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How to Do Everything with HTML and XHTML

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ISBN-10: 0072231297

ISBN-13: 9780072231298

Edition: 2nd 2003 (Revised)

Authors: James H. Pence

List price: $24.99
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This guide integrates concepts with examples and exercises into a progressive learning experience, and teaches the necessary tools for building a Website. It covers topics from HTML and XHTML basics to using tables for data and layout to enhancing your site's look with style sheets and animations.
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Book details

List price: $24.99
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 2003
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne
Publication date: 10/30/2003
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 416
Size: 7.25" wide x 9.00" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 1.540
Language: English

HTML Basics: Everything You Need to Build a Web Site
Get Your Feet Wet with HTML
Understand HTML
Markup 101: Four Key Concepts
Create and Display a Home Page
Create a Home Page in Notepad
View Your Page in a Web Browser
Convert Text to HTML
Import Text into an HTML Page
Convert a Page of Text to HTML
Add Comments to Your HTML Document
Quick Reference: Creating HTML Documents
Work with Text and Lists
Designate Headings with [left angle bracket]h#[right angle bracket] [left angle bracket]/h#[right angle bracket]
Use Text Elements to Describe Text
Identify Text with Text Elements
Add Superscripts and Subscripts with [left angle bracket]sup[right angle bracket] and [left angle bracket]sub[right angle bracket]
Identify Deleted and Inserted Text with [left angle bracket]del[right angle bracket] and [left angle bracket]ins[right angle bracket]
Retain Text Formatting with [left angle bracket]pre[right angle bracket]
Organize Your Content with Lists
Create Unordered Lists with [left angle bracket]ul[right angle bracket] and [left angle bracket]li[right angle bracket]
Create a Multilevel List
Create Ordered Lists with [left angle bracket]ol[right angle bracket] and [left angle bracket]li[right angle bracket]
Create an Outline with [left angle bracket]ol[right angle bracket]
Create Definition Lists with [left angle bracket]dl[right angle bracket], [left angle bracket]dt[right angle bracket], and [left angle bracket]dd[right angle bracket]
Insert Special Characters on Your Page
Understand Entities
Insert an Entity in a Web Page
Quick Reference: Text, Lists, and Entities
Work with Text
Create Lists
Insert Entities
Modify Text with Text Elements and CSS
Control Text Flow with Text Elements
Create Line Breaks with [left angle bracket]br /[right angle bracket] and Paragraphs with [left angle bracket]p[right angle bracket]
Insert Ruler Lines with [left angle bracket]hr /[right angle bracket]
Identify Quotations with [left angle bracket]q[right angle bracket] and [left angle bracket]blockquote[right angle bracket]
Use Text Elements to Format Content
Understand Content Versus Presentation
HTML Originally Defined Structure
HTML Extended to Address Presentation Issues
Use Cascading Style Sheets for Layout and Design
Add Inline Styles with the style Attribute
Control Fonts with CSS
Add Style to a Page
Indent Text with CSS
Position and Align Text with CSS
Understand XML and XHTML
XML Is Extensible
XML Is a "Meta" Language
XHTML: The Bridge between HTML and XML
Check Your Markup
HTML for Project 4
HTML for Project 5
Quick Reference: Paragraphs and Fonts
Introduce and Control Color
Understand and Experiment with Color
Experiment with the Basic Palette
Mix Your Own Colors
Use Cascading Style Sheets to Specify Color
Set Page Colors with the Color Property
Setting Colors with HTML
Specify Background Color with the bgcolor Attribute (Deprecated)
Set Text Colors with the text Attribute (Deprecated)
Set Text Colors with [left angle bracket]basefont /[right angle bracket] (Deprecated)
Set Link Colors with link, vlink, and alink (Deprecated)
Understand Appealing Use of Color
Create a Color Chart
Quick Reference: Applying Color
All About Links
Understand Hypertext and Links
Understand URLs
Link to Another Web Site with the Anchor Element [left angle bracket]a[right angle bracket] [left angle bracket]/a[right angle bracket]
Help People Navigate Your Site with Internal Links
Link to Pages on Your Own Site
Link to Precise Spots on a Page
Open Links in a New Window
Use Special Types of Links
Use mailto: to Create E-mail Links
Use ftp:// to Link to Download Sites
Link to Usenet Newsgroups with news
Dress Up Your Links
Give Link Details with the title Attribute
Modify Link Appearance with CSS
Modify Link Appearance with Text Elements (Discouraged)
Link Your Pages
Select the Files You Want to Link
Write the HTML to Link Your Pages
Quick Reference: Hyperlinks and Projects
Create Hyperlinks
Code for Project 7
Enhance Your Presentation with Graphics
Understand Web Graphics
Learn the Differences in Graphics Formats
Learn Key Terms
Obtain Graphics for Use on Your Site
Capture Images from the Web
Find Royalty-Free Clip Art
Use Pictures from Your Digital Camera
Create Your Own Graphics with an Image Editor
Insert Graphics on Your Page
Embed an Image with [left angle bracket]ing /[right angle bracket]
Specify Graphic Size with the height and width Attributes
Wrap Text and Align Images with align (Deprecated)
Add White Space with hspace and vspace (Deprecated)
Add a Border with the border Attribute (Deprecated)
Practical Uses for Images
Use an Image as a Link
Insert a Background Image with background (Deprecated)
Create a Watermark Effect with bgproperties (Deprecated)
Use Cascading Style Sheets with Graphics
Add a Watermark with CSS
Place a Decorative Border Around an Image
Quick Reference: Adding Images
Enter the World of XHTML
Understand XHTML
XML Means Extensibility
Sort Out XHTML's Relationship to HTML and XML
Create and Validate an XHTML Document
Plan Your Site Effectively
Identify Your Site's Purpose
Identify Your Target Audience
Storyboard Your Site
Gather Your Content
Develop Your Web Site
Publish Your Site
Find a Host
Register a Domain Name
Upload Your Site
Promote Your Site
Design Your Pages with Strategic Keywords
Submit Your Site to Search Engines and Directories
Promote Your Site Online and Offline
Quick Reference: XHTML Documents
Structuring Your Site
Organize Data with Tables
Understand the Table Controversy
The Origins of the Table Controversy
The Accessibility Issue
The Browser Support Issue
Create a Simple Table
Modify a Table's Appearance
Add Headings and Captions
Display a Border
Position Your Content
Add Background Colors
Adjust Space In and Between Cells
Make Cells Span Multiple Columns and Rows
Adjust Height and Width
Position Tables on a Page
Modify Borders and Cell Divisions
Add Images and Links
Miscellaneous Table Features
Create a Table-Based Web Page Layout
Quick Reference: Tables
Create and Use Tables
Code for Project 12
Create Framesets and Frames Pages
Understand Frames
Frames Allow for Multiple Page Display
Understand Frame Elements and Attributes
Create a Simple Frameset
Build Your Display Documents
Construct a Frameset
Modify Your Frames
Use Attributes with the [left angle bracket]frameset[right angle bracket] Element
Use Attributes with the [left angle bracket]frame /[right angle bracket] Element
Address Noncompatible Browsers with [left angle bracket]noframes[right angle bracket]
Create an Inline Frame
Create a Frame-Based Web Site
Quick Reference: Creating Frame-Based Pages
Control Presentation with Style Sheets
Understand CSS
HTML and the Problem of Style
Understand the Idea of Style Sheets
Understand CSS Terminology
Learn Style Sheet Types
Understand the Cascade
Create and Use Style Sheets
Apply an Inline Style Sheet
Add an Embedded Style Sheet
Create and Link to an External Style Sheet
Understand CSS Basics
Apply Style with Selectors
Understand CSS Measurement Units
Understand [left angle bracket]div[right angle bracket], [left angle bracket] span[right angle bracket], and Inheritance
Understand and Use CSS Properties
Use Font Properties for Controlling Font Display
Apply Text Properties for Spacing and Alignment
Use Color and Background Properties
Control Margins, Padding, and Borders with Box Properties
Create a Layout with CSS
Copy the XHTML Code
Write the Style Sheet
Bells and Whistles to Adorn Your Site
Add Multimedia and other Objects
Understand Formats and Delivery Methods
Compare Audio Formats
Compare Video Formats
Understand Delivery Methods
Find Multimedia Files
Link to Audio or Video Files
Embed Sound in Your Page
Embed Files with [left angle bracket]object[right angle bracket]
Add Background Sound with [left angle bracket]bgsound /[right angle bracket] (Internet Explorer Only)
Use [left angle bracket]embed[right angle bracket] for Inline Sounds (Netscape Extension)
Embed Video in Web Pages
Add Video with the dynsrc Attribute (Internet Exporer Only)
Add Video with [left angle bracket]object[right angle bracket]
Add Video with [left angle bracket]embed[right angle bracket]
Add Streaming Audio and Video
Quick Reference: Audio and Video
Make Your Pages Come Alive with Animation
Create and Use GIF Animation
Understand GIF Animation Tools
Create Frames for an Animated Banner
Create a GIF Animation
Optimize Your GIF Animation
Additional Animation Options
Add a Java Applet
Create a Scrolling Marquee (Discouraged)
Create Blinking Text (Discouraged)
Use Downloadable GIF Animations
Understand Flash and Shockwave Animation
Principles for Using Animation
Quick Reference: Adding Animation
All About Image Maps
Understand Image Maps
Understand Image-Mapping Terms
Understand Image Map Elements
Understand Image Map Attributes
Create a Client-Side Image Map
Choose an Image
Find the Coordinates
Plot Coordinates
Complete the Image Map
Understand Image-Mapping Software
Use Image-Mapping Software for Complex Tasks
Understand the Sliced Image Alternative
Quick Reference: Image Maps
Add Interactivity with Forms
Understand Form Elements
Create a Simple Guestbook Form
Use Tables to Add Structure to Your Form
Add Controls to Your Guestbook Form
Create a Visitor Survey
Plan Your Survey
Build Your Survey
Use Special Form Controls
Make Your Form Work with CGI
Understand CGI
Consider Alternative Form Processing
Understand CGI Form Processing
Quick Reference: Forms
Code for Project 22
Improve Interactivity with JavaScript
Understand Web Page Scripting
Scripts Speed Information Processing
Scripts Add Interactivity
Scripts Can Give HTML a Boost
Scripts Have Their Disadvantages
Work with JavaScript
Add a Script to a Web Page
Link to an External Script
Understand Key JavaScript Concepts
Avoid Common Errors in Coding
Experiment with JavaScript
Write a "Last Modified" Script
Write a Script that Identifies Browsers
Write a Script that Displays the Current Date
Work with Events and Event Handlers
Experiment with Event Handlers
Quick Reference: Scripting with JavaScript
Understand the Future of XHTML
Understand XHTML Modularization
Understand XHTML 1.0
Understand XHTML 1.1
Create a Page with XML
Create a Document Type Description (DTD)
Add an XML Declaration
Add a Document Type Declaration
Create a Style Sheet for Your XML Page
Design Your Style Sheet
Link to Your Style Sheet
Write XHTML Standards-Compliant Pages