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Geology An Introduction to Physical Geology

ISBN-10: 0618139745

ISBN-13: 9780618139743

Edition: 3rd 2002 (Teachers Edition, Instructors Manual, etc.)

Authors: Stanley Chernicoff, Donna Whitney, Michael E. Ritter

List price: $89.96
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Have you ever wondered what makes Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser erupt regularly of how the Grand Canyon was formed? This text will help the reader better visualise and understand the geological processes and how they affect the environment.
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List price: $89.96
Edition: 3rd
Copyright year: 2002
Publisher: CENGAGE Learning
Pages: 670
Weight: 3.608
Language: English

Contents Note: Each chapter concludes with a Chapter Summary, which includes Key Terms, Questions for Review, "Learning Actively," and "On the Web." I. Forming the Earth 1. A First Look at Planet Earth Highlight 1-1: What Caused the Extinction of the Dinosaurs? Geology and the Methods of Science The Earth in Space Plate Tectonics Geology at a Glance: Plate Boundaries In Support of Plate Tectonics--A Theory Develops The Earth as a System A Preview of Things to Come 2. Minerals What Is a Mineral? Mineral Structure How Minerals Are Identified Highlight 2-1 : Cutting Diamonds Some Common Rock-Forming Minerals Highlight 2-2: The Pros and Cons of Swelling Minerals Geology at a Glance: Rock-Forming Silicates Gemstones Highlight 2-3: The Curse of the Hope Diamond Minerals as Clues to the Past 3. Igneous Processes and Igneous Rocks Melting Rocks and Crystallizing Magma Geology at a Glance: Igneous Rocks Intrusive Rock Formations Highlight 3-1: Tabular Plutons Save the Union Plate Tectonics and Igneous Rock Geology at a Glance: Plutons Igneous Rocks of the Moon The Economic Value of Igneous Rocks Highlight 3-2: Making Gold in an Active Volcano 4. Volcanoes and Volcanism The Nature and Origin of Volcanoes The Products of Volcanism Highlight 4-1: Hawai''i''s Dreaded VOG--Coping with "Natural" Air Pollution Eruptive Styles and Associated Landforms Highlight 4-2: Loihi--Growing Pains of the Next Hawai''ian Island Highlight 4-3: Iceland--Where Hot Volcanoes Meet Cold Glaciers Highlight 4-4: The Toba Eruption--A Volcano''s Possible Role in Human Evolution Plate Tectonics and Volcanism Geology at a Glance: Volcanoes and Volcanic Rock Coping with Volcanic Hazards Extraterrestrial Volcanism 5. Weathering: The Breakdown of Rocks Weathering Processes Highlight 5-1: Coping with Acid Rain Geology at a Glance: Weathering Soils and Soil Formation Highlight 5-2: Rock Weathering and Global Climates Highlight 5-3: Conserving Our Fragile Soils Weathering in Extraterrestrial Environments Highlight 5-4: Using Soils to Predict the Next Large Earthquake 6. Sedimentation and Sedimentary Rocks The Origins of Sedimentary Rocks Classifying Sedimentary Rocks Highlight 6-1: When the Mediterranean Sea Was a Desert Highlight 6-2: The Dolostone Mystery "Reading" Sedimentary Rocks Geology at a Glance: Sedimentary Rocks Highlight 6-3: Telling the Earth''s History from Its Seafloor Mud 7. Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks What Drives Metamorphism? Types of Metamorphism Highlight 7-1: Shock Metamorphism, Buckyballs,...and the Origin of Life on Earth? Common Metamorphic Rocks Temperatures and Pressures of Metamorphism Plate Tectonics and Metamorphic Rocks Metamorphic Rocks in Daily Life Highlight 7-2: Asbestos, Cancer, and Crayons--A Study in Environmental Health The Rock Cycle Revisited 8. Telling Time Geologically Geologic Time in Perspective Determining Relative Age Geology at a Glance: Relative Dating Highlight 8-1: How Fossils Form Highlight 8-2: The World''s Oldest Landscape Determining Numerical Age Geology at a Glance: Numerical Dating The Geologic Time Scale Highlight 8-3: Death on Earth Highlight 8-4: Life on Earth--Are We All Extraterrestrials? II. Shaping the Earth''s Crust 9. Folds, Faults, and Mountains Stressing and Straining Rocks Highlight 9-1: Studying Deformed Rocks in the Field Folds Faults Geology at a Glance: Common Types of Faults Highlight 9-2: Folds, Faults, and the Search for Fossil Fuels Building Mountains Highlight 9-3: The Appalachians--North America''s Geologic Jigsaw Puzzle 10. Earthquakes The Causes of Earthquakes The Products of Earthquakes--Seismic Waves Measuring Earthquakes--Which Scal to Use? Locating an Earthquake''s Epicenter Earthquake Depth and Magnitude Highlight 10-1: Seismic Eavesdropping--Monitoring the Peace The Effects of Earthquakes Highlight 10-2: A Mysterious Tsunami Strikes Japan The World''s Principal Earthquake Zones Coping with the Threat of Earthquakes The Moon--A Distant Seismic Outpost 11. Geophysical Properties of Planet Earth Investigating the Earth''s Interior Highlight 11-1: Seismic Tomography--A Planetary CAT Scan Highlight 11-2: The Mantle Flush--Breaching the Barrier Between the Upper and Lower Mantle Taking the Earth''s Temperature Highlight 11-3: Simulating the Earth''s Core in the Laboratory The Earth''s Gravity Magnetism Highlight 11-4: Modeling Reversals 12. Plate Tectonics--Creating Oceans and Continents Some Plate Tectonic Basics Determining Plate Velocity The Nature and Origin of the Ocean Floor Highlight 12-1: The Unseen World of Divergent Zones Highlight 12-2: Do Continents Subduct? Highlight 12-3: The Geology of the Roof of the World The Origin and Shaping of Continents The Driving Forces of Plate Motion III. Sculpting the Earth''s Surface 13. Mass Movement What Causes Mass Movement? Types of Mass Movement Highlight 13-1: The La Conchita Mudslide Geology at a Glance: Mass Movement Avoiding and Preventing Mass-Movement Disasters Highlight 13-2: Crumbling K''ilauea Highlight 13-3: How to Choose a Stable Home Site Extraterrestrial Mass Movement 14. Streams and Floods The Earth''s Water Streams The Geological Work of Streams Highlight 14.1: The Mississippi River and Its Delta Controlling Floods Highlight 14.2: The Great Midwestern Floods of 1993 Stream Evolution and Plate Tectonics Extraterrestrial Stream Activity--Evidence from Mars 15. Groundwater Groundwater Recharge and Flow Tapping the Groundwater Reservoir Finding and Managing Groundwater Highlight 15-1: Should You Hire a Water Witch? Highlight 15-2: Who Owns Groundwater? Maintaining Groundwater Quality Highlight 15-3: Yucca Mountain--A Safe Place for N-Wastes? Caves and Karst--The Products of Groundwater Erosion Caves Karst Topography Geology at a Glance: Geologic Work of Groundwater 16. Glaciers and Ice Ages Glacier Formation and Growth The Work of Glaciers Geology at a Glance: The Wrok of Continental Glaciers Geology at a Glance: The Work of Alpine Glaciers Highlight 16-1: "The World''s Greatest Flood"--The Channeled Scablands of Eastern Washington Reconstructing Ice-Age Climates The Causes of Glaciation The Earth''s Glacial Past Highlight 16-2: "The Snowball Earth"--When the Whole Planet Froze Glaciation on Other Planets and Moons 17. Deserts and Wind Action Identifying Deserts Highlight 17-1: How Hot Is Hot? The Work of Water in Deserts The Work of Wind in Deserts Highlight 17-2: America'' Dust Bowl Desertification Geology at a Glance: The Work of Wind in Deserts Highlight 17-3: The Great Plains--North America''s Once and Future Sahara? Wind Action on Mars 18. Shores and Coastal Processes Waves, Currents, and Tides Processes That Shape Coasts Highlight 18-1: Lake Michigan''s Vanishing Shoreline Highlight 18-2: Can (and Should) We Control Nature''s Coasts? Types of Coasts Highlight 18-3: The Future of North Carolina''s Coast--Some Good News, Some Bad Plate Tectonic Settings of Coasts Sea-Level Fluctuations and Coastal Evolution 19. Human Use of the Earth''s Resources Reserves and Resources Fossil Fuels Alternative Energy Resources Highlight 19-1: Gas Hydrates--A Major Twenty-First-Century Fuel or a Potential Global Environmental Disaster? Mineral Resources Future Use of Natural Resources Geology at a Glance: Earth''s Energy Resources Geology at a Glance: Earth''s Mineral Resources