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    Complete Equipment-Leasing Handbook A Deal Maker's Guide with Forms, Checklists and Worksheets

    ISBN-10: 081440667X
    ISBN-13: 9780814406670
    Author(s): Richard M. Contino, AMACOM Staff
    Description: In this work, the equipment lease transaction is analyzed from start to finish, taking readers through the nine most important aspects. Also covered is the legal, financial, and business information needed to evaluate, negotiate, and document  More...
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    Publisher: Amacom
    Binding: Hardcover
    Pages: 550
    Size: 9.00" wide x 11.75" long x 1.50" tall
    Weight: 3.190
    Language: English

    In this work, the equipment lease transaction is analyzed from start to finish, taking readers through the nine most important aspects. Also covered is the legal, financial, and business information needed to evaluate, negotiate, and document favourable equipment lease transactions.

    Richard M. Contino, Esq. (White Plains, NY) is the author of several books on equipment leasing and business financing. He is the managing partner of Contino & Partners, an equipment-lease and business law firm.

    About the Author
    Fundamentals of Equipment Leasing
    Tax Motivations of Leasing
    Who Are the Prospective Lessees?
    Who Are the Potential Lessors?
    Types of Leases
    Pros and Cons of Leasing
    When-to-Lease Checklist
    Checklist for Prospective Lessees Approaching Potential Lessors
    The Proposal Stage--Where the Leasing Deal Is Made
    Obtaining Bids--The Request-for-Bids Letter
    What Is the Proposal Letter?
    What Issues Should the Proposal Letter Address?
    Agreement to the Proposal Letter
    Prospective Lessee's Obligations after a Proposal Is Accepted
    Prospective Lessor's Obligations after a Proposal Is Accepted
    Proposal Stage Checklist for the Lessee
    Proposal Stage Checklist for the Lessor
    Negotiating the Lease Document
    What Is the Lease's Central Purpose?
    Common Lease Forms
    Subjects to Address in Negotiating the Lease
    Checklist for Drafting and Negotiating a Lease Agreement
    Closing the Lease Financing
    Legal Opinions
    Financial Reports
    Corporate Authorization Documents
    Proof of Insurance Documents
    Equipment Purchase Agreements
    An Equipment Bill of Sale
    Waivers from Land Owners or Mortgagees
    Security Interest Filings
    Participation Agreements
    Owner's Trust Agreement
    Lender's Trust Agreement
    Using a Partnership Instead of a Trust Arrangement
    Underwriter's Fee Agreement
    Supplemental Lease Document Closing Checklist
    Tax Advantages in Lease Transactions
    Investment Tax Credit
    Equipment Depreciation--An Overview
    Property Eligible for MACRS
    MACRS Deduction Computations
    Alternative MACRS Depreciation Approach
    Antiabuse Rules Under MACRS
    Special Depreciation Rules for Automobiles and Listed Property
    MACRS Effective Dates
    Bonus Depreciation
    The Minimum Tax's Role in Leasing
    The Corporate AMT
    The AMT's General Approach
    The Individual AMT
    Computing the Individual AMT
    The AMT Considerations for Leasing
    Working with the AMT
    The Deferral Effect
    The AMT and the Lessee
    The Lessor and the AMT
    How to Cope Successfully with the Tax Lease Rules
    The True Lease
    Procedural Alternatives
    The Guidelines
    Ruling Request Submission Requirements
    Foundation Tax Rules
    Potential Penalties
    Quick True Lease Checklist
    Advantages and Risks of Leveraged Leasing Decisions
    What Is the Concept of Leveraged Leasing?
    Leveraged Lease Participants Have Unique Characteristics
    How Different is the Leveraged Lease Document?
    Three Advantages to the Lessee in a Leveraged Lease
    Investment Pitfalls and Recommendations for Prospective Lessors
    Checklist for the Leveraged Lease Investor
    Financial Analysis of Leases
    Importance of Cash Flow and Timing for a Lessee
    Prospective Lessee's Analysis
    Lessor's Lease Investment Analysis
    Understanding the Lease Accounting Rules
    Lease Classifications for a Lessee Vary Significantly--A Careful Analysis Is Essential
    Accounting Requirements Have an Impact on a Lessee
    Lease Classification Categories for a Lessor Are Extensive
    Lessor's Accounting Requirements Are Complex
    Accounting Rules Governing Sale-Leaseback Situations
    Lease Classification Checklist for Lessees
    Lease Classification Checklist for Lessors
    Summary of Accounting Lease Classifications
    The Business of Leasing Equipment
    Key Profit Strategies
    Making Money in the Leasing Business
    Considerations for Setting Up a Leasing Operation
    Leasing Offers Equipment Vendors a Marketing Edge
    Equipment Leasing in International Markets
    A Complex Market of Growth
    The Foreign Lessee Demand
    Advantages for Lessors Leasing Internationally
    Risks of Operating in Foreign Markets
    Local Law Considerations
    International Lease Documents
    Uniform International Lease Rules
    The Equipment Leasing Laws under the Uniform Commercial Code
    UCC Article 2, Sales--An Overview
    UCC Article 9, Secured Transactions; Sales of Accounts and Chattel Paper--An Overview
    Equipment Leasing under UCC Article 2A
    The Bankruptcy Rules for Leasing
    Bankruptcy Liquidation and Reorganization
    Automatic Stay
    Equipment Lease Treatment in Bankruptcy
    Special Treatment for Aircraft, Railroad Rolling Stock, and Vessels
    What Happens If the Lease Is Not a True Lease?
    Equipment Lease Terminology
    Acknowledgment Documents
    Acknowledgment of Receipt of Certificate of Deposit a-01
    Assignment Documents
    Assignment of Certificate of Deposit a-02
    Assignment of Savings Account and/or Stock Certificate a-03
    Assignment of Lease to Lender--Single Takedown a-04
    Assignment of Lease to Lender--Multiple Takedowns a-05
    Assignment of Lease--Sale by Lessor (Limited Recourse) a-06
    Assignment of Master Lease--Sale by Lessor Integrated (without Recourse) a-07
    Assignment of Lease--Sale by Lessor (with Recourse) a-08
    Assignment Amendment--Equipment Loan a-09
    Assignment of Equipment Purchase Contract a-10
    Assignment of Rights under Purchase Agreement--Integrated
    Assignment of Purchase Contract Notification to Vendor a-11
    Assignment of Purchase Contract--Consent by Vendor
    Assumption Documents
    Assumption Agreement a-12
    Assumption Consent--Guarantor a-13
    Amendment to Lease Documents
    Amendment to Lease Agreement a-14
    Bill of Sale Documents
    Bill of Sale--Warranty b-01
    Bill of Sale--"As Is, Where Is" b-02
    Bill of Sale--Integrated
    Casualty Value Schedules
    Casualty Value Schedule
    Certificates of Acceptance
    Certificate of Acceptance
    Checklist--Lessee Proposal Stage c-01
    Checklist--Lease Negotiation and Drafting c-02
    Checklist--Lessor Proposal Stage c-03
    Checklist--Supplemental Lease Document Closing c-04
    Collection Documents
    Collection Notification--Initial Lessee Nonpayment c-05
    Collection Notification--Follow-up Lessee Nonpayment c-06
    Collection Notification--Lawsuit c-07
    Collection Notification--Repossession c-08
    Corporate Secretary Certification Documents--Lessee
    Certified Corporate Guarantor's Resolutions c-09
    Certified Corporate Resolutions--Loan/Lease (with Incumbency Certification) c-10
    Certified Corporate Resolutions--Loan (with Incumbency Certification) c-11
    Certified Corporate Resolutions--Lease (with Incumbency Certification--Alternate Form) c-12
    Certified Corporate Resolutions--Lease (with Chapter, By-Laws, Incumbency Certification) c-13
    Certified Corporate Resolution--Short Form c-14
    Certified Resolutions--Corporate--Integrated c-15
    Certification of Incumbency c-16
    Certification of Incumbency
    Corporte Resolutions--Lessee
    Corporate Guarantor's Resolutions
    Corporate Resolutions--Loan/Lease (with Incumbency Certification)
    Corporate Resolutions--Loan (with Incumbency Certification)
    Corporate Resolutions--Lease (with Incumbency Certification--Alternative Form)
    Corporate Resolutions--Lease (with Chapter, By-Laws, Incumbency Certification)
    Corporate Resolution--Short Form
    Deficiency Agreement Documents
    Deficiency Agreement d-01
    Equipment Schedules
    Equipment Schedule
    Guaranty Documents
    Guaranty of Lease--Integrated g-01
    Guaranty of Lease--Corporate g-02
    Guaranty of Lease--Individual g-03
    Guaranty--General Obligation g-04
    Guaranty--Vendor g-05
    Incumbency Documents
    Incumbency Certificate
    Incumbency Certificate
    Insurance Documents
    Insurance Request Letter to Lessee (from Lessor) i-01
    Insurance Request to Insurance Company (from Lessee) i-02
    Insurance Requirements Notice--Integrated (from Lessor) i-03
    Landlord Waiver Documents
    Landlord Waiver l-01
    Lease Agreement Documents
    Lease Agreement--Master (High Tech/General Equipment) l-02
    Equipment Schedule l-02a
    Certificate of Acceptance l-02b
    Casualty Value Schedule l-02c
    Termination Value Schedule l-02d
    Incumbency Certificate l-02e
    Certified Resolutions l-02f
    Opinion of Counsel l-02g
    Prohibited Lender Assignee Schedule l-02h
    Lease Agreement--Short Form (General) l-03
    Integrated Document Forms
    Schedule l-03a
    Acceptance Certificate l-03b
    Casualty Value Table l-03c
    Amendment to Lease Agreement
    Automatic Transfer of Title
    Insurance Request to Insurance Company (from Lessee)
    Representation and Warranties l-03d
    Opinion of Counsel--Les
    Opinion of Counsel--Guarantor Form l-03f
    Purchase Right/Option--Fair Market Value
    Purchase Right/Option--Fixed Price
    Renewal Right/Option--Fair Market Value
    Renewal Right/Option--Fixed Price
    Sublease Right/Option
    Secretary's Certificate--Lessee Resolutions
    Secretary's Certificate--Guarantor's Resolutions
    Leveraged Lease Documents
    Leveraged Lease (Aircraft/General) l-04
    Integrated Document Forms
    Assignment of Rights under Purchase Agreement l-04a
    Participation Agreement l-04b
    Trust Indenture and Security Agreement l-04c
    Trust Agreement l-04d
    Tax Indemnity Agreement l-04e
    Loan Documents
    Loan and Security Agreement--Short Form l-05
    Loan and Security Agreement--Long Form (Railcars/General) l-06
    Integrated Document Forms
    Form of Note l-06a
    Form of Guaranty l-06b
    Form of Bill of Sale l-06c
    Form of Certificate of Acceptance l-06d
    Form of Certificate of Cost l-06e
    Form of Legal Opinion--General l-06f
    Form of Legal Opinion--Special Counsel l-06g
    Loan and Security Agreement--Master Format l-07
    Integrated Document Forms
    Loan Supplement l-07a
    Promissory Note l-07b
    Acknowledgment and Consent to Assignment of Equipment Lease l-07c
    Supplement l-07d
    Marketing Documents--Lessor
    Credit Application m-01
    Credit Guidelines--Small Ticket m-02
    Financing Instructions--Small Ticket m-03
    Financing Lease Rate Sheet--Small Ticket m-04
    New Leasee Welcome Letter
    Mortgage--Indemnity m-05
    Operational Documents/Worksheets--Leasing Company
    Bank Reference Worksheet o-01
    Master Documentation Worksheet/Checklist o-02
    New Lessee Welcome Letter o-03
    Tax Notification--Personal Property o-04
    Trade Reference Worksheet/Report o-05
    Transaction Summary Worksheet o-06
    Transaction Worksheet/Checklist o-07
    Verification and Audit Worksheet o-08
    Opinions of Counsel
    Opinion of Counsel--Integrated
    Early Termination Right/Option o-09
    Termination Value Table
    Purchase Right/Option--Fair Market Value/Fixed o-10
    Purchase Right/Option--Fair Market Value o-11
    Purchase Right/Option--Fixed Price o-12
    Renewal Right/Option--Fair Market Value o-13
    Renewal Right/Option--Fixed Price o-14
    Sublease Right/Option o-15
    Automatic Transfer of Title o-16
    Put o-17
    Participation Agreement Document
    Participation Agreement--Integrated (Leveraged Lease)
    Prohibited Lender Assignee Schedule
    Prohibited Lender Assignee Schedule
    Promissory Note Documents
    Promissory Note--General Form p-01
    Promissory Note--Integrated p-02
    Promissory Note--Integrated
    Promissory Note--Integrated
    Promissory Note--Confessed Judgment p-03
    Proposal Documents--Lessor
    Single Investor (Nonunderwritten) p-04
    Underwritten p-05
    Purchase Agreement/Assignment
    Purchase Agreement Rights Assignment--Integrated
    Purchase Agreement Assignment--Integrated p-06
    Purchase Order Documents
    Purchase Order--Equipment p-07
    Resolutions--Corporate Lessee
    Request for Lease Quotations
    RFQ--Deal Sheet Format r-01
    RFQ--Informal r-02
    RFQ--Long Form r-03
    RFQ--Short Form r-04
    Equipment Schedule
    Security Agreements
    Secretary's Certificates
    Subordination Agreements
    Lessee Creditor s-01
    Termination Value Schedules
    Termination Value Schedule
    Time Tables
    Time Table--Deal Schedule t-01
    Tax Indemnity Documents
    Tax Indemnity Agreement
    Trust Documents
    Trust Agreement
    Trust Indenture and Security Agreement Documents
    Trust Indenture and Security Agreement
    Vendor Agreement Documents
    Program Agreement v-01
    Remarketing Agreement v-02
    Worksheet/Report--Lease Proposal Evaluation w-01
    Worksheet--Trade Reference
    Worksheet--Transaction Summary
    Worksheet--Verification and Audit
    Subject Index
    Forms Index

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