idealism Must Be Unmasked as Denial
The desire to ignore race in an attempt to show that one is not racist is steeped in denial and does not help the problem of racism
To End Racism, Stop Focusing on Race
In attempting to combat racism, what does not work is to obsess about race and focus on group identity; rather, colorblind courtesy is what is needed
To Fight Racism Whites Need to Recognize Their Privilege
White people need to recognize racism in American society by becoming aware of their privilege, or white benefits, and then work to change the culture
White Guilt Does Not Help End Racism
The dominant cultural role of blacks as victims and whites as guilty does nothing to end racism, and is in effect a form of victimization for blacks
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