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Health Psychology

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ISBN-10: 0470129158

ISBN-13: 9780470129159

Edition: 2nd 2013

Authors: Catherine A. Sanderson

List price: $219.99
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The 2nd Edition of Catherine Sanderson's Health Psychology targets the mainstream health psychology market and offers a broad appeal through its narrative that is both challenging for psychology majors and accessible to non-majors.  This book provides current and relevant information while providing a foundation in scientific research and critical and analytical thinking.  The book emphasizes practical and real-world issues. Additionally, this text includes a focus on current ethical issues in health; expanded coverage of international health; increased emphasis on critical thinking and analysis; coverage of specific topics such as complementary and alternative medicine, accidents as a…    
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Book details

List price: $219.99
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 2013
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Limited
Publication date: 3/27/2012
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 720
Size: 8.00" wide x 9.75" long x 1.25" tall
Weight: 2.640

What Is Health Psychology?
Health Psychology in the Real World: Ban Smoking in Public Housing
Focus on Research: Can Writing About Feelings Help People Cope With Cancer?
What Factors Led to the Development of Health Psychology?
The Nature of Illnesses Has Changed
Focus on Development: The Importance of Immunizations
The Biomedical Model Is Unable to Fully Account for Health
Health-Care Costs Have Risen Dramatically
What Is the History of Health Psychology?
Focus on Culture: Health Means Different Things in Different Cultures
What Lies Ahead
Research Methods
What Is the Scientific Method?
What Are Observational or Naturalistic Methods?
What Are Survey Methods?
What Are Experimental Methods?
Focus on Research: The Impact of Divorce on Life Expectancy
Focus on Development: The Link Between Breast-Feeding and Infant Illness
What Are Clinical Methods?
Psychology in the Real World: The Ethical Challenges of Conducting Research on Cancer Treatment
How Can We Evaluate Research Studies?
Internal Validity
Focus on Research: The Power of Mind-Set on Health
External Validity
What Is the Best Research Approach?
How Do Research Ethics Influence Scientific Studies?
Ethical Issues Relevant to Experimentation on Animals
Theories of Health Behavior
What Are Continuum Theories of Health Behavior?
Health Belief Model
Focus on Research: Using "Friendship Bracelets" to Increase Condom Use
Theories of Reasoned Action/Planned Behavior
Focus on Culture: The Role of Individual and Social Factors on Health
Learning Theories
Focus on Development: Using Operant Conditioning to Improve Children's Eating and Exercise Behavior
Focus on Research: Can Watching Television Cause Teenage Pregnancy?
Health Psychology in the Real World: Hollywood's Responsibility for Smoking Deaths
Social Cognitive Theory
What Are Stage Models of Health Behavior Change?
Transtheoretical or Stages of Change Model
Precaution Adoption Process Model
How Should These Models Be Integrated and Extended?
What Are the Main Sources of Stress?
How Is Stress Measured?
Self-Report Inventories
Focus on Research: Does Stress Cause Breast Cancer?
Physiological Measures
How Does Stress Influence Health?
Cannon's Fight-or-Flight Response
General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)
Updates to the Fight-or-Flight and GAS Models
What Are the Physical Consequences of Stress?
Nervous System
Endocrine System
Cardiovascular System
Focus on Development: Why the Early Years Really Matter
Immune System
Indirect Effects of Stress on Health
What Are the Psychological Consequences of Stress?
What Are Some Strategies for Managing Stress?
Coping Styles
Focus on Research: The Influence of Problem-Focused Coping on Health
Focus on Culture: Writing About Problems Helps Some People But Not All
Relaxation and Mindfulness
Social Support
Managing Stress: The Role of Personality and Social Support
What Personality Factors Are Associated With Good Health?
Positive States
Focus on Research: Why Positive People Are Less Likely to Get a Cold
Focus on Development: The Powerful Influence of Childhood Personality on Adult Health-Related Behavior
Internal Locus of Control/Hardiness
What Personality Factors Lead to Unhealthy Behavior?
Neuroticism/Negative Affect
Type A Behavior
Explaining the Link Between Personality and Health
Physiological Mechanisms
Coping Strategies
Social Support
Health Habits
What Is Social Support?
Social Network
Perceived Social Support
Received Social Support
Focus on Culture: The Differential Presence and Benefits of Particular Types of Support
What Is the Link Between Social Support and Health?
Psychological Well-Being
Physical Well-Being
Focus on Research—The Effects of Social Support on Recovery from Surgery
How Does Social Support Lead to Better Health?
Cardiovascular System
Immune System
Neuroendocrine System
When Does Social Support Lead to Better Health?
Buffering Hypothesis
Direct Effects Hypothesis
Does Social Support Benefit Men and Women Equally?
What Factors Lead to the Social Support-Health Link?
What Is Injury?
Sanderson ftoc.tex V1 - 11/10/2011 1:02 P.M. Page
How Does the Risk of Injury Vary Across the Life span?
Focus on Culture: The Impact of Culture on Risk for Childhood Injuries
Adolescence and Young Adulthood
What Are the Leading Causes of Injuries?
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Focus on Research: The Hazards of Owning a Firearm
Focus on Research: Does Harry Potter Prevent Injuries in Children?
Focus on Development: The Prevalence of Child Abuse and Neglect
What Are the Strategies for Preventing Injuries?
Active Strategies
Health Psychology in the Real World: The Very Real Tragedy of Drunk Driving
Passive Strategies
Societal Changes
Smoking and Alcohol Abuse
What Is the Prevalence of Smoking?
What Are the Health Consequences of Smoking?
Focus on Development: The Impact of Passive Smoking on Children
How Do Psychological Factors Lead to the Initiation of Smoking?
Focus on Research: The Hazards of Smoking in Movies
What Factors Lead to Continued Smoking?
Nicotine-Based Models
Affect-Regulation Model
Combined Models
What Are Some Strategies for Preventing Smoking?
What Are Some Strategies for Quitting Smoking?
What Is the Prevalence of Alcohol Use and Abuse?
Focus on Culture: The Impact of Culture on Alcohol Regulations, Consumption, and Consequences
What Are the Health Consequences of Alcohol Abuse?
Focus on Research: Why Drinking Alcohol Interferes With Condom Use
How Do Psychological Factors Lead to Alcohol Abuse?
Tension-Reduction Theory
Social Learning Theory
Biological/Genetic Factors
What Are Some Strategies for Preventing Alcohol Abuse?
What Are Some Strategies for Treating Alcohol Abuse?
Health Psychology in the Real World: The Very Real Consequences of Addiction
Obesity and Eating Disorders
What Is Obesity?
What Are the Consequences of Obesity?
How Do Genetic Factors Cause Obesity?
How Do Psychological Factors Influence Eating (and Overeating)?
Internal-External Hypothesis
Mood Regulation
Restraint Theory
Sociocultural Factors
Focus on Research: Is Obesity Contagious?
Focus on Development: The Long-Lasting Impact of Prenatal Tasting
What Factors Help Prevent Obesity?
How Is Obesity Treated?
What Are Eating Disorders?
How Do Biological Factors Contribute to Eating Disorders?
How Do Psychological Factors Contribute to Eating Disorders?
Sociocultural Norms
Focus on Culture: Is the Thin Ideal Universal?
Family Dynamics
What Approaches Help Prevent Eating Disorders?
Focus on Research: The Benefits of Critiquing the Thin Ideal
What Approaches Help Treat Eating Disorders?
Health Psychology in the Real World: The Struggle to Recover From an Eating Disorder
The Experience and Management of Pain
Why Do We Care About Pain?
What Is Pain?
How Do We Experience Pain?
How Is Pain Measured?
Self-Report Measures
Behavioral Measures
Physiological Measures
How Do Psychosocial Factors Influence the Experience of Pain?
Focus on Culture: The Influence of Culture on the Experience and Expression of Pain
Mood State
What Are Some Physical Methods of Controlling Pain?
Physical Therapy/Exercise
Physical Stimulation
What Are Some Psychological Methods of Controlling Pain?
Focus on Research: Does Acupuncture Really Work to Reduce Pain?
Relaxation and Distraction
Focus on Research: Can Looking at Pictures of Loved Ones Reduce Pain?
Focus on Development: The Impact of Watching Movies on Pain Relief in Children
Cognitive Approaches
Behavior Therapy
Can Placebos Decrease Pain?
Factors That Influence the Effectiveness of Placebos
Physiological Mechanisms That Explain the Influence of Placebos
Chronic Illness
What Are Chronic Diseases?
Focus on Culture: The Prevalence of Chronic Diseases Worldwide
What Are the Consequences of Having Chronic Illnesses?
Physical Problems
Social Problems
Focus on Development: How Do Children Cope With Having a Chronic Disease?
A Humorous Example of the Impact of Chronic Disease on Marital Relationships
Psychological Problems
Health Psychology in the Real World: The Shock of a Cancer Diagnosis
Reflection About the Benefits of Cancer By Lance Armstrong
What Factors Influence How People Manage Having a Chronic Illness?
Illness Intrusiveness
Type of Coping Used
Level of Social Support
How Can Psychological Interventions Help People Cope with Chronic Illness?
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Social Support Groups
What Is Coronary Heart Disease?
How Do Psychological Factors Influence Coronary Heart Disease?
Focus on Research: Is Living in New York City Hazardous to Your Health?
How Can Psychological Interventions Help Reduce the Risk of Recurring Heart Attacks?
What Is Cancer?
How Do Psychosocial Factors Influence the Development of Cancer?
What Factors Predict Effective Coping with Cancer?
How Do Psychological Factors Predict the Acquisition of HIV?
Focus on Research: The Hazards of Seeing HIV as Not Very Prevalent
How Do Psychological Factors Predict the Progression of HIV?
Terminal Illness and Bereavement
When and How Do People Die?
How Do People Cope with Dying?
Stages of Death and Dying
Task-Work Approach
Stages of Death and Dying in Children
The Ethics of Assisted Suicide
Where Do People Die?
Nursing Homes/Long-Term Care Facilities
Hospice Care
Focus on Research: The Impact of Hospice Care on the End-of-Life Experience
What are the Consequences of Bereavement?
Focus on Research: Why and When the Death of a Spouse Impacts Mortality
What Factors Influence the Experience of Bereavement?
Stages of Mourning
Influences on Grief
Coping with Bereavement
Focus on Culture: The Impact of Grief Processing Varies as a Function of Culture
Health Psychology in the Real World: What You Should—and Should Not—Say to Someone Who Is in Mourning
How Do People React to Different Types of Deaths?
Death of a Spouse
Death of a Parent
Death of a Child
Death of a Sibling
How Do Children Understand Death?
Health-Care Interaction: Screening, Utilization, Adherence, and Relapse
What Is Screening?
The Predictors of Screening
The Costs and Benefits of Screening
Health Psychology in the Real World: The Struggle to Decide Whether to Test or Not to Test
Focus on Research: The Shifting Reaction to Testing Positive for Huntington's Disease
Strategies for Increasing Screening
How Do Psychological Factors Influence Health-Care Utilization, Interaction, Hospitalization, and Burnout?
Health-Care Utilization
Patient-Practitioner Communication
Focus on Research: Differing Perspectives Between Patients and Physicians on Information Given
Focus on Culture: Attitudes Toward the Doctor-Patient Relationship Vary by Culture
The Experience of Hospitalization
Focus on Development: The Difficulties of Hospitalization on Children
The Experience of Burnout
What Predicts Adherence?
Causes of Nonadherence
Measuring Adherence
Strategies for Increasing Adherence
What Is Relapse?
Theories of Addiction
Triggers of Relapse
Strategies for Preventing Relapse
Designing Persuasive Interventions
Are Emotional Appeals Effective?
The Use of Emotional Appeals
The Drawbacks of Fear-Based Appeals
Focus on Development: The Hazards of Fear-Based Approaches to Pregnancy Prevention
Making Fear-Based Appeals Work
Focus on Research: The Benefits of Self-Affirmation for Reducing Smoking
How Effective Are Interventions Based in Psychological Theories?
Prospect Theory
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Attribution Theory
Learning Theories
Focus on Culture: The Role of a Radio Program in Reducing HIV Infection
Social Cognitive Theory
Theory of Planned Behavior
Focus on Research: The Power of Social Norms in Increasing Condom Use
Are Personally Relevant Messages the Most Effective?
Managing Pain and Chronic Disease
Smoking Cessation
Alcohol Use
Eating and Eating Disordered Behavior
Condom Use
What Questions Remain?
Future Directions for Health Psychology
What Are the Contributions of Health Psychology?
What Are the Hot Topics in Health Psychology?
Preventing Health Problems
Making Ethical Medical Decisions
Focus on Research: Strategies for Increasing Organ Donation
Enhancing the Quality of Life
Health Psychology in the Real World: A Unique Approach to Conveying End-of-Life Preferences
Reducing Health-Care Costs
Focus on Culture: How Do Other Countries Handle Health Care?
What Are the Challenges for Health Psychology in the Future?
Decreasing Racial-Ethnic Differences in Health
Focus on Development: The Long-Term Hazards of Childhood Poverty
Focusing on the Predictors of Women's Health
Focus on Research: Understanding the Decision to Vaccinate for HPV
Broadening the Focus to Other Cultures
What Can You Do With a Degree in Health Psychology?
What Is the "Take Home" Point?
Author Index
Subject Index