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Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

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ISBN-10: 0471240117

ISBN-13: 9780471240112

Edition: 3rd 1998 (Student Manual, Study Guide, etc.)

Authors: Bruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, Theodore H. Okiishi

List price: $33.95
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This manual provides worked out solutions to review problems in the main text, effectively doubling the number of examples available to students. The solutions are arranged by the basic principle they demonstrate, to allow easy reference.
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List price: $33.95
Edition: 3rd
Copyright year: 1998
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 9/24/1997
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 208
Size: 8.25" wide x 10.25" long x 0.50" tall
Weight: 1.034
Language: English

Some Characteristics of Fluids
Dimensions, Dimensional Homogeneity, and Units
Systems of Units
Analysis of Fluid Behavior
Measures of Fluid Mass and Weight
Specific Weight
Specific Gravity
Ideal Gas Law
Compressibility of Fluids
Bulk Modulus
Compression and Expansion of Gases
Speed of Sound
Vapor Pressure
Surface Tension
Chapter Summary and Study Guide Problems
Fluid Statics
Pressure at a Point
Basic Equation for Pressure Field
Pressure Variation in a Fluid at Rest
Incompressible Fluid
Compressible Fluid
Standard Atmosphere
Measurement of Pressure
Piezometer Tube
U-Tube Manometer
Inclined-Tube Manometer
Mechanical and Electronic Pressure Measuring Devices
Hydrostatic Force on a Plane Surface
Pressure Prism
Hydrostatic Force on a Curved Surface
Buoyancy, Flotation, and Stability
Archimedes' Principle
Pressure Variation in a Fluid with Rigid-Body Motion
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Elementary Fluid Dynamics-The Bernoulli Equation
Newton's Second Law
F = ma Along a Streamline
F = ma Normal to a Streamline
Physical Interpretation
Static, Stagnation, Dynamic, and Total Pressure
Examples of Use of the Bernoulli Equation
Free Jets
Confined Flows
Flowrate Measurement
The Energy Line and the Hydraulic Grade Line
Restrictions on the Use of the Bernoulli Equation
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Fluid Kinematics
The Velocity Field
Eulerian and Lagrangian Flow Descriptions
One-, Two-, and Three- Dimensional Flows
Steady and Unsteady Flows
Streamlines, Streaklines, and Pathlines
The Acceleration Field
The Material Derivative
Unsteady Effects
Convective Effects
Streamline Coordinates
Control Volume and System Representations
The Reynolds Transport Theorem
Derivation of the Reynolds Transport Theorem
Selection of a Control Volume
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Finite Control Volume Analysis
Conservation of Mass-The Continuity Equation
Derivation of the Continuity Equation
Fixed, Nondeforming Control Volume
Moving, Nondeforming Control Volume
Newton's Second Law-The Linear Momentum and Moment-of-Momentum Equations
Derivation of the Linear Momentum Equation
Application of the Linear Momentum Equation
Derivation of the Moment-of-Momentum Equation
Application of the Moment-of-Momentum Equation
First Law of Thermodynamics-The Energy Equation
Derivation of the Energy Equation
Application of the Energy Equation
Comparison of the Energy Equation with the Bernoulli Equation
Application of the Energy Equation to Nonuniform Flows
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Differential Analysis of Fluid Flow
Fluid Element Kinematics
Velocity and Acceleration Fields Revisited
Linear Motion and Deformation
Angular Motion and Deformation
Conservation of Mass
Differential Form of Continuity Equation
Cylindrical Polar Coordinates
The Stream Function
Conservation of Linear Momentum
Description of Forces Acting on Differential Element
Equations of Motion
Inviscid Flow
Euler's Equations of Motion
The Bernoulli Equation
Irrotational Flow
The Bernoulli Equation for Irrotational Flow
The Velocity Potential
Some Basic, Plane Potential Flows
Uniform Flow
Source and Sink
Superposition of Basic, Plane Potential Flows
Source in a Uniform Stream-Half-Body
Flow around a Circular Cylinder
Other Aspects of Potential Flow Analysis
Viscous Flow
Stress-Deformation Relationships
The Navier-Stokes Equations
Some Simple Solutions for Viscous, Incompressible Fluids
Steady, Laminar Flow between Fixed Parallel Plates
Couette Flow
Steady, Laminar Flow in Circular Tubes
Other Aspects of Differential Analysis
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Similitude, Dimensional Analysis, and Modeling
Dimensional Analysis
Buckingham Pi Theorem
Determination of Pi Terms
Some Additional Comments about Dimensional Analysis
Selection of Variables
Determination of Reference Dimensions
Uniqueness of Pi Terms
Determination of Pi Terms by Inspection
Common Dimensionless Groups in Fluid Mechanics
Correlation of Experimental Data
Problems with One Pi Term
Problems with Two or More Pi Terms
Modeling and Similitude
Theory of Models
Model Scales
Distorted Models
Some Typical Model Studies
Flow through Closed Conduits
Flow around Immersed Bodies
Flow with a Free Surface
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Viscous Flow in Pipes
General Characteristics of Pipe Flow
Laminar or Turbulent Flow
Entrance Region and Fully Developed Flow
Fully Developed Laminar Flow
From F = ma Applied to a Fluid Element
From the Navier-Stokes Equations
Fully Developed Turbulent Flow
Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow
Turbulent Shear Stress
Turbulent Velocity Profile
Dimensional Analysis of Pipe Flow
Major Losses
Minor Losses
Noncircular Conduits
Pipe Flow Examples
Single Pipes
Multiple Pipe Systems
Pipe Flowrate Measurement
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Flow Over Immersed Bodies
General External Flow Characteristics
Lift and Drag Concepts
Characteristics of Flow Past an Object
Boundary Layer Characteristics
Boundary Layer Structure and Thickness on a Flat Plate
Prandt1/Blasius Boundary Layer Solution
Momentum Integral Boundary Layer Equation for a Flat Plate
Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow
Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow
Effects of Pressure Gradient
Friction Drag
Pressure Drag
Drag Coefficient Data and Examples
Surface Pressure Distribution
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Open-Channel Flow
General Characteristics of Open-Channel Flow
Surface Waves
Wave Speed
Froude Number Effects
Energy Considerations
Specific Energy
Uniform Depth Channel Flow
Uniform Flow Approximations
The Chezy and Manning Equations
Uniform Depth Examples
Gradually Varied Flow
Rapidly Varied Flow
The Hydraulic Jump
Sharp-Crested Weirs
Broad-Crested Weirs
Underflow Gates
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Basic Energy Considerations
Basic Angular Momentum Considerations
The Centrifugal Pump
Theoretical Considerations
Pump Performance Characteristics
System Characteristics and Pump Selection
Dimensionless Parameters and Similarity Laws
Specific Speed
Axial-Flow and Mixed-Flow Pumps
Impulse Turbines
Reaction Turbines
Compressible Flow Turbomachines
Chapter Summary and Study Guide
Computational Fluid Dynamics and Flowlab
Physical Properties of Fluids
Properties of the U.S. Standard Atmosphere
Reynolds Transport Theorem
General Reynolds Transport Theorem
General Control Volume Equations
Comprehensive Table of Conversion Factors
Online Appendix List
Video Library
Review Problems
Laboratory Problems
CFD Driven Cavity Example
Flowlab Tutorial and User's Guide
Flowlab Problems
Index of Fluids Phenomena Videos