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TextbooksRUs is now TextbookRush

OK that’s great, but what does it mean for me?

Nothing bad. All good. Just call us TextbookRush from now on.

Did my account history transfer?

Yes, you can sleep sound at night knowing that everything will be right where you left it; this includes your order history, store credit, transaction data, and everything else.

Is my login information still the same?

Your user name and password will be the same.

What about my store credit?

We’ll move that over to the new site for you. Just login and it will be there, like magic.

What about open orders?

Have no fear! All of your open orders, buybacks, rentals, and returns will be processed as normal.

Will this affect my rental textbooks?

Your rental due date is still the same. Simply login to your account to access your prepaid label, and your rental will get back to us just fine.

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