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Problems in Laser Physics

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ISBN-10: 030646649X

ISBN-13: 9780306466496

Edition: 2001

Authors: G. Cerullo, M. Nisoli, S. Longhi, S Stagira, O. Svelto

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This book presents the first comprehensive collection of solved problems in laser physics covering both fundamental and applied aspects of laser science and technology. The framework of the book, including structuring of topics and notations, closely follows that adopted in the Principles of Laser book by Professor O. Svelto. The collection of problems presented in this book appears therefore a natural complement to Svelto's textbook for testing and developing the skills acquired in the reading of the theory; however, it may also be a useful support to any general textbook on laser physics, wherein problems are usually not solved in detail. We remark that this is, to our knowledge, the…    
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Book details

Copyright year: 2001
Publisher: Springer
Publication date: 10/31/2001
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 308
Size: 6.50" wide x 9.50" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 1.386
Language: English

Introductory Concepts
Spectrum of laser emission
Spectrum of visible light
Energy of a photon
Thermal energy
Population under thermal equilibrium of two levels
Small-signal gain of a ruby laser amplifier
Threshold inversion of a laser cavity
Temporal evolution of the population densities in a three-level system
Brightness of a diffraction limited beam
Comparison between the brightness of a lamp and that of an argon laser
Intensity on the retina of the sun light and of a He-Ne laser beam
Power spectrum of a wave-train of finite duration
Coherence time and coherence length of filtered light
Radiation pressure of a laser beam
Radiation pressure
Interaction of Radiation with Atoms and Ions
Intensity and energy density of a plane em wave
Photon flux of a plane monochromatic wave
Number of modes of a blackbody cavity
Wien's law
Blackbody cavity filled with a dispersive medium
Power irradiated by a blackbody emitter
Average mode energy
Spontaneous and stimulated emission rates
Natural broadening
Doppler broadening
Temperature of a blackbody with the same energy density of a He-Ne laser
Spontaneous lifetime and cross section
Radiative lifetime and quantum yield of the ruby laser transition
Radiative lifetime of the strongest transition of the Nd: YAG laser
Transient response of a two-level system to an applied signal
Gain saturation intensity
Population inversion of a homogeneously broadened laser transition
Strongly coupled levels
Amplification of a monochromatic em wave
Amplified Spontaneous Emission in a Nd: YAG rod
Saturated absorption coefficient
Peak absorption coefficient and linewidth
Energy Levels, Radiative, and Nonradiative Transitions in Molecules and Semiconductors
Vibrational frequency of a diatomic molecule
Calculation of the elastic constant of a molecule
From the potential energy to the vibrational frequency
The Morse potential energy
Calculation of the Franck-Condon factor
Rotational constant of a diatomic molecule
Far-infrared absorption spectrum of an HCl molecule
The most heavily populated rotational level
The emission lines of a CO[subscript 2] molecule
The law of mass action
Energies of the quasi-Fermi levels
The quasi-Fermi levels in GaAs
Derivation of the Bernard-Duraffourg condition
Laser levels in a semiconductor
Frequency dependence of the gain of an inverted semiconductor
Gain calculation in a GaAs amplifier
Differential gain of a GaAs amplifier
Thickness of a quantum well: an order of magnitude estimate
An ideal quantum well
Energies of the quasi-Fermi levels in a semiconductor quantum well
Calculation of the gain bandwidth in a GaAs quantum well
Ray and Wave Propagation through Optical Media
ABCD matrix of a spherical dielectric interface
ABCD matrix of a thin lens
ABCD matrix of a piece of glass
Reflection at a plane interface
An high reflectivity dielectric mirror
A Fabry-Perot interferometer
A scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer
An imaging optical system
The ABCD law for gaussian beams
A collimating lens
A simple optical processing system
A laser driller
An earth to moon laser rangefinder
An He-Ne laser
An Argon laser
Gaussian beam propagation through an optical system
Power conservation for a gaussian beam
A "soft" or gaussian aperture
A waist imaging system
Gaussian beam transformation by a lens
Focusing a gaussian beam inside a piece of glass
Passive Optical Resonators
Stability of a resonator with concave mirrors
A concave-convex resonator
A simple two-mirror resonator
Number of longitudinal modes in a resonator
Resonators for an Argon laser
A resonator for a CO[subscript 2] laser
A near-planar resonator
Single-mode selection in a He-Ne laser
Spot sizes on the mirrors of a stable resonator
A plano-concave resonator
A near-concentric resonator
The unlucky graduate student
Resonator with an intracavity lens
Resonator for a cw-pumped Nd:YAG laser
Resonator for a Ti:sapphire laser
Location of the beam waist in a stable resonator
Properties of a symmetric confocal resonator
Asymmetric confocal resonators
A confocal unstable resonator
Unstable resonator with gaussian mirrors: properties of the output beam
Designing a gaussian mirror for an unstable resonator
Unstable resonator with a supergaussian mirror
Pumping Processes
Critical pump rate in a lamp-pumped Nd:YLF laser
Pump rate expression for longitudinal pumping
Laser spot size in a longitudinally pumped Ti:Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] laser under optimum pumping conditions
Optical pumping of a Ti:Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] laser: a design problem
Doping in a solid-state laser medium
A transversely pumped high-power Nd:YAG laser
Longitudinal vs. transverse pumping in Nd:YAG laser
Threshold power in a double-end pumped Nd:YVO[subscript 4] laser
Threshold power in a quasi-three level laser: the Yb:YAG case
Threshold pump power of a Nd:glass fiber laser
Pump absorption in a Nd:glass fiber laser
Maximum output intensity in a Nd:glass amplifier
Electron temperature in a Boltzmann distribution
How to reduce the size of a He-Ne laser tube?
Thermal and drift velocities of electrons in a He-Ne laser
A He-Ne laser: pump rate vs. pump current
Scaling laws and performances in longitudinally pumped gas lasers
Pump rate vs. pumping current in Ar[superscript +] lasers
Ar[superscript +] lasers: pump efficiency vs. pump power
Continuous Wave Laser Behavior
Calculation of logarithmic loss
Calculation of cavity photon lifetime
Four-level laser with finite lifetime of the lower laser level
Rate equations analysis of a three-level laser
Threshold condition in a ruby laser
Thermal lensing in a microchip Nd:YAG laser
Transverse efficiency in an end-pumped four-level laser
Threshold and slope-efficiency calculations in a longitudinally-pumped Nd:YAG laser
Estimate of internal laser losses
Calculation of optimum output coupling
Longitudinal efficiency in a standing-wave laser
Dispersion relation for a Lorentzian line
Frequency pulling in a homogeneously-broadened laser
Calculation of frequency pulling in a He-Xe laser
Quantum limit to the laser linewidth
Tuning of a Ti:sapphire laser by a birefringent filter
Transverse mode selection
Single longitudinal mode oscillation in an inhomogeneously broadened laser
Suppression of spatial hole burning by the twisted-mode technique
Single-longitudinal mode selection by an intracavity etalon
Transient Laser Behavior
Relaxation oscillations in a Nd:YAG laser
Noise spectrum of the output power for a four-level laser
Fast Q-switching in a Nd:YLF laser
Calculation of the pulse energy and pulse duration in a repetitively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser
Quarter-wave voltage in a Q-switch Pockels cell
Active Q-switching in a three-level laser
Calculation of the beam deflection angle by an acoustooptic modulator
Mode-locking of sidebands modes with random amplitudes
Chirped Gaussian pulses with quadratic phase locking relations
On the periodicity of mode-locked signals
Phase locking condition for second-harmonic mode-locking
Pulsewidth calculation in an actively mode-locked Nd:YAG laser
Gaussian pulse analysis of frequency mode locking
Mode-locking in a He-Ne laser
Harmonic mode-locking of a laser in a linear cavity
Calculation of pulse energy and peak power in a passively mode-locked Nd:YAG laser
Pulse duration in an idealized Kerr lens mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser
Pulse duration in a soliton-type Ti:sapphire mode-locked laser
Pulse broadening in a quartz plate
Self-imaging of a mode-locked pulse train
Solid-State, Dye, and Semiconductor Lasers
Slope efficiency in a Ti:Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] laser
Output power from a Nd:YAG laser
A Nd:YVO[subscript 4] laser in the fog
A green solid-state laser
Yb:YAG laser vs. Nd:YAG laser
Anisotropy in a Cr:LiSAF laser rod
Threshold pump power in longitudinal pumping: ground and excited states contribution
Threshold pump power in a dye laser: triplet-triplet contribution
Slope efficiency in a dye laser
A laser cascade
Longitudinal modes in a semiconductor laser
Beam astigmatism in a semiconductor laser
Current threshold in a GaAs/AlGaAs laser
Slope efficiency in a GaAs/AlGaAs laser
Distributed feedback in a semiconductor laser
Current threshold in a quantum-well laser
Carrier density in a VCSEL at threshold
Gas, Chemical, Free-Electron, and X-Ray Lasers
Low-density laser emitting in the infrared
Low-density laser emitting in the UV - soft X region
High-power lasers for material processing
Internal structure of He-Ne lasers
Maximum output power in He-Ne lasers
Internal structure of high-power Ar[superscript +] lasers
Output vs. pump power in Ar[superscript +] lasers
Current density in a low power CO[subscript 2] laser
Voltage drop in a low power CO[subscript 2] laser tube
Rotational transitions in a CO[subscript 2] laser
Mode locking of a CO[subscript 2] laser
ASE threshold for a N[subscript 2] laser
Pump power in a KrF excimer laser at threshold
Cold reaction in a HF chemical laser
Transition linewidths in the soft-X-ray spectral region
A free-electron laser operating in the soft-X-ray region
Properties of Laser Beams
Complex degree of coherence for a quasi monochromatic wave
Measurement of the spatial coherence by a Young interferometer
Destroy of spatial coherence by rotation of a ground glass
Comparison of temporal coherence between a thermal source and a laser
Temporal coherence of white light
Relation between first-order degree of temporal coherence and fringe visibility in a Michelson interferometer
Degree of temporal coherence for a low-pressure discharge lamp
Temporal coherence of a gas laser oscillating on N axial modes
An interference experiment with partially coherent light
Spatial coherence of the light from the sun
An astronomic calculation based on spatial coherence of stellar radiation
Beam divergence of a partially-coherent laser beam
Focusing of a perfectly-coherent spatial beam
M[superscript 2] factor of a Nd:YAG laser
Brightness of a high-power CO[subscript 2] laser
Grain size of the speckle pattern as observed on a screen
Grain size of the speckle pattern as seen by a human observer
Correlation function and power spectrum of a single-longitudinal mode laser
Laser Beam Transformation: Propagation, Amplification, Frequency Conversion, Pulse Compression, and Pulse Expansion
Propagation of a multimode beam
Amplification of long pulses by a Nd:YAG amplifier
Amplification of short pulses by a Nd:YAG amplifier
Extraction efficiency of a two-pass amplifier
Saturation fluence in a quasi-three-level amplifier
Maximum output fluence from an amplifier with losses
Theoretical limit to the maximum intensity of an amplifier
Index of refraction of an extraordinary wave in a uniaxial crystal
Double refraction in a uniaxial crystal
Second harmonic conversion of a Ti:sapphire laser in a BBO crystal
Second harmonic conversion efficiency in a KDP crystal
Second harmonic generation with a Gaussian beam
Frequency doubling of a Gaussian beam in a KDP crystal
Effective nonlinear coefficient of a KDP crystal
Threshold pump intensity of an optical parametric oscillator
Collinear parametric generation in a BBO crystal
Noncollinear parametric generation in a BBO crystal
Nonlinear index n[subscript 2] of sapphire
Pulse spectral broadening due to self-phase modulation in a Kerr medium
Spectral broadening of a 20-fs pulse in a hollow fiber filled with argon
Group delay dispersion of a medium
Dispersion-induced broadening of a 10-fs pulse in a fused silica plate