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Living Ethics An Introduction

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ISBN-10: 0495090239

ISBN-13: 9780495090236

Edition: 2009

Authors: Michael Minch, Christine Weigel

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Minch and Weigel's LIVING ETHICS demonstrates that ethics are not a set of abstract exercises, but powerful and deeply personal questions about what it means to lead a good life. Rather than separating theory and applied ethics, this unique text focuses on the practical, experiential value of ethical reflection. You will never again view ethics as a set of technical games that apply only to narrowly defined cases or political controversies that don't affect you. Instead, the book organizes study around a range of basic human activities that have ethical significance, such as learning, loving, reasoning, and relating. This comprehensive anthology offers a breadth of readings that integrates…    
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List price: $185.95
Copyright year: 2009
Publisher: Wadsworth
Publication date: 2/13/2008
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 720
Size: 7.50" wide x 9.00" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 2.332
Language: English

Michael Minch earned his Ph.D. from the University of Utah. He is chair of the Philosophy and Humanities Department at Utah Valley University and director of Peace and Justice Studies. He is the author of The Democratic Theory of Michael Oakeshott.

What is the function of education? Plato, from The Republic
Krishnamurti, "The Function of Education." Oakeshott, from The Voice Of Liberal Learning
Hooks, "Ecstasy" from Teaching To Transgress
Dangarembga, from Nervous Conditions
Snyder, "Axe Handles."
What is the relationship between reasoning and ethics? Aristotle, from Nicomachean Ethics
Kant, from Foundations Of The Metaphysics Of Morals
Mill, from Utilitarianism
Nietzsche, from Beyond Good And Evil
Lloyd, from The Man Of Reason
Whitt, from "Indigenous Peoples and the Cultural Politics of Knowledge." Pinches, from Theology In Action
Ibsen, from An Enemy Of The People
What is the relationship between emotions and ethics? Hume, from Enquiry
Ayer, from LANGUAGE, Truth, And Logic
Piper, from "Passing for White, Passing for Black." Damasio, from Looking For Spinoza
Cummings, "since feeling is first." Kingsolver, "Covered Bridges."
How might we best live? Aristotle, from Nicomachean Ethics
MacIntyre, from After Virtue
Kallenberg, "Cultivating Moral Taste." Kupperman, "The Place of Character in Ethics" in Character
Nussbaum, "Victims and Agents." Gransberg, "38 Who Saw Murder and Didn't Call Police." Berry, "To Hayden Carruth."
How does religious belief help make sense of existence? Plato, from the Euthyphro
Augustine, from The City Of God
Nielson, from "Ethics Without Religion." Mavrodes, from "Religion and the Queerness of Morality." Nietzsche, from The Gay Science
Dillard, from "An Expedition to the Pole." Cockburn, "Lord of the Starfields" (poem)
What is the ethical significance of difference? Herodotus, "Custom is King." Midgley, "Trying Out One's Sword." Taylor, from "Ethical Relativism." Pojman, "The Case Against Ethical Relativism." Furrow, "Of Cave Dwellers and Spirits: The Trouble with Moral Absolutes." Johnson, from The Gender Knot
Fadiman, from "Do Doctors Eat Brains?" in The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down
Berry, "My Great-Grandfather's Slaves" (poem)
How can people best live together? The Social Contract
From Hobbes
From Locke
From Rousseau
From Kant
Equality and Justice
Mencius, "Justice and Humanity." Plato, from The Republic
Walzer, "A Credo for this Moment."
Schweikart, "Capitalism and Its Discontents."
Rawls, "The Principles of Justice."
Singer, "Famine, Affluence, and Morality."
Pogge, "The Moral Demands of Global Justice."
Tecumseh, "We Must Be United."
Newton, "Reverse Discrimination as Unjustified."
Fish, "Reverse Racism, or How the Pot Got to Call the Kettle Black."
Robinson, "America's Debt to Blacks."
Sawhill, "Still the Land of Opportunity?"
Churchill, "Perversions of Justice: Examining the Doctrine of U.S
Rights to Occupancy in North America." Bales, from Disposable People: New Slavery In The Global Economy
Jacobsen, "The Net of Complicity" (poem)
What are ethical dimensions of conflict?
Minch, "When Soldiers Aren't Heroes."
Hashmi, "Interpreting the Islamic Ethics of War and Peace."
Holmes, "The Alternative to War" in On War And Morality
Gandhi, "The Law of Love,"
"Non-Violence--The Law of Our Species,"
"The Spirit of Non-Violence."
Thich Nhat Hanh, "Being Peace."
Granhoff, "Peace and Security."
Sterba, "Terrorism and International Justice."
Leiser, "The Case for Iraq War II."
Berry, "Thoughts in the Presence of Fear."
Hauerwas, "September 11, 2001: A Pacifist Response."
Berrigan, from "We Have Assumed the Name of Peacemakers."
Owen, "Dulce Et Decorm Est" (poem)
What are ethical dimensions of love? Aristotle, from Nicomachean Ethics, Book VIII
Mo Tzu, "Universal Love." Baier, "Moral Prejudices." Stassen and David P
Gushee, Kingdom Ethics
Thomas, from Living Morally
Ruth, from Issues In Feminism
Rich, "Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence."
Reyes and DeMeulenaere, "Companeros."
Auden, "Alone."
Hall, "Cider 5? a Glass."
Caring How and why should we care for others? What do the concepts of care and compassion teach us about life? Gilligan, from In A Different Voice
Noddings, from Caring
Hallie, "From Cruelty to Goodness."
Mead, from "Genealogy, Sacredness, and the Commodities Market."
Hursthouse, from "Virtue Theory and Abortion."
Wolf, "A Feminist Critique of Physician-Assisted Suicide."
Battin, "The Case for Euthanasia."
Warren, "The Moral Significance of Birth."
Shelley, from Frankenstein
Irving, from The Cider House Rules
What are ethical dimensions of work? Locke, from Second Tretise Of Government
Smith, from The Wealth Of Nations
Marx and Engels, from Economic And Philosophic Manuscripts Of 1844, The Communist Manifesto
Russell, from In Praise Of Idleness
hooks, from Feminist Theory: From Margin To Center
Schumacher, "Buddhist Economics." Shipler, from The Working Poor: Invisible In America
Berry, "Two Economies."
What are some ethical dimensions of consumption? Aurelius, from Meditations
Twitchell, "Two Cheers for Capitalism." Durning, from How Much Is Enough? The Consumer Society And The Future Of The Earth
McGuire, from "Population, Consumption, Ecology: The Triple Problematic." Segal, from Graceful Simplicity: Toward A Philosophy And Politics Of Simple Living
Cavanaugh, "When Enough is Enough." Unknown, "In a tiny Mexican village?."
What can artworks reveal about the art of living? Pater, from The Renaissance: Studies In Art And Poetry
Nietzsche, from Twilight Of The Idols
Dewey, from Art As Experience
Finkelpearl, from Dialogues In Public Art
Minatoya, from The Strangeness Of Beauty
What is the meaning of existence? From Bhagavad-Gita
Kierkegaard, "The Present Age." Nietzsche, from Twilight Of The Idols
Sartre, from Existentialism Is A Humanism
Tillich, from The Courage To Be
Camus, from The Stranger
Shonagon, from The Pillow Book
Kafka, from A Country Doctor ("Before the Law")
What is the meaning of death? Plato, from the Phaedo
Epicurus, from Letters
Frankl, from Man's Search For Meaning
Beauvoir, from A Very Easy Death
Revel and Ricard, "Buddhism and Death" from The Monk And The Philosopher
Bluebond-Langner, from The Private Worlds Of Dying Children
Marquis, "Why Abortion Is Immoral." Harjo, "The Woman Hanging From the Thirteenth Floor Window."
Extending Ethics
Does ethics extend beyond humankind? Leopold, from "The Land Ethic"
Taylor, from "The Ethics of Respect for Nature."
Rolston, from "Naturalizing Values: Organisms and Species."
Naess, "The Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range Ecological Movement."
Singer, "All Animals are Equal."
Steinbock, "Speciesism and the Idea of Equality."
McKibben, "A Special Moment in History: The Challenge of Overpopulation and Overconsumption."
Shiva, "The Impoverishment of the Environment: Women and Children Last."
Hawken, "A Declaration of Sustainability." Baxter, from People Or Penguins? The Case For Optimal Pollution
Hiebert, "The Human Vocation: Origins and Transformations in Christian Traditions." "The Rio Declaration." Oliver, "Wild Geese" (poem)