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American and Texas Government Policy and Politics

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ISBN-10: 0205746721

ISBN-13: 9780205746729

Edition: 10th 2010

Authors: Neal R. Tannahill

List price: $136.40
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Known for the extremely student-friendly, jargon-free style of the two books from which it was made, the new American and Texas Government: Policy and Politicsintroduces the essentials of American and Texas government in a way that any student can understand. Neal Tannahillrsquo;sAmerican GovernmentandTexas Governmentare offered together in one comprehensive and accessible text. This new version features the same public policy emphasis that shows students the impact that government has on their lives, and offers the wealth of useful study aids and exercises to engage students in the course material and encourage them to become active participants in their government. This new edition is…    
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Book details

List price: $136.40
Edition: 10th
Copyright year: 2010
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
Publication date: 7/31/2009
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 1040
Size: 7.25" wide x 9.50" long x 1.25" tall
Weight: 3.278
Language: English

To the Instructor
To the Student
American Government
Introduction Government, Politics, and the Policymaking Process
Learning Outcomes
The Importance of Government
Government and Politics
The Public Policy Approach
Getting Involved: Government and You
A Changing America in a Changing World
Learning Outcomes
Political Culture
The International Environment
The Demographic Environment
Global Perspective: Immigration Policy and Politics in France
The Economic Environment
Conclusion: The Cultural, International, and Socioeconomic Context for Policymaking
Getting Involved: A Changing Nation, Changing Communities
The American Constitution
Learning Outcomes
The Background of the Constitution
Constitutional Principles
The Living Constitution
Global Perspective: The British Parliamentary System
The Constitution, Politics, and Public Policy
Conclusion: The Constitutional Environment for Policymaking
Getting Involved: Service Learning
The Federal System
Learning Outcomes
The Constitutional Basis of Federalism
Federal Grant Programs
Global Perspective: Education Policy and Federalism in Germany
Conclusion: Federalism and Public Policy
Getting Involved: Federal Programs and You
Public Opinion
Learning Outcomes
Political Socialization
Measuring Public Opinion
Political Knowledge
Support for Democratic Principles
Global Perspective: Civil Unions in Denmark
Political Trust and Political Legitimacy
Political Efficacy
Political Philosophy
Conclusion: Public Opinion and Public Policy
Getting Involved: Family Politics
Political Participation
Learning Outcomes
Forms of Participation
Explaining Participation
Patterns of Participation
Trends in Voter Turnout
Participation Rates in Comparative Perspective
Increasing Voter Turnout
Global Perspective: Compulsory Voting in Australia
Participation Bias
Conclusion: Political Participation and Public Policy
Getting Involved: Registering to Vote
The Media
Learning Outcomes
The Media Landscape
Global Perspective: Government Control of the Media in Cuba
Government Regulation of the News Media
Covering the News
Media Biases
Conclusion: The Media and Public Policy
Getting Involved: Favorite News and Information Links
Interest Groups
Learning Outcomes
Why People Join Groups
Types of Interest Groups
Global Perspective: Church and State in Mexico
Interest Group Tactics
Getting Involved: Participating in a Student Group
The Strength of Interest Groups
Conclusion: Interest Groups and Public Policy
Political Parties
Learning Outcomes
The Party System
Global Perspective: The Israeli Party System
Party Organization
Political Cycles and Party Realignment
The Party Balance: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents
Voting Patterns
Issues Orientation
Divided Government
Conclusion: Political Parties and Public Policy
Getting Involved: Party Politics at the Grassroots
Learning Outcomes
Types of Elections
Election Districts and Redistricting
Election Campaigns
Congressional Elections
Global Perspective: Legislative Elections in Brazil
Presidential Elections
The Voters Decide
Conclusion: Elections and Public Policy
Getting Involved: In-Person Politics
Learning Outcomes
Global Perspective: The Indian Parliament
The Legislative Process
Getting Involved: Sending E-Mail to Your U.S. Representative
Conclusion: Congress and Public Policy
The Presidency
Learning Outcomes
The Constitutional Presidency
Presidential Powers
Two Presidencies Thesis
The Development of the Modern Presidency
The Organization of the Presidency
Global Perspective: The Russian Presidency
Theories of Presidential Leadership
Presidential Popularity
The Presidency in Context
Getting Involved: Why Do They Run?
Conclusion: The Presidency and Public Policy
The Federal Bureaucracy
Learning Outcomes
Organization of the Bureaucracy
Politics and Administration
Global Perspective: The Egyptian Bureaucracy
Subgovernments and Issue Networks
Conclusion: The Federal Bureaucracy and Public Policy
Getting Involved: Working for Uncle Sam
The Federal Courts
Learning Outcomes
Judicial Policymaking
Political History of the Supreme Court
The Federal Court System
Global Perspective: Islamic Law in Nigeria
Power, Politics, and the Courts
Conclusion: The Courts and Public Policy
Getting Involved: A Day in Court
Economic Policymaking
Learning Outcomes
The Goals of Economic Policy
Global Perspective: Healthcare in Canada
Tax Revenues
Budget Deficits and Surpluses
Government Expenditures
Fiscal Policymaking
Monetary Policymaking
Conclusion: Economic Policymaking
Getting Involved: Tax Breaks for College Students
Civil Liberties Policymaking
Learning Outcomes
The Constitutional Basis of Civil Liberaties Policymaking
Civil Liberties Issues and Policies
Global Perspective: Population Policy in China
Getting Involved: Talking About Miranda
Conclusion: Civil Liberties Policymaking
Civil Rights Policymaking
Learning Outcomes
The Constitutional Basis of Civil Rights Policymaking
Civil Rights Issues and Policies
Global Perspective: Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia
Getting Involved: Voices from the Past
Conclusion: Civil Rights Policymaking
Foreign and Defense Policymaking
Learning Outcomes
The International Community
The Ends and Means of American Foreign and Defense Policy
The History of American Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy
Defense Policy
Global Perspective: Nuclear Weapons in Pakistan
Conclusion: Foreign and Defense Policymaking
Getting Involved: America in the Eyes of the World
Texas Government
The People, Economy, and Political Culture of Texas
Learning Outcomes
The People of Texas
Internet Research: Foreign-Born Residents
The Texas Economy
Political Culture
National Perspective: Legal Prostitution in Nevada
Getting Involved: Volunteering
Conclusion: The Socioeconomic Context of Policymaking
Let's Debate: Is Illegal Immigration Good or Bad for Texas?
The Texas Constitution
Learning Outcomes
State Constitutions
Getting Involved: Joining a Student Club or Organization
Background of the Texas Constitution
Constitutional Convention of 1875
Overview of the Texas Constitution
Internet Research: The Freedom of Worship Provision of the Texas Constitution
Constitutional Change
National Perspective: Gay Marriage in Massachusetts
Individual Rights and the Texas Constitution
Conclusion: The Constitutional Context of Policymaking in Texas
Let's Debate: Gay Marriage
The Federal Context of Texas Policymaking
Learning Outcomes
Role of the States in the Federal System
National Perspective: Drilling for Oil in Alaska
States, the Courts, and the Constitution
Prison Overcrowding
Getting Involved: Contacting Your Representative in Washington, DC
States and Federal Law
Federal Grant Programs
Conclusion: The Federal System and the Policy Process
Internet Research: Profile of a Grant
Let's Debate: Does Texas Law Restrict Access to Abortion Too Much or Not Enough?
Political Participation in Texas
Learning Outcomes
Voting Rights and Minority Participation
Participation in Texas Politics
National Perspective: Mail Voting in Oregon
Internet Research: Tracking Election Turnout
Conclusion: Participation and Policymaking
Getting Involved: Become a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar
Let's Debate: Would the Adoption of the Initiative Process Enhance the Quality of Democracy in the State?
Interest Groups in Texas
Learning Outcomes
Interest Groups in Texas Politics
Internet Research: Profile of an Interest Group
Getting Involved: Joining a Group
Interest Group Tactics
National Perspective: Campaign Contribution Limits in Minnesota
Conclusion: Interest Groups and Policymaking
Let's Debate: Would Public Funding of Elections Enhance the Quality of Democracy in the State?
Political Parties in Texas
Learning Outcomes
The Party System
National Perspective: Minor Parties in New York
Party Organization
History of the Texas Party System
Internet Research: Political Parties in Texas
The Party Balance
Voting Patterns
Interest Group-Political Party Alliances
Issue Orientation
The Impact of Partisan Change
Getting Involved: Volunteer to Support Your Political Party
The Future of Party Politics in Texas
Conclusion: Political Parties and Policymaking
Let's Debate: Do Religious Conservatives Have Too Much Influence in the Texas Republican Party?
Texas Elections
Learning Outcomes
The Long Ballot
Types of Elections
National Perspective: The Open Primary in Louisiana
Election Districts
Internet Research: Legislative Districts and State House Elections
The Voters Decide
Getting Involved: Campaigning
Conclusion: Elections and Policymaking
Let's Debate: Should a Nonpartisan Commission, Rather Than the Legislature, Draw Legislative District Boundaries?
The Texas Legislature
Learning Outcomes
National Perspective: Repealing Term Limits in Idaho
The Legislative Process
Internet Research: Tracking Legislation Online
Legislative Policymaking
Getting Involved: Contacting Your State Legislators
Conclusion: The Legislature and the Policymaking Process
Let's Debate: Should the Texas Legislature Meet in Regular Session Every Year?
The Executive Branch in Texas
Learning Outcomes
The Governor
Getting Involved: Forming a Study Group
The Executive Bureaucracy
Internet Research: Profile of a State Agency
National Perspective: California Addresses Global Warming
Administrative Oversight
Conclusion: The Executive Branch and the Policymaking Process
Let's Debate: Should Texas Have a Cabinet System Rather Than the Plural Executive?
The Judicial Branch in Texas
Learning Outcomes
Types of Legal Disputes
Court Procedures
The Texas Court System
Internet Research: Shirley Neeley v. West Orange-Cove Consolidated Independent School District
Judicial Selection
National Perspective: Drug Courts in Florida
Conclusion: The Judicial Branch and the Policymaking Process
Getting Involved: Volunteer to Become a Court-Appointed Special Advocate
Let's Debate: Should State Judges Be Elected or Appointed?
City Government in Texas
Learning Outcomes
Legal Status of Texas Cities
Forms of City Government
Election Systems
National Perspective: Municipal Elections in New York City
Public Policies in Texas Cities
Internet Research: Profile of a City Government
Getting Involved: Contacting City Officials
City Politics in Texas
Conclusion: City Government and Policymaking
Let's Debate: Should Cities Use Tax Money to Build Sports Stadiums?
Texas Counties, School Districts, and Special Districts
Learning Outcomes
County Government
School Districts
Internet Research: Comparing School Districts
Getting Involved: Helping a Child Learn
National Perspective: School Choice in Cleveland, Ohio
Special Districts
Conclusion: Local Government and Public Policy
Let's Debate: Do Basic Skills Tests, Such as Taas and Taks, Help or Harm Public Education?
State Budget Policy in Texas
Learning Outcomes
National Perspective: Universal Healthcare in Massachusetts
Getting Involved: Appealing a Property Appraisal
The Budget Process
Internet Research: The Texas Sales Tax
Conclusion: Budgetary Policymaking
Let's Debate: Is the Texas Tax System Fair or Unfair?
Learning Outcomes
Crime Statistics
Criminal Prosecution Process
Capital Punishment
National Perspective: Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Criminals in Kansas
Juvenile Justice
Conclusion: Criminal Justice Policymaking
Let's Debate: Offender and Ex-Offender Voting Rights
Photo Credits
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