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    How to Do Everything with Your Scanner

    ISBN-10: 0072228911
    ISBN-13: 9780072228915
    Author(s): David Huss
    Description: 'How to Do Everything With Your Scanner' describes how to use a scanner to capture images, offers advice and tips on image and colour correction and provides details on using photo editing software to edit, repair and modify scanned images.
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    Edition: 2nd
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne
    Binding: Paperback
    Pages: 320
    Size: 7.25" wide x 9.00" long x 0.75" tall
    Weight: 1.232
    Language: English

    'How to Do Everything With Your Scanner' describes how to use a scanner to capture images, offers advice and tips on image and colour correction and provides details on using photo editing software to edit, repair and modify scanned images.

    Acknowledgmentsp. xv
    Introductionp. xvii
    Basic Details about Your Scanner
    Get Acquainted with Your Scannerp. 3
    Learn What Your Scanner Is Designed to Dop. 4
    Copy and Preserve Photographsp. 4
    Capture Moments in Timep. 4
    Make the Pictures Betterp. 6
    Make Images Larger and Smallerp. 6
    Convert Printed Text into Electronic Text (OCR)p. 6
    Translate Printed Documentsp. 7
    Add Business Cards to Address Booksp. 7
    Manage Your Documents Once They're Scannedp. 8
    Copy Your Documents and Imagesp. 9
    Fax Your Documentsp. 9
    Scan 3-D Objectsp. 9
    The Hows and Whys of Scanningp. 10
    Scanner Terms and Concepts You Should Understandp. 12
    Pixelsp. 12
    Resolutionp. 13
    Color Depthp. 13
    Color Spacep. 14
    Different Kinds of Scannersp. 15
    Desktop Scannersp. 15
    Drum Scannersp. 17
    Film Scannersp. 17
    Specialty Scannersp. 19
    Buy, Install, and Maintain Your Scannerp. 21
    What Scanner Is Best for You?p. 22
    What Type of Scanner Do You Need?p. 22
    What Size Scanner Do You Need?p. 23
    Should You Buy a New, Refurbished, or Used Scanner?p. 23
    Where Should You Buy Your Scanner?p. 24
    Which Scanner Interface Is Best?p. 24
    How Much Resolution Do You Need?p. 25
    How Deep Does Your Color Need to Be?p. 27
    What Other Factors Should You Consider?p. 28
    Scanner Installationp. 28
    Finding the Best Location for Your Scannerp. 29
    Unlocking and Connecting the Scannerp. 29
    Installing Scanner Softwarep. 29
    Attaching the Scanner and Making a Scanp. 30
    Make Your First Scanp. 31
    Tools You Need Near Your Scannerp. 32
    Three Steps of Scanning Preparationp. 34
    How to Clean the Scanner Glassp. 34
    Cleaning the Imagep. 35
    Align the Image on the Scannerp. 36
    Scanning Near the Edgep. 36
    Alignment Techniquesp. 37
    Aligning Images with Crooked Edgesp. 38
    Aligning Crooked Photosp. 40
    Steps to a Great Scanp. 41
    Preview the Image You're Scanningp. 44
    Select the Correct Input Modep. 46
    Quick Solutions for Better Scansp. 47
    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Automatic Approach to Scanningp. 47
    Resolution--You Need Less Than You Might Imaginep. 48
    Change Image Size (Within Limits)--Scalingp. 48
    Scan the Image--Finallyp. 50
    Review the Scanp. 50
    Copyright Issues or... You May Not Own the Picture of Youp. 52
    Save What You Have Scannedp. 53
    Types of Graphic Filesp. 54
    Internet Formatsp. 55
    When to Use JPEG or GIFp. 56
    Graphic Standard Formatsp. 57
    Native Formatsp. 57
    Saving Optionsp. 58
    Choosing TIFF Compressionp. 60
    File Format Suggestionsp. 62
    Where Will You Store Your Images?p. 62
    Using Hard Drive Storagep. 63
    Using Removable Storagep. 63
    How to Organize Your Imagesp. 64
    Print What You Have Scannedp. 67
    A Brief History of Consumer Printersp. 68
    Sort Out Today's Available Color Printersp. 69
    What Color Inkjet Printers Are All Aboutp. 70
    What a Dye-Based Photo Inkjet Printer Is Best Forp. 70
    Why Print Longevity Mattersp. 71
    Who Needs Print Longevity?p. 72
    What a Dye-Sublimation Printer Is Best Forp. 73
    What You Need to Know About Printer Ink and Mediap. 74
    Should You Use Those Third-Party Ink Cartridges?p. 74
    Use the Media that Produces the Best Results for Youp. 74
    Adjust Your Printer Settings for Best Resultsp. 75
    Put Your Scanner to Work
    Scan Graphics for Use on the Webp. 81
    Send a Photo with an E-mailp. 82
    Scan the Photop. 82
    Scan a Photo for E-mail Using an Epson Scannerp. 83
    Scan a Photo for E-mail Using an HP Scannerp. 85
    Scan a Photo for E-mail Using a Canon Scannerp. 87
    Work with Different Photo File Sizes and Resolutionsp. 87
    Attach a Photo to Your E-mailp. 89
    How to Attach Your Photo to an E-mailp. 90
    Embed a Photo in Your E-mailp. 91
    Getting a Photo out of an E-mailp. 94
    Scan for E-mail and Printingp. 95
    Automated E-mail Photosp. 96
    Sharing Photos Onlinep. 97
    Scanning for Web-Based Photo Servicesp. 99
    Make the Right Choice--For Youp. 100
    Scan Documents Using OCR Softwarep. 101
    How OCR Is Accomplishedp. 103
    When OCR Does and Doesn't Make Good Sensep. 103
    A Glimpse at Commercial OCRp. 103
    Heavy/Occasional Office Usagep. 104
    What's the Best Scanner for OCR?p. 104
    Is Your Scanner Supported?p. 105
    How High Is Your Scanner Resolution?p. 106
    Check the Scanning Area Sizep. 106
    How Fast Is Your Scanner?p. 107
    What Can OCR Software Do?p. 107
    Which OCR Software Is Best?p. 108
    Prepare to Convert a Document Using OCRp. 108
    The Proper Care and Feeding of ADFsp. 110
    Things that Confuse OCR Softwarep. 111
    How to Perform OCR on Colored Paperp. 112
    Scan for OCRp. 113
    Use Your Scanner for a Variety of Workplace Tasksp. 115
    Scan Business Cardsp. 116
    Two Ways to Scan Business Cardsp. 118
    Scanning Other Small Documentsp. 119
    How to Scan a Business Card to Capture Logos or Other Artp. 119
    Scan for Electronic Communicationp. 121
    How to Choose the Best Scanner for Electronic Communicationp. 121
    Send a Fax from Your Scannerp. 122
    Fax Using a Fax Servicep. 124
    Send an Image as an E-mail Attachmentp. 126
    Convert Printed Pages to Text (OCR)p. 128
    Convert Printed Forms to Electronic Onesp. 129
    Use Your Scanner as a Copierp. 129
    Scanners--the Ultimate File Cabinetp. 131
    Share Your Scannerp. 133
    Put Your Scanner to Work at Home, Toop. 135
    Scrap Booking--Scanning and Sharing Memoriesp. 136
    How to Get a Scrapbook into Your Computerp. 136
    How Big Does Your Scanner Need to Be?p. 137
    How to Scan Your Scrapbook Pagep. 139
    How to Stitch Your Scans Togetherp. 141
    Share Your Scrapbookp. 147
    Capturing Memorabiliap. 149
    Creating Gifts and Other Projectsp. 149
    Make a Photo Calendarp. 150
    Too Much to Coverp. 153
    Advanced Scanner Stuff
    Get the Best Scan You Canp. 157
    Discover Your Scanner Toolsp. 158
    Make Your Automatic Tools Work Betterp. 158
    Automatic Tools Can't Do Everythingp. 160
    Other Manual Adjustmentsp. 163
    Solve the Scanning Challenges You'll Encounterp. 165
    Remove Bleed-Through Using Manual Threshold Adjustp. 166
    Remove Bleed-Through with Your Photo Editorp. 167
    Scan Printed Materialp. 168
    Scan Your Negatives and Slidesp. 169
    The Advantages of Scanning Negatives and Slidesp. 170
    Choose Between Scannersp. 171
    Advantages of Dedicated Film Scannersp. 173
    Digital ICE--Almost Too Good to Be Truep. 173
    The First Step: Cleaning Negatives and Slidesp. 175
    Canned Air or Air Compressorp. 176
    How to Clean a Really Dirty Slidep. 176
    How to Scan Film by Using a Film Scannerp. 177
    Storage and Handling of Slides and Negativesp. 180
    Store Negatives Properlyp. 180
    Things That Bug Your Slides and Negativesp. 181
    Before We Leave This Topicp. 182
    Organizing Your Photosp. 183
    Measuring Your Virtual Closetp. 184
    Using the Power of Windows to Organizep. 185
    Finding All of Your Photosp. 185
    Viewing and Sorting the Search Resultsp. 189
    How to Globally Change the Viewing Optionsp. 194
    The Organization Planp. 194
    Digital Image-Management Toolsp. 195
    The Power of Keywordsp. 195
    Image Management--A Lot of Choicesp. 197
    Two General Categories of Image Managersp. 198
    Different Programs, Same Namep. 200
    Selecting and Using Photo Editorsp. 205
    Which Photo Editor Is Best for You?p. 206
    Photoshop Is King--But Do You Need a King?p. 206
    Many Alternatives to Photoshopp. 208
    Photoshop Elementsp. 209
    Microsoft Picture It! Digital Imagep. 211
    Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8p. 212
    Ulead PhotoImpact 8p. 213
    Photo Editing Tools and Conceptsp. 215
    The Power of the Crop Toolp. 215
    Isolating Areas of a Photop. 216
    Using Image Adjustment Toolsp. 219
    Using Histogram-Based Tools and Curvesp. 222
    Understanding the Curve Toolp. 229
    Photoshop Plug-in Filtersp. 230
    Correct and Enhance Your Scanned Photosp. 233
    How to Make Photos Fit the Framep. 234
    Enlarge Photos with Your Scannerp. 235
    How to Get the Right Output Sizep. 236
    How to Produce Scans in Standard Photo Sizesp. 238
    Resize a Photo with an Image Editorp. 240
    Use Photoshop Elements' Resize Image Commandp. 240
    The Best Way to Resizep. 243
    Resampling--The Other Way to Resizep. 243
    Straighten Crooked Scansp. 244
    Choices in Straightening Photosp. 244
    Correct Underexposed (Darker) Photosp. 245
    Correct Overexposed (Lighter) Photosp. 248
    Basic Color Correction--Be Very Carefulp. 251
    Color Casts and Their Causesp. 251
    Correct Color Castsp. 252
    Help Automatic Tools Do a Better Jobp. 253
    Remove Red Eye from Photosp. 253
    Paint Shop Pro's Red-Eye Removal Toolp. 254
    Photoshop Elements' Red-Eye Brush Toolp. 255
    The Red-Eye Removal Plug-in Filterp. 255
    Sharpening Your Workp. 256
    When to Sharpen--During the Scan or Later?p. 256
    How Sharp Is Sharp Enough?p. 257
    Covering a Lot of Materialp. 260
    Repair and Restore Photographsp. 261
    Prepare to Restore Photosp. 262
    General Print Handling Procedures and Precautionsp. 262
    Scan for Restorationp. 263
    Enlarge the Originalp. 263
    Use the Highest-Quality Scan Settingp. 264
    Scan the Original--Warts and Allp. 264
    Store Using a Lossless File Formatp. 264
    Repair Tears and Creasesp. 265
    Restore a Paper Framep. 271
    Clean Up Dirty Backgroundsp. 274
    Another Way to Remove Stainsp. 279
    Indexp. 283
    Table of Contents provided by Rittenhouse. All Rights Reserved.

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