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Benefits of Renting vs. Buying Your Textbooks

The fall semester is quickly approaching and it is time to start moving into your dorm room, mapping out where all your classes are on campus and buying textbooks. Yes I said it… buying textbooks, but did you know that you can rent your textbooks and save up to 90% using TextbookRush? Listed below are a few benefits of renting vs. buying your textbooks.

Save Money

Let’s be honest, most of you will not crack open your textbook after the course is complete. So why pay the full price for a book you will only use for a few months when you can rent it for half the price? It just makes sense to rent. In addition, you can use the extra cash for a fun night out!

Save Space

Most students live in a small space and don’t want the little free space they do have to be filled up with big, bulky and heavy textbooks. When you rent with TextbookRush the returning process is easy. All you have to do is print your free return label, stick it on the box full of your rentals and ship it back to us when your class is complete. Seriously, that’s it! And if for some reason you need more time with your books, we will gladly extend your rental agreement.

Avoid Crowded Book Stores

Another awesome benefit of renting textbooks online is avoiding the massive crowds and lines at your local campus bookstores the first few weeks of classes. We have a large inventory of books on all sorts of subjects. You can rent one or all of your textbooks for the semester from TextbookRush. Plus, you get free shipping on orders over $35.00! The savings just keep coming!

When you rent textbooks through TextbookRush you save on money, space and free time. Check out all the books we have available for renting and start saving now!

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Kendra Shacklett
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I went to Oklahoma State University where I received my BA in Strategic Marketing and Communications. I have worked in the textbook industry for two years, and I specialize in social media marketing and content creation here at TextbookRush.