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Ancient near Eastern History and Culture

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ISBN-10: 032142297X

ISBN-13: 9780321422972

Edition: 2nd 2009 (Revised)

Authors: William H. Stiebing, William H. Stiebing

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Book details

List price: $120.95
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 2009
Publisher: Routledge
Publication date: 2/7/2008
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 416
Size: 7.55" wide x 9.25" long x 0.50" tall
Weight: 1.628
Language: English

List of Tables, Figures, Maps, and Documents?
Studying the Ancient Near Eas?
What Is the "Near East"?
The Nature of Historical Stud?
Antiquity's "Clues"?
Creating a Chronology for the Ancient Near Eas?
A Note on Chronological Terminology: b.c.e./c.e. vs. b.c./a.d.
Absolute and Relative Chronolog?
Sources for Ancient Near Eastern Chronology
Prelude: Near Eastern Prehistor?
The Origins of Sedentary Life (c. 10,500-8300 b.c.e
Early Agricultural Communities in Southwest Asia (c. 8300-6000 b.c.e
The Development of Complex Societies in Southwest Asia (c. 6000-3700 b.c.e
Early Cultures of the Nile Valley (c. 8000-3500 b.c.e
Debating the Evidence: The Emergence of Social Stratification and Male Dominance
The Dawn of Civilization in Western Asi?
The Emergence of Mesopotamian Civilization (c. 3700-3000 b.c.e
The Urban Revolution
The Development of Cuneiform Writing
Debating the Evidence: The Origin of the Sumerian?
Other People of Mesopotamia The Emergence of Elam
The Mesopotamian Early Dynastic Period (c. 3000-2330 b.c.e
An Era of Independent City States
Debating the Evidence: The "Royal Tombs" of Ur Mesopotamian Culture During the Early Dynastic Er?
Religion and World View
Debating the Evidence: The Sacred Marriage Ceremony
The Development of Kingship
Economy and Society
Education, Literature, and the Arts
Science, Technology, and Warfare
Urbanization in Other Areas of Western Asia (c. 3300-2300 b.c.e
Early Bronze Age Syria and Palestine
Early Bronze Age Anatolia and Iran
The First Mesopotamian Empire?
The Akkadian Empire (c. 2334-2193 b.c.e.)
65 Sargon of Akkad (c. 2334-2279 b.c.e) Sargon's Successor?
Debating the Evidence: Divine Kingshi?
Administration of the Empir?
Debating the Evidence: Reasons for Empire's Collapse
The Third Dynasty of Ur (c. 2112-2004 b.c.e
Ur's Rise to Powe?
Shulgi's Reform?
The Fall of U?
Persian Gulf and Central Asian Civilization?
Dilmun, Magan, and Meluhh?
The Oxus Civilization
The Old Babylonian Period and Its Aftermath
The "Interregnum" After the Fall of Ur
(2000-1800 B.C.E.) The Assyrian Merchant Colony at Kanesh The Ascendancy of Isin and Larsa Hammurabi and His Dynasty (c. 1800-1595 B.C.E.) Shamshi-Adad's Empire Hammurabi and His Successor?
Old Babylonian Cultural Development?
Literature Debating the Evidence: The "Code" of Hammurabi Babylonian Society in the "Code" The Hittite Old Kingdom Debating the Evidence: Indo-European Origins The Emergence of a Hittite Stat?
The Emergence of New People?
The Hurrians and the Kingdom of Mitanni?
Kassite Rule in Babylonia
Egypt To The End Of The Old Kingdom
The Late Predynastic Era (c. 3500-3000 b.c.e?
The Geography of Egypt and Nubi?
The People of the Nile Valle?
Prelude to Civilization: The Naqada II Period?
The Formation of the Egyptian State (c. 3050-2686 b.c.e
Debating the Evidence: The Process of Unificatio?
The Development of Egyptian Writin?
The Early Dynastic Period (Dynasties 1 and 2)?
Major Elements of Egyptian Cultur?
Divine Kingshi?
Burial and the Afterlif?
Religion and Ritua?
The Old Kingdom (Dynasties 3-6, c. 2686-2180 b.c.e
Djoser and the First Pyrami?
The Zenith of Royal Power: The Fourth Dynasty (c. 2613-2498 b.c.e
Debating the Evidence: Dating the Great Sphinx The Latter Part of the Old Kingdom: Dynasties 5 and 6 (c. 2498-2180 b.c.e
Early Egyptian Society and Culture
The Rise And Fall Of The Egyptian Middle Kingdo?
The First Intermediate Period: Dynasties 7-11a (c. 2180-2040 b.c.e
Where is Ma`at?
139 The Intermediate Period's Effect?
The Middle Kingdom: Dynasties 11b-13a (c. 2040-1720 b.c.e
The Establishment of the Middle Kingdo?
The Impressive Twelfth Dynast?
Cultural Developments During the Middle Kingdo?
The Second Intermediate Period: Dynasties 13b-17 (c. 1720-1540 b.c.e
The Onset of the Second Intermediate Perio?
The Kingdom of Kush (Upper Nubia?
Hyksos Rule and the Dynasty at Thebes: Dynasties 15 and 17 (c. 1650-1540 b.c.e
Debating the Evidence: Hyksos Relations with the Levan?
Egyptian and Levantine Contacts with the Minoan Culture of Crete
Egypt'S Powerful Eighteenth Dynasty
The Beginning of the Egyptian New Kingdom (c. 1550-1479 b.c.e.)
162 The Early Eighteenth Dynast?
Debating the Evidence: The "Royal Heiress" Theor?
Hatshepsut and Thutmose III (c. 1479-1425 b.c.e
Hatshepsut Becomes Kin?
The Sole Rule of Thutmose III
The Egyptian Empire at Its Height (c. 1425-1350 b.c.e
The Reigns of Amenhotep II and Thutmose IV
Amenhotep III, "The Magnificent"?
The New Egyptian Arm?
Late Bronze Age Canaan (Palestine and Coastal Syria?
Relations with the Aegean Kingdom?
Akhenaton and the Amarna Period (c. 1350-1334 b.c.e
Controversies of the Amarna Ag?
Debating the Evidence: Did Akhenaton Have a Co-Regency With His Father?
The Beginning of Amenhotep IV's Reig?
Debating the Evidence: Akhenaton's Religio?
Debating the Evidence: The Revolution's Denouemen?
The End of the Eighteenth Dynasty (c. 1334-1293 b.c.e
Tutankhamun and the Restoration of Amu?
The Reigns of Ay and Horemheb, (c. 1325-1293 b.c.e.)
The End of the Bronze Ag?
The Zenith of Hittite Power (c. 1344-1180 b.c.e
Revival and Extension of the Hittite Empir?
Hatti's Showdown With Egyp?
Debating the Evidence: The Historicity of the Trojan Wa?
Hittite Cultur?
Economy, Society, and Governmen?
Languages and Literatur?
The Twilight of the Egyptian Empire (c.1293-1150 b.c.e
The Empire's Final Flash of Greatnes?
Invasions of the Sea People?
The Collapse of Bronze Age Societies in the Eastern Mediterranea?
The Mycenaean Kingdom?
The Demise of the Hittite Empir?
The End of Egyptian Powe?
The Decline of Assyria and Babyloni?
Debating the Evidence: What Caused the Collapse?
Recovery And Transformation (c. 1100-745 b.C.E
Mesopotamia and Egyp?
Assyria and Babyloni?
The Third Intermediate Period in Egyp?
The Kingdom of Urart?
The Phrygian and Neo-Hittite Kingdom?
The Aramaean?
The Phoenician?
Debating the Evidence: Infant Sacrifice Early Israe?
Debating the Evidence: The Emergence of Israe?
The Formation of the Israelite State (The United Monarchy?
The Kingdoms of Israel and Juda?
Other Small States of the Southern Levant?
The Philistine?
Ammon, Moab, and Edo?
Small Kingdoms and Confederations i