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    Book of Woodcraft

    ISBN-10: 1589631811
    ISBN-13: 9781589631816
    Author(s): Ernest Thompson Seton
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    List Price: $29.95
    Publisher: International Law & Taxation Publishers
    Binding: Perfect 
    Pages: 620
    Size: 5.00" wide x 8.00" long
    Weight: 0.660
    Language: English

    Ernest Thompson Seton was an artist and author. He was born in South Shields, England on August 14, 1860. Seton studied art at the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in London. His 1898 collection of stories, Wild Animals I Have Known, led to the publication of more than forty other books. Seton lectured widely and established a youth group called the Woodcraft Indians that combined his love of the outdoors and his artistic talent. The activities of the Woodcraft Indians directly led to the formation of the Boy Scouts of America, which Seton co-founded in 1910. He was the author of the first Scout Manual. The Canadian Broadcasting Company has produced two film tributes of Seton, Keeper of the Wind in 1974 and Seton's Manitoba in 1984. Seton died on October 23, 1946.

    Prefacep. v
    Principles of Woodcraft
    Nine Important Principlesp. 3
    Recreationp. 4
    Camp-lifep. 4
    Self-government, with Adult Guidancep. 4
    The Magic of the Campfirep. 4
    Woodcraft Pursuitsp. 5
    Honors by Standardsp. 6
    Personal Decoration for Personal Achievementsp. 6
    A Heroic Idealp. 6
    Picturesqueness in Everythingp. 7
    The Idealp. 7
    The Spartans of the West
    The Indian Wayp. 9
    The Indian's Creedp. 11
    The Dark Sidep. 13
    The Bright Sidep. 20
    Reverencep. 20
    Cleanlinessp. 24
    Chastityp. 27
    Braveryp. 28
    Thrift and Providencep. 29
    Cheerfulness or the Merry Indianp. 31
    Obediencep. 32
    Kindnessp. 34
    Hospitalityp. 36
    Treatment of Their Womenp. 37
    Courtesy and Polite Behaviorp. 41
    Honestyp. 43
    Truthfulness and Honorp. 45
    Temperance and Sobrietyp. 47
    Physiquep. 49
    In Generalp. 51
    Summaryp. 55
    Standard Indian Booksp. 59
    Woodland Songs, Dances, and Ceremonies
    Omaha Tribal Prayerp. 61
    Sitting Bull's War Songp. 62
    The Ghost Dance Songp. 63
    The Peace Pipe Ceremonyp. 64
    The Scalp Dancep. 65
    Bird Dance Songp. 66
    The Mujje Mukesinp. 66
    The Lamentp. 68
    The Caribou Dancep. 68
    The Dance of the White Cariboup. 70
    The Dog Dancep. 72
    The Ojibwa Snake Dancep. 74
    The Hunting of Mishi-Mokwap. 75
    Indian Song Booksp. 80
    The Weasel in the Woodp. 80
    Le Furetp. 81
    Rouser or Reveillep. 82
    Suggested Programs
    A Series of Monthly Programsp. 83
    Suggestions for Eveningsp. 87
    Animal Story Books for Eveningsp. 88
    Indoor or Winter Activitiesp. 89
    Handicraftp. 89
    Gamesp. 89
    Studiesp. 90
    Songsp. 90
    Dancesp. 90
    Robe Contestp. 90
    Suggested Camp Routinep. 92
    Good Program of an Entertainment at a Councilp. 92
    Indoor Competition for a Prizep. 92
    One-day Hikesp. 93
    General Scouting Indoors
    Handicraft Stuntsp. 96
    Fork and Spoonp. 96
    Needle Casep. 96
    Tackle Boxp. 96
    Peach Stone Basketp. 96
    Turkey Callp. 96
    Chicken Squawkp. 96
    Picture Framesp. 97
    Birch-bark vesselsp. 98
    Souvenir Spoonsp. 98
    Knotsp. 99
    Fireside Trickp. 102
    The Lone Star Trickp. 102
    Bird Boxes or Housesp. 103
    How to Raise Some Moneyp. 106
    General Scouting Outdoors
    Rubbing-stick Firep. 108
    Hiking in the Snowp. 110
    Weather Wisdomp. 115
    Outdoor Proverbsp. 117
    The Starsp. 118
    The Pleiades as a Test of Eyesightp. 124
    The Twin Starsp. 127
    The Planetsp. 127
    The Moonp. 129
    Making a Damp. 129
    When Lost in the Woodsp. 130
    Indian Tweezersp. 131
    A Home-made Compassp. 132
    An Indian Clock, Shadow Clock or Sundialp. 132
    Lightsp. 133
    Hunter's Lampp. 133
    Woodman's Lanternp. 133
    Camp Loom and Grass Matsp. 135
    Navaho Loomp. 136
    Camp Rakep. 138
    Camp Broomp. 139
    Building a Boatp. 140
    A Dugout Canoep. 141
    Camp Hornp. 142
    Sleep Outdoorsp. 142
    The Gee-string Campp. 143
    Signaling and Indian Signs
    Sign Languagep. 144
    Picture-writingp. 155
    Blazes and Indian Signsp. 161
    Blazesp. 161
    Stone Signsp. 163
    Grass and Twig Signsp. 163
    Smoke Signalsp. 164
    Signal by Shotsp. 165
    Special Signsp. 165
    Weather Signalsp. 167
    Signals on the Railwayp. 168
    The Codep. 169
    Colorsp. 169
    Hand, Flag, and Lamp Signalsp. 169
    Other Hand Signalsp. 169
    Signals by Engine Whistlep. 169
    Air Whistle or Cord-pullp. 170
    Campercraft or the Summer Camp
    Camping Outp. 172
    Outfit for Six (one week)p. 173
    Outfit for Each Bravep. 176
    Tentsp. 177
    Teepeep. 177
    The Camp Groundp. 178
    Latrinep. 178
    Arriving on the Camp Groundp. 179
    Camp Officers and Governmentp. 179
    The Dog Soldiersp. 181
    Inspectionp. 181
    The Horns of the High Hikersp. 182
    Council-fire Circlep. 182
    Totem-polep. 183
    Councilsp. 184
    Bedsp. 185
    Water or the Indian Wellp. 186
    Mosquitos, Black Flies, etc.p. 186
    Lice and Verminp. 187
    Suggested Camp Routinep. 187
    Campfiresp. 187
    Council-firep. 190
    Firearmsp. 191
    Camp Cookeryp. 192
    War-sackp. 194
    Scout Buttonsp. 194
    Lace or Thongp. 195
    Games for the Camp
    Interesting Pursuitsp. 196
    Tilting Spearsp. 196
    Tilting in the Waterp. 197
    Tub-Tilting on Landp. 198
    Still-hunting the Buck, or the Deer Huntp. 199
    The Bear Huntp. 202
    Spearing the Great Sturgeonp. 204
    Canoe Tagp. 206
    Scoutingp. 206
    Quicksightp. 207
    Far-sight or Spot-the-rabbitp. 208
    Home Star or Pole Starp. 208
    Rabbit Huntp. 209
    Arrow Fightp. 209
    Hostile Spyp. 210
    Scout Messengerp. 211
    Challenge for Scout Messengerp. 211
    Tree the Coonp. 212
    Navajo Feather Dancep. 212
    Feather Football or Feather-blowp. 213
    Cock-fightingp. 213
    One-legged Chicken Fightp. 213
    Stronghandp. 213
    Badger-pullingp. 214
    Stung, or Step-on-the-rattlerp. 214
    Buffalo Chipsp. 214
    Rat-on-his-lodgep. 215
    Watching by the Trailp. 216
    Trailingp. 216
    Apache Relay Racep. 217
    The Weasel in the Woodp. 217
    Throwing the Spearp. 217
    Water-boiling Contestp. 218
    Medley Scoutingp. 218
    Health and Woodland Medicine
    First Aid
    To Revive from Drowningp. 221
    Sunstrokep. 222
    Burns and Scaldsp. 222
    Hemorrhage or Internal Bleedingp. 222
    Cuts and Woundsp. 223
    Lightningp. 223
    Shock or Nervous Collapsep. 223
    Faintingp. 223
    Mad Dog or Snake Bitep. 224
    Insect Stingsp. 224
    Tests of Deathp. 224
    Cinders or Sand in the Eyep. 224
    Books Recommendedp. 224
    Wildwood Remedies or Simples
    Antiseptic or Wound Washp. 225
    Balm for Woundsp. 225
    Bleeding, to Stopp. 225
    Bowel Complaintp. 225
    Bowel Tonicp. 225
    Chills and Feverp. 225
    Cold or Fever Curep. 225
    Cough Remedyp. 225
    Cough and Irritated Throatp. 225
    Cough and Lung Remedyp. 228
    Diureticp. 228
    Face-achep. 228
    Inflammation of the Eyes or Skinp. 228
    Inkp. 228
    Lung Balmp. 228
    Nose-bleedp. 228
    Nose Stopped up at Nightp. 228
    Pimples and Skin Rashp. 228
    Poison Ivy Stingp. 228
    Purge, Mildp. 230
    "Strongp. 230
    "Fiercep. 230
    Rheumatismp. 230
    Sores and Woundsp. 231
    Sunburnp. 231
    Sweaterp. 232
    Tapewormp. 232
    Tonicp. 233
    Wash for Sore Throatp. 233
    Wormsp. 233
    Worms and Tonicp. 234
    Wound Wash, (see Antiseptic)p. 234
    Indian Bath or Sweat Lodgep. 234
    Latrinep. 235
    The Keen Eyes of the Indianp. 235
    Near-sightednessp. 235
    The Remedyp. 235
    Dry Socksp. 236
    Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Lifep. 236
    Don't Turn out Your Toes Muchp. 237
    Tobaccop. 237
    Sex Mattersp. 239
    Starvation Foods in the Northern Woodsp. 240
    Rabbitsp. 241
    Micep. 243
    Antsp. 243
    Insect Borersp. 243
    Rawhide and Leatherp. 243
    Bark and Budsp. 244
    Toadstoolsp. 244
    Lichensp. 245
    Iceland Mossp. 245
    Reindeer Mossp. 246
    Rock Tripep. 247
    Drinks: Labrador Teap. 249
    Natural History
    Our Common Birds, or Forty Birds that Every Boy Should Knowp. 250
    How to Stuff a Birdp. 268
    Making a Skinp. 269
    Mounting the Birdp. 275
    Owl-stuffing Platep. 279
    Stuffing an Animalp. 279
    Preserving Small Mammal Skinsp. 281
    Directions for Measurementp. 281
    Directions for the Preparation of Skinsp. 283
    Trapping Animalsp. 285
    The Secrets of the Trailp. 285
    Trailingp. 286
    Hard to Photograph Tracksp. 286
    No Two Tracks alikep. 287
    Dog and Catp. 288
    Wolfp. 291
    Rabbits and Haresp. 293
    The Newton Jack-rabbitp. 295
    Foxp. 298
    The Fox's Huntp. 301
    Closing Inp. 304
    Books and Articles Recommendedp. 306
    Mushrooms, Fungi or Toadstools
    Abundancep. 307
    Dangersp. 308
    To Make Spore Prints for Studyp. 309
    Poisonous Toadstoolsp. 310
    Symptoms of Poisoningp. 314
    Remedyp. 314
    Unwholesome but Not Deadly Toadstoolsp. 315
    Wholesome Toadstoolsp. 318
    Uncertain Kindsp. 323
    Cautions for the Inexperiencedp. 325
    Mushroom Growingp. 325
    Books Recommendedp. 325
    Pinance AE--Coniffers or Pine Family
    White Pine, Weymouth Pine (Pinus Strobus)p. 329
    Red Pine, Canadian Pine, Norway Pine (Pinus resinosa)p. 330
    Long-leaved Pine, Georgia Pine, Southern Pine, Yellow Pine, Hard Pine (Pinus palustris)p. 331
    Jack-Pine, Banksian Pine, Gray Pine, Labrador Pine, Hudson Bay Pine, Northern Scrub Pine (Pinus Banksiana)p. 332
    Jersey Pine, Scrub Pine (Pinus Virginiana)p. 333
    Yellow Pine, Spruce Pine, Short-leaved Pine, Bull Pine (Pinus echinata)p. 334
    Table Mountain Pine, Hickory Pine (Pinus pungens)p. 335
    Loblolly, Old Field Pine, Frankincense Pine (Pinus Taeda)p. 336
    Pitch Pine, Torch Pine, Sap Pine, Candlewood Pine (Pinus rigida)p. 337
    Tamarack, Larch or Hackmatack (Larix laricina)p. 338
    White Spruce (Picea Canadensis)p. 339
    Black Spruce, Swamp Spruce (Picea Mariana)p. 341
    Red Spruce (Picea rubens)p. 342
    Hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis)p. 343
    Balsam Tree or Canada Balsam (Abies balsamea)p. 345
    Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)p. 347
    Arbor-vitae or White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis)p. 348
    Southern Arbor-vitae (Chamceyparis thyoides)p. 349
    Red Cedar or Juniper (Juniperus Virginiana)p. 351
    Salicaceae--The Willow Family
    Black Willow (Salix nigra)p. 352
    Crack Willow, Brittle Willow (Salix fragilis)p. 353
    Golden Willow, Golden Osier, Yellow Willow or White Willow (Salix alba)p. 354
    Pussy Willow or Glaucous Willow (Salix discolor)p. 355
    Bebb's Willow, Fish-net Willow or Withy Willow (Salix Bebbiana)p. 356
    Quaking Asp, Quiver Leaf, Aspen Poplar or Popple (Populus tremuloides)p. 357
    Large-toothed Aspen (Populus grandidentata)p. 359
    Swamp, Downy or Black Poplar (Populus heterophylla)p. 360
    Balsam Poplar, Balm of Gilead, or Tacamahac (Populus balsamifera)p. 361
    Cottonwood (Populus deltoides)p. 362
    White Poplar, Silver Poplar or Abele (Populus alba)p. 363
    Lombardy Poplar (Populus dilatata)p. 364
    Juglandaceae or Walnut Family
    Black Walnut (Juglans nigra)p. 365
    White Walnut, Oil Nut or Butternut (Juglans cinerea)p. 367
    Pecan (Hicoria Pecan)p. 369
    Bitter Nut or Swamp-Hickory (Hicoria cordiformis)p. 370
    Water Hickory (Hicoria aquatica)p. 371
    Shagbark, Shellbark or White Hickory (Hicoria ovata)p. 372
    The Big Shell-Bark or King-Nut (Hicoria laciniosa)p. 373
    Mockernut, White Heart or Big-Bud Hickory (Hicoria alba)p. 374
    Pignut Hickory (Hicoria giabra)p. 375
    Small Fruited Hickory (Hicoria microcarpa)p. 376
    Betulaceae--Birch Family
    Gray Birch or Aspen-leaved Birch (Betula populifolia)p. 377
    White, Canoe or Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera)p. 378
    Red Birch or River Birch (Betula nigra)p. 380
    Yellow Birch, Gray Birch (Betula lutea)p. 381
    Black, Cherry, Sweet or Mahogany Birch (Betula lutea)p. 382
    Alder or Smooth Alder, Tag Alder (Alnus serrulata)p. 383
    Ironwood, Hard-Hack, Leverwood, Beetle-Wood or Hop Hornbeam. (Ostrya Virginiana)p. 384
    Blue Beech, Water Beech or American Hornbeam (Carpinus Caroliniana)p. 385
    Facaceae--Beech Family
    White Oak (Quercus alba)p. 386
    Post-Oak, or Iron Oak (Quercus stellata)p. 388
    Overcup, Swamp or Post Oak (Quercus lyrata)p. 389
    Bur Oak, Cork-Bark or Mossy Cup (Quercus macrocarpa)p. 390
    Rock Chestnut Oak (Quercus Prinus)p. 392
    Scrub Chestnut Oak (Quercus prinoides)p. 393
    Yellow Oak, Chestnut Oak or Chinquapin Scrub Oak (Quercus Muhlenbergii)p. 394
    Swamp White Oak (Quercus bicolor)p. 395
    Red Oak (Quercus rubra)p. 396
    Scarlet Oak (Quercus coccinea)p. 397
    Black Oak, Golden Oak, or Quercitron (Quercus velutina)p. 398
    Pin Oak or Swamp Oak (Quercus palustris)p. 399
    Black Jack or Barren Oak (Quercus Marilandica)p. 400
    Spanish Oak (Quercus triloba)p. 401
    Bear or Scrub Oak (Quercus ilicifolia)p. 402
    Water Oak (Quercus nigra)p. 403
    Beech (Fagus grandifolia)p. 404
    Chestnut (Castanea dentata)p. 405
    Chinquapin (Castanea pumila)p. 406
    Ulmaceae--Elm Family
    White Elm, Water or Swamp Elm (Ulmus Americana)p. 407
    Slippery Elm, Moose or Red Elm (Ulmus fulva)p. 408
    Rock, Cliff, Hickory or Cork Elm (Ulmus Thomasi)p. 409
    Winged Elm or Wahoo (Ulmus alata)p. 410
    Hackberry, Sugarberry, Nettle-tree or False Elm (Celtis occidentalis)p. 412
    Moraceae--Mulberry Family
    Red Mulberry (Morus rubra)p. 413
    Osage Orange or Bow-wood (Toxylon pomiferum)p. 414
    Magnoliaceae--Magnolia Family
    Tulip Tree, White-Wood, Canoe Wood or Yellow Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera)p. 415
    Sweet Bay, Laurel Magnolia, White Bay, Swamp Laurel, Swamp Sassafras or Beaver Tree (Magnolia Virginiana)p. 417
    Cucumber Tree or Mountain Magnolia (Maganolia acuminata)p. 418
    Lauraceae--Laurel Family
    Spice-Bush, Fever-Bush, Wild Allspice, Benjamin Bush (Benzoin odoriferum)p. 419
    Sassafras, Ague-tree (Sassafras Sassafras)p. 420
    Hamamelidaceae--Witch Hazel Family
    Witch Hazel, Winter Bloom or Snapping Hazel Nut (Hamamelis Virginiana)p. 422
    Altingiaceae--Sweet Gum Family
    Sweet-Gum, Star-Leaved or Red-Gum, Bilsted, Alligator Tree or Liquidambar (Liquidambar Styraciflua)p. 424
    Platanaceae--Plane Tree Family
    Sycamore, Plane Tree, Buttonball or Buttonwood (Platanus occidentalis)p. 425
    Amygdalaceae--Plum Family
    Choke-Cherry (Padus Virginiana)p. 427
    Black Cherry, Cabinet or Rum Cherry (Padus serotina)p. 428
    Malaceae--Apple Family
    Scarlet Haw, Hawthorn, Thorn-Apple or Apple-Haw (Cratoegus mollis)p. 430
    Caesalpiniaceae--Senna Family
    Red-Bud or Judas-Tree (Cercis Canadensis)p. 431
    Honey of Sweet Locust, Three-thorned Acacia (Gleditsia triacanthos)p. 432
    Kentucky Coffee-Tree (Gymnocladus dioica)p. 433
    Fabaceae--Pea Family
    Black or Yellow Locust, Silver-Chain (Robinia Pseudacacia)p. 434
    Anacardiaceae--Sumac Family
    Staghorn or Velvet Sumac, Vinegar Tree (Rhus hirta)p. 435
    Dwarf Black or Upland or Mountain Sumac (Rhus copallina)p. 437
    Poison Sumac, Poison Elder (Toxicodendron Vernix)p. 438
    Poison Climbing or Three-leaved Ivy. Poison Oak, Climath (Toxicodendron vulgare)p. 439
    Aceraceae--Maple Family
    Striped Maple, Goosefoot Maple or Moosewood (Acer Pennsylvanicum)p. 440
    Mountain Maple (Acer spicatum)p. 441
    Sugar Maple, Rock Maple or Hard Maple (Acer saccharum)p. 442
    Silver Maple, White or Soft Maple (Acer saccharinum)p. 443
    Red, Scarlet, Water or Swamp Maple (Acer rubrum)p. 444
    Box Elder or Ash-leaved Maple (Acer Negundo)p. 446
    Aesculaceae--Buckeye Family
    Buckeye, Fetid Buckeye, Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra)p. 447
    Yellow Sweet or Big Buckeye (Aesculus octandra)p. 448
    Horse-Chestnut or Bongay (Aesculus Hippocastanum)p. 449
    Tiliaceae--Linden Family
    Basswood, White-wood, Whistle-wood, Lime or Linden (Tilia Americana)p. 450
    Cornaceae--Dogwood Family
    Flowering Dogwood, Arrow-wood, Boxwood, Cornelian Tree (Cynoxylon floridum)p. 452
    Sour Gum, Black Gum, Pepperidge or Tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica)p. 453
    Ebenaceae--Ebony Family
    Persimmon or Date-Plum (Diospyros virginiana)p. 454
    Oleaceae, Olive Family (Including the Ashes)
    White Ash (Fraxinus americana)p. 455
    Red Ash or Green Ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica)p. 456
    Water Ash (Fraxinus caroliniana)p. 458
    Blue Ash (Fraxinus quadrangulata)p. 459
    Black Ash, Hoop Ash or Water Ash (Fraxinus nigra)p. 460
    Caprifoliaciae--Honeysuckle Family
    Elder, Elder-Blow, Elderberry, Sweer Elder or Bore-Plant (Sambucus canadensis)p. 461
    High Bush Cranberry, Cranberry Tree, Wild Guelder Rose (Viburnum opulus)p. 462
    Maple-Leaved Arrow-wood, Dock-Makie (Viburnum acerifolium)p. 464
    Arrow-wood (Viburnum dentatum)p. 465
    Nanny-Berry, Nanny-Bush, Sheep-Berry, Blackthorn, Sweet Viburnum (Viburnum Lentago)p. 466
    Black Haw, Stag-Bush, Sloe (Viburnum prunifolium)p. 467
    Some Indian Ways
    Teepeesp. 468
    Storm-cap or Bull Boatp. 471
    Putting up the Teepeep. 472
    Teepee Lifep. 473
    Hairy-Wolf's Teepeep. 475
    Artp. 478
    Indian Seatsp. 479
    Head Bandp. 482
    Warbonnet or Headdressp. 483
    Its Meaningp. 483
    Plenty-Coupsp. 485
    Details of the Warbonnetp. 486
    Making the Warbonnetp. 488
    Indian Costumep. 489
    War-shirtp. 489
    Leggingsp. 493
    Moccasinsp. 493
    War-clubsp. 493
    Paddlesp. 493
    Drump. 493
    Peace Pipep. 493
    The Indian or Willow Bedp. 495
    Indian Paintsp. 499
    Indian Dyesp. 501
    Naming the Camp or Keeping the Winter Countp. 502
    Archeryp. 502
    How to Make a Bowp. 503
    Holding and Drawingp. 505
    The Warbow of the Penobscotsp. 505
    Scalpsp. 507
    Indian Workp. 508
    Campfire Stories or Glimpses of Indian Character
    The Teachings of Winnemuccap. 509
    The Teachings of Wabasha Ip. 509
    The Lessons of Lone Chiefp. 510
    The Teachings of Tshut-che-naup. 511
    Courage or the Trained Scoutp. 512
    An Indian Prayerp. 512
    Genesis (Omaha)p. 512
    The Quiche's Story of Creationp. 513
    Clean Fatherhoodp. 514
    Omaha Proverbsp. 514
    The Medicine Man and His Waysp. 514
    The Indian Silencep. 515
    The Indian Babes in the Woodsp. 516
    The Story of No-Heartp. 517
    Tecumsehp. 524
    Kanakuk, the Kickapoo Prophetp. 526
    Chief Joseph of the Sahaptinp. 528
    White Calf, Chief of the Blackfeetp. 531
    Wovoka, the Prophetp. 534
    The Apache Indian's Casep. 537
    The Wiping-out of Nanni-Chaddip. 539
    The Ending of Dull Knife's Bandp. 548
    The Message of the Indianp. 572
    Indexp. 577
    Table of Contents provided by Syndetics. All Rights Reserved.

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