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Bioethics Principles, Issues, and Cases

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ISBN-10: 0199796238

ISBN-13: 9780199796236

Edition: 2nd 2013

Authors: Lewis Vaughn

List price: $116.95
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Bioethics: Principles, Issues, and Cases, Second Edition, explores the philosophical, medical, social, and legal aspects of key bioethical issues. Opening with a thorough introduction to ethics, bioethics, and moral reasoning, it then covers influential moral theories and the criteria forevaluating them. Integrating eighty-five readings - thirteen of them new to this edition - numerous cases, and abundant pedagogical tools, the book addresses the most provocative and controversial topics in bioethics. Updated throughout, the second edition incorporates new information on justice, health care, and health insurance reform along with more coverage of issues related to race and culture and of…    
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List price: $116.95
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 2013
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 9/12/2012
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 768
Size: 7.50" wide x 9.25" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 2.640
Language: English

Lewis Vaughn is an independent scholar and freelance writer living in Amherst, New York. He is the author of several leading textbooks, including Doing Ethics: Moral Reasoning and Contemporary Issues.

*=New to this edition
Chapters 3-10 include an "Applying Major Theories" section.
Each Chapter includes Key Terms, a Summary, Further Reading, and Notes.
Principles And Theories
Moral Reasoning In Bioethics
Ethics and Bioethics
Ethics and the Moral Life In Depth: Morality and the Law
Moral Principles in Bioethics Autonomy
Ethical Relativism In Depth: Anthropology and Moral Diversity
Ethics and Religion
Moral Arguments Argument Fundamentals
Review: Valid and Invalid Argument Forms
In Depth: Fallacies in Moral Reasoning
Evaluating Premises
Assessing Whole Arguments
Bioethics And Moral Theories
The Nature of Moral Theories
Influential Moral Theories Utilitarianism
In Depth: Utilitarianism and the Golden Rule
Kantian Ethics
Natural Law Theory
Rawls' Contract Theory
Virtue Ethics
In Depth: Can Virtue Be Taught?
The Ethics of Care
Feminist Ethics
Criteria for Judging Moral Theories Review: Evaluating Moral Theories: Criteria of Adequacy
Applying the Criteria Utilitarianism
Kant's Theory
"The Moral Law
"Virtue and the Moral Life
"The Ethics of Care," Virginia Held
Medical Professional And Patient
Paternalism And Patient Autonomy
Shades of Autonomy and Paternalism In Depth: The Hippocratic Oath
Refusing Treatment Legal Brief: Refusing Treatment for Children on Religious Grounds
Futile Treatment In Depth: CPR and DNR
Classic Case File: Elizabeth Bouvia In Depth: Moral Conflicts in Nursing
"The Refutation of Medical Paternalism
"Why Doctors Should Intervene
"Autonomy, Futility, and the Limits of Medicine
Bouvia v. Superior Court, California Court of Appeals
"Fundamental Elements of the
"In Defense of the Traditional Nurse
"Advocacy or Subservience for the Sake of Patients?"
Truth-Telling And Confidentiality
Paternalism and Deception In Depth: Do Patients Want the Truth? Do Physicians Tell It?
Confidential Truths Legal Brief: Confidentiality and a Duty to Warn
Classic Case File: Carlos R.
READINGS: "Telling the Truth to Patients: A Clinical Ethics Exploration
"On Telling Patients the Truth
"On a Supposed Right to Lie from Altruistic Motives
"Respect for Patients, Physicians, and the Truth
"Why Privacy Is Important
"Confidentiality in Medicine--A Decrepit Concept
"Ethical Relativism in a Multicultural Society
Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California, Supreme Court of California
Informed Consent
Autonomy and Consent
Conditions of Informed Consent In Depth: Two Views of Informed Consent
Important Informed Consent Cases
Classic Case File: Jerry Canterbury
READINGS: "The Concept of Informed Consent
"Informed Consent--Must It Remain a Fairy Tale?"
"Transparency: Informed Consent in Primary Care
"Informed Consent: Some Challenges to the Universal Validity of the Western Model
Canterbury v. Spence, United States Court of Appeals
Human Research
The Science of Clinical Trials In Depth: The Tuskegee Tragedy
Beneficence, Science, and Placebos In Depth: Women in Clinical Trials
Science and Informed Consent In Depth: Why Enter a Clinical Trial?
Research on the Vulnerable
Classic Case File: The UCLA Schizophrenia Study
Readings: The Nuremberg Code
Declaration of Helsinki, World Medical Association
"The Belmont Report," National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research
"Final Report: Human Radiation Experiments," Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments
"Of Mice but Not Men: Problems of the Randomized Clinical Trial
"A Response to a Purported Ethical Difficulty with Randomized Clinical Trials
"How to Resolve an Ethical Dilemma Concerning Randomized Clinical Trials
"Racism and Research: The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study
"The Ethics of Clinical Research in the Third World
"Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials in Developing Countries
Life And Death
Starting Point: The Basics Fact File: U.S. Abortions
In Depth: Abortion and Public Opinion
The Legal Struggle
In Depth: Late-Term Abortion
Persons and Rights
Classic Case File
READINGS:"A Defense of Abortion
"Why Abortion Is Immoral
"An Almost Absolute Value in History
"On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion
"Abortion Decisions: Personal Morality
"Abortion and the Concept of a Person
"In Defense of Abortion and Infanticide
"Abortion Through a Feminist Ethic Lens
Planned Parenthood v. Casey, U.S. Supreme Court
Reproductive Technology Fact File: Assisted Reproduction
In Vitro Fertilization In Depth: IVF and Children's Future Children
Surrogacy Legal Brief
Cloning In Depth: Cloning Time Line
Classic Case File: Baby M
READINGS:"IVF: The Simple Case
"IVF and Women's Interests: An Analysis of Feminist Concerns
"'Give Me Children or I Shall Die!' New Reproductive Technologies and Harm to Children
"Instruction on Respect for Human Life in Its Origin and on the Dignity of
"The Presumptive Primacy of Procreative Liberty
"Surrogate Mothering: Exploitation or Empowerment?
"On 'Surrogacy
Is Women's Labor a Commodity?
"The Wisdom of Repugnance
"Cloning Human Beings: An Assessment of the Ethical Issues Pro and Con
Opinion in the Matter of Baby M, New Jersey Supreme Court
Genetic Choices
Genetic Testing In Depth: Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests
Genes and Genomes
Fact File: Genetic Tests
Gene Therapy In Depth: Recent Research in Gene Therapy
Stem Cells
Classic Case File: The Kingsburys
READINGS:"Implications of Prenatal Diagnosis for the Human Right to Life
"Genetics and Reproductive Risk: Can Having Children Be Immoral?
"The Morality of Screening for Disability
Genetic Dilemmas and the Child's Right to an Open Future
"Disowning Knowledge: Issues in Genetic Testing
"The Non-Identity Problem and Genetic Harms--the Case of Wrongful Handicaps
"Is Gene Therapy a Form of Eugenics?
"Genetic Enhancement
"Germ-Line Gene Therapy
"What Does 'Respect for Embryos' Mean in the Context of Stem Cell Research?
"Declaration on the Production and the Scientific and Therapeutic Use of Human
Euthanasia & Physician-Assisted Suicide
Deciding Life and Death Legal Brief: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Major Developments
In Depth: Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: What Doctors Think and Do
Autonomy, Mercy, and Harm In Depth: Oregon's Death With Dignity Act
In Depth: Physician-Assisted Suicide and Public Opinion
Classic Case File: Nancy Cruzan
READINGS: "Death and Dignity: A Case of Individualized Decision Making
"Voluntary Active Euthanasia
"When Self-Determination Runs Amok
"When Abstract Moralizing Runs Amok
"Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Tragic View
"Active and Passive Euthanasia
"The Distinction Between Refusing Medical Treatment and Suicide," New York State Task Force on Life and the Law
"The Philosophers' Brief
Washington v. Glucksberg, U.S. Supreme Court
Justice And Health Care
Dividing Up Health Care Resources
Health Care in Trouble In Depth: Unequal Health Care for Minorities
Fact File: U.S. Health Care
Theories of Justice In Depth: Public Opinion: Obtaining Adequate Heath Care
A Right to Health Care
The Ethics of Rationing
Classic Case File: Christine deMeurers
READINGS:"Is There a Right to Health Care and, if So, What Does It Encompass?
"The Right to a Decent Minimum of Health Care
"Rights to Health Care, Social Justice, and Fairness in Health Care Allocations: Frustrations in the Face of Finitude
Health Care Reform: Lessons from Canada
"Rationing Fairly: Programmatic Considerations
"The Allocation of Exotic Medical Lifesaving Therapy
"QALYfying the Value of Life
"The Prostitute, the Playboy, and the Poet: Rationing Schemes for Organ Transplantation