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Philosophical Dilemmas A Pro and Con Introduction to the Major Questions

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ISBN-10: 0195134966

ISBN-13: 9780195134964

Edition: 2nd 2001 (Revised)

Authors: Phil Washburn

List price: $54.95
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Philosophical Dilemmas: A Pro and Con Introduction to the Major Questions, 2/e, is a lucidly written and comprehensive introduction to philosophy featuring sixty brief essays arranged in pairs. Each pair answers one of the standard philosophical questions, such as "Does God exist?" or "Is morality relative?," with affirmative and negative responses. Each essay takes a definite stand and promotes it vigorously, creating a sharp contrast between the two positions and giving each abstract theory a more personal and believable "voice." While the essays often employ traditional arguments of great philosophers, they present the ideas in contemporary language with vivid examples. The accessible…    
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Book details

List price: $54.95
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 2001
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/14/2000
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 464
Size: 6.25" wide x 8.75" long x 0.75" tall
Weight: 1.496
Language: English

* Each essay is followed by Critical Questions
* Each sub-chapter includes a section called ""Understanding the Dilemma""
Preface to the Second Edition
Historical Parallels
God, Immortality, and Faith
Does God Exist?
Yes: Causal Theist. ""In the Beginning""
Yes: Design Theist. ""Design or Chance?""
No: Atheist. ""The Retreat of the Gods""
Methods and Techniques: Arguments
Is God Like Human Beings?
No: Abstractionist. ""God Is Love""
Yes: Personalist. ""The Projection Theory""
Methods and Techniques: Meanings of Words
Can God Allow Innocent Suffering?
No: Contradictor. ""There Is No God""
Yes: Reconciler. ""Character and Contentment""
Methods and Techniques: Consistent Beliefs
Is the Soul Immortal?
No: Terminator. ""Immortality""
Yes: Survivor. ""For and against an Afterlife""
Methods and Techniques: Facts and Concepts
Is Faith an Answer?
Yes: Believer. ""Accepting Limits""
No: Questioner. ""Faith and Its Consequences""
Methods and Techniques: Consequences
Current Controversy:
Is Buddhism Philosophy?
Yes: Buddhist. ""The Philosophy of Buddhism""
No: Specialist. ""The Difference between Religion and Philosophy""
Methods and Techniques: Definitions
Connections: Transcendentalist or Naturalist?
Liberty, Equality, and Justice
Is Society Based on a Contract?
Yes: Contractor. ""The Social Contract""
No: Organicist. ""The Social Organism""
Methods and Techniques: Models
Is Liberty the Highest Social Value?
Yes: Libertarian. ""Liberty, the Supreme Social Value""
No: Paternalist. ""Empty Phrases""
Methods and Techniques: Goals
Is Equality the Highest Social Value?
Yes: Egalitarian. ""Society and Property""
No: Elitist. ""What Elitists Believe""
Methods and Techniques: Means and Ends
Is Capitalism Just?
Yes: Capitalist. ""Capitalism, Democracy, and Justice""
No: Socialist. ""Capitalist Society""
Methods and Techniques: Thinking and Emotion
Should We Establish a World Government?
Yes: Internationalist. ""Choosing a Peaceful Future""
No: Localist. ""The Politics of World Government""
Methods and Techniques: Comparing
Current Controversy:
Is Race Essential to Identity?
Yes: Essentialist. ""The Meaning of Being Black""
No: Nonessentialist. ""Race and Identity""
Methods and Techniques: Identity
Connections: Individualist or Relationist?
Happiness, Obligations, and Values
Is Pleasure the Only Value?
Yes: Hedonist. ""Hedonism""
No: Pluralist. ""A World of Values""
Methods and Techniques: Facts and Values
Can We Understand Happiness?
Yes: Definer. ""Happiness""
No: Muddler. ""The Elusive Dream""
Methods and Techniques: Essential Properties
Is Morality Relative?
Yes: Relativist. ""Moral Relativism""
No: Absolutist. ""Right for You, Wrong for Me?""
Methods and Techniques: Ad Hominem
Is Happiness the Standard of Morality?
Yes: Utilitarian. ""Utilitarianism""
No: Formalist. ""The Principle of Morality""
Methods and Techniques: Moral Theories
Is Society the Source of Values?
Yes: Functionalist. ""An Objective Basis for Morality""
No: Moral Theist. ""The Current Crisis and Its Solution""
Methods and Techniques: Necessary Conditions
Current Controversy:
Should Doctors Ever End People's Lives?
No: Protector. ""Having Reasons for Moral Decisions""
Yes: Euthanizer. ""The Complex Issue of Euthanasia""
Methods and Techniques: Justification
Connections: Humanist or Objectivist?
Free Will, Mind, and Human Nature
Are We Free?
No: Hard Determinist. ""One World, Not Two""
Yes: Metaphysical Libertarian. ""Free Will and Common Sense""
Yes: Soft Determinist. ""Verbal Disputes, Facts, and Free Will""
Methods and Techniques: Introspection
Are We Responsible for Our Actions?
No: Excuser. ""Rejecting Responsibility""
Yes: Judge. ""No Excuse""
Methods and Techniques: Infinite Regress
Is the Mind Nothing But the Brain?
Yes: Materialist. ""Body and Soul""
No: Dualist. ""The Inner Life""
Methods and Techniques: Possible and Impossible
Can Computers Think?
Yes: Mechanist. ""Can Computers Think?""
No: Mentalist. ""People vs. Machines""
Methods and Techniques: Analogies
Are We Always Selfish?
Yes: Psychological Egoist. ""No Free Lunch""
No: Psychological Altruist. ""Is Love Selfish?""
Methods and Techniques: Generalizations
Current Controversy:
Are the Differences Between Men and Women Philosophically Significant?
No: Unifier. ""Men, Women, and People""
Yes: Complementer. ""Who's Afraid of Difference?""
Methods and Techniques: Classification
Connections: Reductionist or Spiritualist?
Knowledge, Science, and Truth
Can We Know about the External World?
No: Internalist. ""Knowledge of the External World""
Yes: Perceiver. ""The Limits of Ignorance""
Methods and Techniques: Philosophy and Imagination
Does Science Give Us Real Knowledge?
Yes: Positivist. ""Science as Knowledge""
No: Romantic. ""What Kind of Understanding?""
Methods and Techniques: Making Assumptions
Is Experience the Source of All Knowledge?
Yes: Empiricist. ""The Source of Knowledge""
No: Rationalist. ""The Strange Case of the Mathematician""
Methods and Techniques: Analysis
Is Certainty the Standard of Knowledge?
Yes: Foundationalist. ""Certainty""
No: Pragmatist: ""The Test of Knowledge""
Methods and Techniques: Observation
Current Controversy:
Does Truth Exist?
Yes: Representationalist. ""True Beliefs and False Beliefs""
No: Postmodernist. ""Ten These on Language""
Methods and Techniques: Proving a Negative
Connections: Intuitionist or Externalist?
Glossary of Contrasting Positions